Chapter 20 – System’s Confusion

Chen Bing was first stunned, then she hurriedly shouted excitedly to the back, “Dad! Quickly, come here quickly!”

Hearing his daughter calling himself, Father Chen immediately came over.

Only when he came over did he find that the little child he had met twice before was standing in front of his daughter holding a pile of food. He blinked his big eyes and his eyes were full of expectation.

Father Chen was a bit puzzled and said, “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, go ahead and make some milk powder for the baby.” Chen Bing really had no more strength, originally, she had lost hope, but now that hope had come again, Chen Bing could no longer care about anything else.

Father Chen hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still took the milk powder.

Seeing that the other party accepted what it offered, 0329 sat happily waiting for the story to be told.

The milk powder was quickly brewed.

Because of the limited conditions, it was naturally impossible to brew with warm water, only mineral water could be used, but this was not bad. After Chen Bing took the baby bottle, she quickly fed the child. The child seemed to smell the aroma of food and instinctively held the baby bottle and swallowed hard.

Chen Bing kissed the child’s forehead and whispered non-stop: “Drink slowly, baby, drink slowly.”

0329 was not in a hurry and just waited on the side.

After the child finished drinking and fell asleep with a full burp, Chen Bing’s heart, which had been hanging for so many days, finally relaxed. She looked at 0329, and after hesitating for a long time, she asked her parents to open a bag of ham and finish it.

As for the rest, Chen Bing didn’t touch them at all.

She thought that the child in front of her stole food from his family and ran here. But although she had this guess in her heart, she really couldn’t resist such a big temptation, so she committed a big sin.

Her parents’ health was getting worse and worse, and they could no longer eat compressed biscuits.

So she asked her parents to eat something first.

This was also the first time Chen Bing had done this kind of unscrupulous thing since she was a child, but she couldn’t help it. Father Chen frowned and didn’t want to eat it, because he also guessed that the little boy should have stolen his brother’s things and run out.

Wouldn’t this be a bit of a white-eyed wolf move, knowing that his brother had saved them?

He was not afraid that his big brother would find something wrong.

It just really couldn’t get past his conscience.

“Dad, give mom something to eat first, mom’s body can’t take it anymore.” Chen Bing saw her father’s thoughts, she stopped persuading him, but at least let her mother’s stomach feel better first.

This time, Father Chen was silent for a long time and finally chose to acquiesce.

But he didn’t move anything else, and planned to return it when the child’s brother came. As for the others that had already been eaten, if there was still a chance, he would find a way to pay it back.

Seeing that Chen Bing seemed to be done, 0329 asked, “Is it okay now?”

Chen Bing looked at the little boy in front of her. A trace of complexity flashed in her eyes, but she still asked softly: “What do you want to hear?”

“I want to hear the story of Snow White just now!”

“Snow White?” Chen Bing immediately realized that it must be the story she told the baby just now to lull him to sleep, and the child happened to hear it when passing by.

This made Chen Bing not know what expression to show for a while.

In the end, Chen Bing still chose to finish speaking to this small child first, and then go to explain to his big brother.

0329 quietly sat aside and listened.

“In the end, Snow White and the prince lived happily ever after,” Chen Bing said in a soft voice.

0329 nodded seriously and said, “And then?”

Chen Bing smiled and said: “The story is over here, there is no more.”

0329 suddenly revealed a bewildered look as it wondered, “What about the throne?”

“The throne?”

“Yes, why didn’t Snow White inherit the throne? Her father has only one child, and she should be the first heir.”

Chen Bing paused and said, “Because the princess and the prince are together.”

“You can’t inherit the throne together?” 0329 was at a loss.

Chen Bing said helplessly: “It’s not that you can’t inherit, it’s that the prince and the princess are together. The princess followed the prince back to his kingdom, so she couldn’t be in her own kingdom anymore.”

“Then why can’t the prince follow the princess back to her kingdom?”


Holding its chin, 0329 said solemnly: “My teacher said, ah… well, a person must be in power, otherwise, they will be at the mercy of others. The princess will definitely be bullied if she doesn’t inherit the throne.”

Chen Bing was really dumbfounded at this point.

She smiled awkwardly and said, “The prince will protect the princess.”

0329 shook its head and said, “Teacher said that only you can protect yourself. If you rely on the words of others, when they disappear one day, you will still be in a weak position at that time.”

Chen Bing was silent, she suddenly wondered a little what this child’s teacher was teaching him.

How can a five- or six-year-old child be taught these things?

Chen Bing naturally didn’t know that the teacher of 0329 was actually the main system. 0329 was a little dissatisfied with the ending of this story. It wilted back to the host’s car, and as it walked, it wondered if the princess was under control.

After returning, 0329 told Xi Xun about this.

At this moment, Xi Xun also woke up.

Hearing 0329’s words, Xi Xun raised his eyebrows, while 0329 continued to think bit by bit: “The princess must have been under control, and this story is definitely not over yet, otherwise, why would Snow White give up her easy-to-get throne?”

“Oh? Is that so?” Xi Xun said lazily and perfunctorily.

0329 said seriously: “Definitely! My senior brother said that power is very important! There’s no reason for the princess to give these up, ah. When the prince was still in her kingdom’s territory, it is reasonable to say that she had the absolute geographical advantage to use the power to forcefully detain the prince in the palace, right?”

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly.

0329 seemed to sense something, it hurriedly got up and rubbed Xi Xun’s face, saying, “Host, don’t be afraid, I am not a bad system and will not treat you like 0178! I’m just a little curious about why the princess did not fight for the throne.”

They, in the law enforcement department, compete for the position of successor very fiercely. 0329 could only obtain the qualifications with great difficulty after passing five stages and killing six generals!

So it did not understand the end of the story.

Xi Xun fixed his eyes on 0329 for a long time, suddenly thought of something, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Because… the princess likes the prince.”

“Like?” 0329 did not understand this kind of human emotion.

“Yes, if you have someone you like in the future, you will do the same,” Xi Xun crossed his arms lazily and said.

“I won’t.” 0329 shook his head, and it said with a serious expression: “My senior brother said, never give up your status for the sake of a favorite system. As long as you climb to a high position, you can have whatever system you want to serve you.”

Xi Xun smiled, stroked 0329’s head, and meaningfully said: “Your brother is quite interesting.”

0329 didn’t notice the faint danger in these words at all, and it agreed: “My senior brother is really interesting! Also very powerful!” That’s why 0329 wanted to be the minister of law enforcement. When it finally sat on a high position, there would be systems who would like and support it, right?

Xi Xun continued to smile, but this smile was cold.

At this moment, 0329 suddenly heard something. It poked its head and took a look, only to find that something had happened to the uncle’s family.

The other side.

Song Qing happened to pass by when she saw Chen Bing feeding her child milk powder, that milk powder and other food looked familiar, what was there not to understand? So, she angrily scolded Chen Bing.

This was what she gave to Xi Xun!

Lin Jun was also angry, he went up and gave Chen Bing a slap regardless, saying, “Chen Bing, I really didn’t think you would turn out like this now! These foods are Xiao Qing’s, you don’t even want your face?!”

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