Chapter 22 – Going to the Safe Zone

0329 could feel that the host was really unhappy, and he was not just scaring it. So although 0329 was puzzled, it nodded carefully and didn’t irritate the host anymore.

‘But why is the host unhappy?’

0329 thought about this question for a long time, and finally, it came to mind!

‘It should be because he doesn’t have a senior brother, right?’

0329 thought seriously.

Seeing this little system’s eyes flickering and thinking about something, Xi Xun raised his hand and patted its head. This made 0329 look at the host puzzledly, wondering what happened to the host.

“Drive.” After Xi Xun finished giving the order, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

0329 flattened its mouth.

It didn’t really want to consume its own energy, but seeing that the host was in a bad mood, 0329 still took over and drove.

It had now entered the hot days. If it was cold and freezing a few days ago, then these days would be hot and humid. Fortunately, there was a small air conditioner in the car, as well as a small refrigerator and the like.

After 0329 drove for a day and a night, Xi Xun let it go to sleep.

0329 fell asleep in Xi Xun’s arms, while Xi Xun drove the car with one hand, his eyes indifferent.

Several cars followed far behind. Although Xi Xun’s attitude of killing people like an ant was chilling, this kind of power made people unconsciously obey and trust him. Those cars all felt that Xi Xun should go to the safe area, so they simply followed, and among them was the uncle and their car.

Because they were not close, Xi Xun didn’t care.

After sleeping for two full days, 0329 woke up. It opened its eyes in confusion and looked around, then pulled Xi Xun’s clothes.

“What,” Xi Xun said flatly.

“Host, I’m hungry,” 0329 touched its belly and said.

“Eat if you’re hungry.”

“What should I eat?” 0329’s eyes lit up instantly.

“Whatever you want.”

0329 was happy at the time, it climbed into the back seat, and then found snacks from inside to eat. It was a bag of crisp potato chips, 0329 hadn’t eaten it since it put it in the car.

Because it was not too familiar with the host at that time, it was afraid that the host would be angry.

But it should be okay now, right?

While thinking about it, 0329 turned its head and glanced at Xi Xun. After seeing that the host was really not angry, it picked up the potato chips and took two small corn-flavored hams.

“Crunch crunch crunch—”

0329 sat in the co-pilot position and ate happily.

Xi Xun listened while driving. After listening for a while, he said, “Come here.”

0329 suddenly hugged its potato chip bag vigilantly.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Xi Xun’s voice was cold.

0329 was a little scared, it hesitated for a while and then went over. After waiting for a while, 0329 explained itself, and said, “Host, I left you three packs! I will only eat one pack.”

But Xi Xun ignored 0329’s nonsense.

0329 had no choice, it had to pick and choose from the inside and feed a potato chip with missing corners to the host.

Sure enough, Xi Xun ate this potato chip.

0329 was a little lost, it actually wanted to enjoy tasting the potato chips by itself, and didn’t want to swallow them all at once. But obviously, the host was eyeing its snacks again, what could it do about this?

Seemingly seeing 0329’s unhappiness, Xi Xun lazily said: “Finish eating and then go get it.”

This made 0329’s eyes light up instantly.

Even its action of handing potato chips to Xi Xun became active. But 0329 had its own careful thinking, that is, it would eat two pieces of potato chips by itself and would feed the host a piece of potato chip. Anyway, the potato chips were very thin, and the overlapped potato chips should not be found by the host while driving.

But this little trick was punctured as soon as it was implemented.

Xi Xun ate the potato chips that 0329 fed him. But just when 0329 was about to eat the two potato chips by itself, Xi Xun picked it up and ate the two potato chips in its little hand.

0329: !!!

Looking at its empty little hand, 0329 was taken aback.

When it reacted, 0329’s eyes were instantly filled with tears. Originally, there were fewer potato chips, but as a result, it lost one or two pieces, which made 0329 very distressed.

Now 0329 dared not use tricks anymore.

It started to give itself a piece of potato chip and then gave the host a piece of potato chip, achieving the ultimate fairness.

It’s just that even this couldn’t resist the host’s excessive behavior.

For example, sometimes 0329 would divide a piece of potato chip into three bites in order to enjoy its taste more, but the host would lift its hand and eat the rest of the potato chips in its hand.


This time, 0329 was really angry, its angry face became round.

Xi Xun smiled, and the angrier it looked, the happier Xi Xun’s laughter became.

0329 snorted.

In the end, 0329 retracted into its ball and remained in a closed posture for a whole day.

A day later, Xi Xun raised his hand and poked it.

0329 rolled along with the force, but it just didn’t change back.

“We’ll be at the gas station in a while,” Xi Xun said.

0329 didn’t understand what the host meant, but it still kept the white ball, not looking at the host.

“There are shops at the gas station, with lots of potato chips in it.”

As soon as 0329 heard this, its little hand moved suddenly, and it moved a little cautiously.

“Take as much as you want then.”

0329 was completely captured, it instantly lifted its closed posture, and then blinked at the host. The expression was the same as before, as if nothing had happened between them.

This made Xi Xun couldn’t help laughing again, and his low and muffled laughter had a little indescribable feeling.

And Xi Xun kept his promise.

After arriving at the gas station in front of him, Xi Xun drove the car inside, and then went out to kill some zombies who rushed in when they heard the movement. There were too many zombies now, not like a few days ago.

There was still a lot of oil left here. After Xi Xun added the oil, he took 0329 to the shop at the gas station.

Xi Xun didn’t lie to 0329 again this time.

Although the instant noodles, water, and other ready-to-eat food items in the store were almost gone, there were still many snacks and etc. 0329 could pick however much it wanted.

“A lot.” 0329 looked at the dazzling array of snacks.

Then 0329 turned its head to look at the host and said seriously: “Host, can I really take a lot?”

“Yes,” Xi Xun said.

0329 immediately gave Xi Xun a bear hug, and then rushed to get snacks.

Xi Xun leaned against the wall and squinted at 0329 holding snacks.

When 0329 came over with a lot of snacks, and even some snacks fell to the ground when it couldn’t hold them, Xi Xun bent over to help it pick them up, and said, “Let’s go.”


But as soon as he went out, Xi Xun’s eyes became gloomy, because at this time, someone was trying to smash Xi Xun’s car to drive it away.

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