Chapter 19 – Angry 0329

At this time, Xi Xun was still resting with his eyes closed, and one of his long legs was casually placed outside, making him look lazy and comfortable.

And 0329 leaned on Xi Xun’s arms and continued to make orange juice.

The effort paid off, 0329 finally made two glasses of orange juice after tossing for a long time! This made 0329 very happy, it woke up the host and handed him the orange juice.

Xi Xun didn’t bother to move, 0329 handed it to his mouth to feed him.

“How is it?! Is it delicious?” 0329 asked expectantly.

“Well, it’s okay.”

0329 was happy, it put down the host’s orange juice, then picked up its own orange juice and began to taste it carefully.

Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes.

When he saw the little system drinking orange juice happily, he raised his hand and picked it up, and put it on his lap.

“Host?” 0329 turned its head to look at the host suspiciously.

Xi Xun did not speak but continued to lean lazily on the back of the chair, resting with his eyes closed. 0329 was confused by this move, but since it didn’t understand, it didn’t think about it, anyway, it was just a change of place to sit.

So 0329 continued to taste its orange juice happily.

In the distance, Song Qing happened to see this scene, her eyes were slightly deep, as if she was thinking about something. In the end, she turned around and left, deciding that it was better to approach XI Xun in a different way.

Otherwise, she might be unceremoniously rejected by him again.

At that time, if you don’t say anything in full view of the public, it will make the distance between yourself and Xi Xun more difficult to get close.

So she had to think of a foolproof strategy to brush up on Xi Xun’s favor again.


Here, 0329 put down the juice after a short while and instead went to get a cake ready to eat. Seeing that the host was sleeping, 0329 didn’t cook noodles, it chose to put ham sausage in the pancake, which was also very delicious!

0329 puffed its mouth and ate like a little hamster.

At this time, the cake in its hand was held. 0329 was taken aback, and only when he looked up did it find that the host was holding its cake.


Xi Xun didn’t speak, just narrowed his eyes at 0329.

0329 frowned a little, then tentatively asked, “Does the host also want to eat?”

Xi Xun gave a ‘hmm’.

0329 nodded and subconsciously wanted to get another piece of pancake for the host, but Xi Xun stopped it. Then Xi Xun held 0329’s little hand and raised the cake in its hand and took a bite.

This bite was directly one-fifth of 0329’s pancake!

0329’s eyes widened in an instant!

It didn’t know why the host always liked to grab its food. Obviously, there were still many, which made 0329 a little unhappy. But even if it was unhappy, it had to wait a while to be unhappy. What’s important now was the pancake.

Seeing that the host took a bite, 0329 also hurriedly took a bite to eat, it thought if it ate more, the loss would be less.

So a pancake was eaten by one person.

0329 did not eat enough and took another one.

Predictably, the same thing happened to the other pancakes. This made 0329 a little depressed, and in the end, it even got out of the car depressed and ignored Xi Xun.

Xi Xun, on the other hand, raised his chin and looked at the sullen 0329, clasping his fingers lightly, indicating that he was in a very good mood at the moment. After watching for a while, Xi Xun lazily closed his eyes and continued to take a nap.

0329 squatted outside the car, poking the little ant.

Because everyone else had seen the power of this kid’s brother, no one dared to trouble 0329.

0329 squatted on the ground for a while.

Then it thought of something and secretly climbed into the car, took out a small ham from the ham bag, and ran down quickly, for fear that the host would find out. But what it didn’t see was that Xi Xun’s eyelashes moved the second it sneaked into the car, but he didn’t open his eyes.

After eating this ham, 0329 felt a little better.

It began to look around.

At this time, most people were eating. Those with plenty of food would generally make more things to eat, such as instant noodles, while those with little food were basically gnawing on a compressed biscuit.

This was the case for Chen Bing and her parents at this time.

And the leaders of each team ate well, after all, the food of everyone in the team was handed over to them.

0329 wandered around for a short time in boredom.

Most people were indifferent when they saw 0329 passing by. They couldn’t be blamed for this. In the case of little food and high pressure to survive, everyone would feel numb.

And this was only the first month of the end of the world, and it hadn’t even been a month.

After strolling around, 0329 began to walk back.

But it still went to look at the uncle before, and it still remembered the kind-hearted uncle.

At this time, Father Chen was soaking compressed biscuits in water.

It was easier to swallow this way.

Chen Bing held the child in her arms and told him some short stories softly, in addition to lullabies. It might be that the mother’s voice was too nice, so the child who had been crying because of hunger was gradually distracted, and then fell asleep in the mother’s arms.

Chen Bing looked at the weak child and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

At this time, Lin Jun was still with Song Qing, as if he had completely forgotten that he still had a wife and children.

“Xiaobing, why don’t you crush the biscuits and make them soft for the child to eat?”

They really had no way about this.

If this continued, the child would starve to death. But even soft compressed biscuits were not suitable for the child to eat, the child couldn’t digest them at such a young age.

But there was nothing they could do now.

The other side.

At this time, Chen Bing didn’t know that 0329 was squatting next to her and listening to her story for a long time. Father Chen saw him, but didn’t say anything. If it was in the past, he might tease this child, but now, he didn’t have the energy anymore.

After waiting for a while, 0329 saw Chen Bing stop talking, and it was a little lost.

It went back towards the host with a lack of interest, intending to come back later when the story was told.

“Little brother,” a voice sounded from the top of its head.

0329 looked up in confusion.

“Little brother, where’s your brother?” Song Qing asked 0329 with a smile.

“Sleeping,” 0329 pursed his lips and said.

Song Qing naturally knew that Xi Xun was sleeping. She bent down slightly and gave 0329 two bags of ham, a bucket of milk powder, a bottle of water, and three bags of chicken feet in small packages. She said softly: “Sister saw you quarreling with your brother. Are you hungry? This is from your sister. Don’t quarrel with your brother.”

For a moment, 0329 looked at the things stuffed into its arms, frowned slightly, and said solemnly: “But he doesn’t like other people’s things and will throw them away.”

Song Qing still smiled and said, “It’s okay, this is from your sister, you don’t need to give it to your brother.”

Then 0329 didn’t need it, because the host didn’t recognize these foods, it was useless for it to eat them since it couldn’t get energy. So 0329 shook its head and said no, but Song Qing left directly.

This was Song Qing’s strategy, to feed Xi Xun’s little brother.

If Xi Xun knew, he would definitely be more or less grateful to herself, at least he would remember her.

After all, looking at him, he still cared about his younger brother very much.

0329 looked at Song Qing’s back suspiciously.

It didn’t know why, it said it didn’t need these things, so why still give it to it? This made 0329 a little confused and puzzled, but the next second, 0329 suddenly thought of something.

It quickly ran to Father Chen with these things in its arms.

0329 raised these things and handed them to Chen Bing, then said with a look of expectation: “These are for you, can you continue telling me the story just now?”

It hadn’t finished listening to it yet.

What happened to Snow White in the end? Did she win the throne?

0329 was very curious.

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