Chapter 23 – Bathing

Those who were trying to smash the car window were a few survivors who had finally escaped from the city. After seeing Xi Xun taking the child to the store, they wanted to take this opportunity to steal the car, but in the end, they did not succeed because they were stopped by Father Chen who came.

Father Chen was originally a person with a bursting sense of justice, plus he had been a soldier before, not to mention that Xi Xun and his brother had helped his own family. Even without these, Father Chen couldn’t sit idly by and watch this happen.

So when he saw this scene, he hurriedly stopped it.

Because of Father Chen’s action, those people did not cause much damage to the car window.

But Father Chen was beaten by those people for this.

And Father Chen was indeed very old, and he would naturally not be able to beat four fists with his two hands, even when Lin Jun came down to help, they still couldn’t beat them. When it seemed that those people were about to get their way and ready to crack the car window and run, Xi Xun just happened to come out with 0329 at this time.

The group of people was still hitting the car window.

But in the next second a cold wind whistled past their ears!

The young man who was holding the hammer was instantly pierced by an arrow, and then fell down. The other accomplices were shocked when they saw this scene, and then began to flee in a panic.

It may have been the loud noise, but some zombies began to gather in this direction, and more and more of them kept coming, densely packed and looking very frightening.

Seeing this, Lin Jun hurriedly helped Father Chen back into the car.

In fact, there were other cars besides Father Chen’s family, but because no one wanted to cause trouble, they didn’t dare to get out of the car. Now that they saw the zombies coming, everyone didn’t care about anything else, so they drove away one after another.

“Go back.” Xi Xun put 0329 in his arms down.

0329 held a pile of food. It stared blankly at the host who had killed a bunch of zombies with one arrow, and then it seemed to understand something, and quickly ran back to the car with snacks in its arms.

After a while, Xi Xun also came up.

The car started, 0329 frowned at the roaring zombies outside, then opened a bag of potato chips and ate it.

Fortunately, the highway ahead was not blocked, so people could run.

But this was for people with a car.

People who didn’t have a car were not so lucky. Just now, the people who wanted to steal Xi Xun’s car and were scared away by the zombies were chased by the zombies after a while. The miserable screams continued to come from behind, and the blood stained the originally clean gas station.

Chen Bing closed her eyes and hugged the child in her arms tightly.

The child was very well-behaved, as if he knew that he couldn’t cry in the current situation. He didn’t cry at all, just bit his small hand and played.


The highway couldn’t be taken because there were many people fleeing now. If a car stopped on the highway, the cars behind it would easily get stuck together. In order not to get into a situation where he could not advance or retreat, Xi Xun’s car drove towards the small road.

Compared with some time ago, Xi Xun’s attitude towards the end of the world could be said to be slightly more careful, and he was no longer as casual and indifferent as before.

As for the reason, Xi Xun himself did not know.

All he knew was that suddenly he didn’t want the world to end like this and then restart.

“Host,” 0329 suddenly said.


“Do you want to eat it? This is honey-flavored, I think it’s very delicious! It’s better than the previous cucumber flavor!” 0329 tried to sell.

It liked sweets very much, and this honey flavor was very appetizing to it.


So 0329 picked up two pieces of potato chips and handed them to Xi Xun.

Xi Xun ate these two potato chips.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” 0329 looked at Xi Xun expectantly.

“Not bad.”

0329 was immediately happy, it tilted its head, blinked, and said, “I knew that the host and I have the same preferences! This is the so-called spiritual connection!”

Xi Xun didn’t respond to the self-entertaining 0329.

After eating snacks all the way, 0329 felt sleepy. After a small yawn, it rolled into the host’s arms and found a comfortable place to fall asleep.

It seemed that 0329 had become accustomed to it a long time ago, and didn’t think there was anything wrong.

Xi Xun lowered his head and looked at the small system in his arms. 0329 was whirring, curled up into a small ball as he slept. It seemed like he felt more secure sleeping like this. Xi Xun looked at 0329 for a long time, not knowing what he was looking at, before finally withdrawing his gaze after a while.

The car drove until midnight before finally finding a place to stay.

This was a villa area on the outskirts.

The people in the villa area ran away as early as the end of the world. Because of the remote location, there were not many zombies here.

Xi Xun simply cleaned up and went in with 0329.

Father Chen and the others also found a villa next door to prepare for a night’s rest. Because Father Chen hadn’t eaten anything in the past few days, coupled with the fact that he had to take care of his wife and daughter, his body was a little unable to hold up.

So Lin Jun went to check on the villa.

Fortunately, there were no zombies in this villa, which made Lin Jun breathe a sigh of relief.

“Xiaobing, let me hold the child,” Father Chen said.

Chen Bing shook her head and said, “It’s okay, Dad, let me hold him.” Although the child was only two years old and not too heavy, it was not light in the end. Her father was tired enough, how could she keep making her father tired.

“I’ll do it.” Lin Jun, who had just finished checking the villa, came over after hearing what his father-in-law and wife said.

But Chen Bing walked in without even looking at him.

Lin Jun froze.

Father Chen didn’t know what to say at this time.

He glanced at Lin Jun, then raised his foot and walked into the villa. Yes, Lin Jun followed Father Chen’s family. At that time, Song Qing and the convoy both ran away, while Lin Jun, whose hand was pierced by an arrow, fell to the ground clutching his wound in pain.

After all, Lin Jun was the father of his grandson and the child of his comrade-in-arms. He couldn’t watch Lin Jun being devoured by zombies. In the end, Father Chen took Lin Jun with him.

Unexpectedly, Lin Jun seemed to have changed since he hit the arrow.


It should be said that he had changed back to his previous self.

In fact, Lin Jun didn’t know what happened to him. He felt his head hurt and his memory was a little vague. But he still had a bit of an impression of the general situation, but Lin Jun never imagined that he would treat his wife like this.

Even if he and his wife didn’t seem to be in love, and gradually changed from love to friendship, he couldn’t do this to his wife, let alone let his child fend for himself.

Lin Jun really didn’t have any impression at all, but some vague memories reminded him that it was true.

So Lin Jun was a little confused for a while.

Could it be that he had a schizophrenic disorder because of excessive mental stress, that is, a second personality or something? That’s why he did such a thing? And said those words?

Thinking of this, Lin Jun frowned.

If this was the case, then he had to make plans early. He now had to find a way to send his wife and father-in-law to a safe area, and then find more supplies for his wife while he still had time, so that even if he died, he could feel at ease.


The other side.

0329 was put on the bed in the bedroom by Xi Xun.

0329, who suddenly lost the familiar aura around it, opened its eyes blankly, and when it opened its eyes, it found that the host was undressing, seemingly to take a bath.

0329 watched quietly and became unconsciously fascinated when it looked at the host.

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