Chapter 21 – Xi Xun’s Unhappiness

No father could stand to see others bullying his daughter. In the past, when Lin Jun said this to Chen Bing, he at least avoided Father Chen and Mother Chen, but today, he might have been too angry and had forgotten about this.

When Father Chen saw this situation, he couldn’t stand it, so he went up and slapped Lin Jun, knocking Lin Jun directly into confusion.

Father Chen used to be a soldier, and even though he was older now, the foundation was still there.

This slap staggered a big man like Lin Jun.

“Dad!” Chen Bing hurriedly stopped her father.

If Lin Jun was alone, it would be fine, but now the men in the entire team had a good impression of Song Qing, and her father’s two fists couldn’t beat four fists, he naturally couldn’t deal with so many of them. What’s more, her father was also getting older, which was why Chen Bing had been trying to suppress her anger.

“I was really blind to marry my daughter to you! If I hadn’t seen your sincerity back then, would I have married my daughter to you who had nothing? I didn’t expect your fox’s tail to show now that the end times are here! Get out! Get out of here right now!”

Lin Jun was the son of Father Chen’s comrade-in-arms.

After the death of his comrade-in-arms, Lin Jun once dropped out of school due to family circumstances. If it weren’t for Father Chen, Lin Jun wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to university at all! Not to mention letting him marry his daughter in the end.

But he didn’t expect to raise a white-eyed wolf in the end.

Lin Jun was stunned in place. He stared at the back of his father-in-law leaving with his wife, struggling constantly in his eyes, as if he was fighting with himself.

“Brother Lin,” a soft voice came from behind.

Lin Jun turned around and saw Song Qing. The moment he saw Song Qing, the struggle in Lin Jun’s eyes disappeared in an instant. He was a little embarrassed and said, “If it weren’t for him to be my former father-in-law, I would have killed that old thing a long time ago.”

Song Qing sighed when she heard this, showing a bitter smile, and said, “Brother Lin, it stands to reason that since it is your family, I won’t say anything, but now supplies are rare after all, especially milk powder. Brother Lin, can you help me get it back?”

Lin Jun hesitated.

Song Qing held Lin Jun’s hand, looked into his eyes tenderly, and said, “Brother Lin, please.” In fact, Song Qing had a lot of supplies, but she did it on purpose.

She had seen Chen Bing and Lin Jun in her previous life.

At that time, Song Qing was almost starving to death. She begged Lin Jun to give her something to eat, but Lin Jun refused, saying that there was only a little bit of food, and he had to leave it to his child and wife.

Then they watched her starve to death.

Song Qing could never forget the feeling of starving to death!

In fact, Song Qing and Chen Bing knew each other before and were roommates in a university dormitory. Although not close, they were considered friends, but she still let herself die like that!

So after being reborn, she couldn’t restrain the hatred in her heart when she met Chen Bing and Lin Jun again. She would let their most beloved child die first, then Chen Bing, and finally Lin Jun.

Song Qing didn’t feel that she had done too much.

In her opinion, she did nothing wrong, because vicious people like Chen Bing and Lin Jun were not worthy of living. Otherwise, why was she the only one reborn and not Chen Bing or others?

So no matter what she did, she was right.

Song Qing’s eyes seemed to have magic, and Lin Jun was instantly captivated, heart and soul. He stopped hesitating just now, and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll get it back for you.”

With that said, Lin Jun walked toward his father-in-law and his wife.

Soon there was the sound of fighting over there.

Father Chen naturally didn’t give it, but Lin Jun made a direct move. Even if Father Chen was a veteran, he was not an opponent of Lin Jun, a young man in his prime. The movement was so loud that Chen Bing’s child cried out in fright, and everyone looked sideways.

Most people couldn’t help shaking their heads, and sighed that the plots about human nature in the apocalyptic movies were true.

At this moment, a cold wind passed by, and the next second, a miserable scream sounded!

They saw Lin Jun’s arm pierced by a cold arrow, his arm instantly dripping with blood, causing everyone who saw it to panic.

Chen Bing was also taken aback by this sudden scene.

She subconsciously wanted to go over and see Lin Jun, but thinking of her husband’s unfeeling love before, she turned around and hugged the child and took her parents to another place to rest.

It was naturally none other than Xi Xun who pierced through Lin Jun with an arrow.

Xi Xun closed his eyes and said coldly: “Noisy.”

Everyone was silent for an instant. Although it was the end of the world now, there was no such thing as supernatural abilities like in novels or movies, so Xi Xun’s terrifying skills were even more terrifying.

Song Qing’s gaze at Xi Xun suddenly brightened.

She directly raised her foot and walked towards Xi Xun, apologizing: “Xi Xun, I originally gave those foods to your brother. I originally had good intentions, but I didn’t expect this to happen, I…”

Song Qing was interrupted before she could finish speaking.

“Get lost.”

Song Qing’s expression suddenly stiffened.

Seeing the goddess being treated like this, a man in the convoy couldn’t help it. He said angrily: “How do you talk to Xiaoqing?”

However, in the next second, he was instantly hit by a force.

The man spat out blood at once, and an arrow was inserted in his chest. After convulsing a few times, he became silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene.

Many people began to scream and wanted to get in the car, and only the barely calm people stood tremblingly in place.

Father Chen’s family was also frightened.

Chen Bing tremblingly looked at the blood all over the floor, and those who hurriedly got in the car and ran away. She barely calmed down and walked towards Xi Xun with the previous supplies, saying: “This… this brother, these supplies were given to me by this little brother before, but I ate some of them. I will make up for them as soon as possible!”

In fact, Chen Bing was about to give it to 0329 when he finished listening to the story and left.

But 0329 didn’t take it, saying it was a reward for listening to the story.

But how could Chen Bing dare to take it now?

“If it is given to you, then it is given to you,” Xi Xun closed his eyes and said softly.

0329 also poked its head out, it waved happily at Chen Bing and said: “It’s okay, sister, don’t be afraid, my brother is a good person.”

Chen Bing looked at the dead man just now and pulled the corner of her mouth.

Xi Xun lightly pushed back 0329’s head.

0329 was a little unhappy, but its strength was not as strong as Xi Xun, and it was forcibly suppressed in the end.

Chen Bing walked back with the supplies.

At this time, most people in this place had already run away, including Song Qing. Only a small part of the people who couldn’t run or were pulled down without a car was still shivering and stayed in place.

Chen Bing also wanted to leave, but Father Chen said, “I don’t think that young man’s heart is bad. His skills are so good, if he wants to kill us, he can kill us anytime, and he also saved us last time.”

Seeing that his daughter was still a little hesitant, he continued: “The child can’t stand such a bumpy road anymore. This place is not bad. Let’s just stay here for now.”

Hearing her father’s words, Chen Bing finally nodded.


The other side.

0329 looked at Xi Xun with shining eyes and said, “Host, you just helped others fight injustice!”

Xi Xun closed his eyes and ignored 0329.

0329 took this as Xi Xun’s default, it immediately hugged Xi Xun, and said happily: “Host, I knew you were a good person! Although you often grab my food sometimes, my senior brother said that humans have shortcomings, and I can forgive you!”

“Shut up,” Xi Xun said coldly.

For a moment, 0329 didn’t understand why the host suddenly became angry.

Xi Xun opened his eyes, looked at the little system in front of him, and said word by word: “Don’t mention your senior brother again. I’m not interested in who your senior brother is and what he said, understand?”

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