Chapter 18 – Meeting Again

There were trucks, cars, vans, etc. in those more than a dozen cars, which should also be a temporary fleet. The cars drove over to them, and when they stopped, everyone came down.

Their leader was a thirty-seven or thirty-eight-year-old man.

He directly negotiated with the leader of the convoy of this place. 0329 didn’t hear what was said clearly, because it was struggling with the orange in its hand.

0329 wanted to make two glasses of orange juice to drink.

As for Xi Xun? He was lying lazily as usual, with his eyes closed. Sometimes, 0329 would wonder if the host had died of sleepiness in his previous life? Otherwise, how come he always had his eyes closed and slept?

The other side.

The new convoy boss, Wu Feng, finished dealing with the convoy boss of this rest stop. He instructed everyone to get off and rest, after all, they had been driving for two days and two nights to avoid the zombies.

The people in his convoy were also obedient and all found a place to rest.

As a system, 0329’s ear power was very good. Just as it was making orange juice, it suddenly heard a familiar whispering voice, and it subconsciously grabbed the window and looked outside.

Sure enough, 0329 saw the uncle’s family.

At this time, the uncle’s family looked very miserable. Chen Guoqiang’s wife was very weak, and it was unknown whether she was too hungry or too tired. His daughter was also very haggard, and the child in her arms was almost unable to cry out, which kept the woman sobbing in a low voice.

0329 was impossible to understand human emotions.

It watched for a short while and then withdrew its eyes and went back to the car.

It’s just that it had some doubts. It remembered that there was still a man in this family. Why did he disappear?

Soon, 0329 knew what had happened.

After a few more hours, most people started to get busy with their meals. 0329 looked at the more than a dozen pancakes in the mini-fridge, and took out three, but thinking that the host could eat a lot, 0329 still took out another bag of instant noodles.

This way the host will be full, right?

At the same time, Uncle’s convoy also began to distribute food.

Yes, they were handing out food.

Because everyone handed over their own food to the team, the team boss would distribute food to everyone when it was time to eat. The boss of the team said that in this way, the food would be equal and easy to manage.

Because everyone had to follow the convoy, they could only agree.

Here, Chen Guoqiang’s family only got three compressed biscuits, which made Chen Guoqiang’s daughter unable to stand it anymore. She pulled the person who sent the food and cried and begged: “Give me some more. I don’t have milk anymore. My child needs to be breastfed. If I don’t have it, the child will starve to death!”

But the other party’s attitude was very cold.

The man directly shook the woman’s hand and said, “The food in the convoy is distributed evenly. If give you more, what about the others?”

“Then give me some water, can you give me some water?”

“Water is also an important material. Everyone has a quantity. If you drink too much, what about others?” the man said righteously, and he looked at the woman with reprimand and contempt.

He seemed to be extremely disgusted with this kind of selfish person who does not consider everyone.

“Wife, just listen to the team and don’t cause trouble for everyone anymore.” At this moment, the woman’s husband got out of the car. He got off from another car, not in the same car as his wife and children.

After seeing her husband, the woman stared at him intently for a long time, and then slapped him fiercely.

The husband’s face suddenly became very ugly.

“Lin Jun!!! This is your child, this is your child do you know that? It’s fine if you don’t care about our love as husband and wife, but do you even care about your son?!” the woman said in a hoarse voice.

Lin Jun frowned and said, “I know this is my son, but Xiaoqing is right. He is so young that he won’t live long. Isn’t it too selfish to disregard the entire team for him?”

“You—” The woman was so angry that she was shaking.

At this time, Song Qing in the other car also got out of the car. After Lin Jun saw her, he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Why did you get off when you’re not feeling well?”

“It’s okay, Brother Lin, I wanted to come down and take a look,” Song Qing said with a smile.

Chen Bing’s face became even more ugly when she saw Song Qing, and she even wanted to rush up and slap her. But she couldn’t, because the men in the entire team had a good impression of Song Qing. If she rushed over like that, not only would she get into trouble, but her husband wouldn’t help her either.

She still had children and parents to take care of, she couldn’t be so impulsive.

So she had to grit her teeth.

“Sister-in-law.” Song Qing walked over and sighed at Chen Bing: “I heard you and Brother Lin quarreling in the car. Let’s keep your voice down. Although there are no zombies here, what if they are attracted?”

When others heard this, they immediately became even more disgusted with Chen Bing.

Chen Bing was startled, and then said in a low voice: “Sorry, this is my fault. But Song Qing, my child really can’t hold on anymore, I don’t want my share of food, give me back my child’s milk powder, okay?”

She brought a lot of milk powder before setting off, but it was also snatched away by the convoy.

Now it was the team boss and Song Qing who were drinking it.

Although it was baby milk powder, it had a better taste than ordinary water and was also nutritious, so Song Qing liked to drink it.

“Sister-in-law.” Song Qing frowned and scolded: “Everyone handed in the food uniformly. What should Brother Wu do if you want special treatment like this? And you have a child with you, and our team has been taking risks, but Brother Wu didn’t say anything.”

“Then you return the milk powder and water to me, and my parents and I will leave by ourselves from the convoy, and we will never drag you down,” Chen Bing whispered.

“Chen Bing! Stop messing around!” Lin Jun

Chen Bing glanced at her husband coldly, then turned to look at Song Qing, waiting for her reply.

Song Qing, in turn, sighed.

She said in a very puzzled tone: “Why are you so selfish? For the sake of your own child, you don’t consider everyone, and don’t consider your old parents?”

At that time, Father Chen had already returned, and he had just gone to help his wife to rest in a cool place. When he came back, he saw his daughter being bullied and hurriedly stood in front of her, and said, “What do you want to do again?!”

Chen Bing watched her elderly father stand in front of her, and her tears could no longer help overflowing.

She fought back tears and said, “Dad, I’m fine, let’s go back.”

Chen Bing was afraid that if her father got out of control and did something, her father would be severely beaten. She no longer had any expectations for her husband, she just wanted her parents and children to be safe.

Lin Jun breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his wife finally stopped messing around. He apologized to Song Qing: “I’m sorry, Xiaoqing, I made you wronged. My wife’s attitude was not very good just now.”

“It’s okay, Brother Lin, I can understand,” Song Qing said gently.

Lin Jun felt even more guilty when he saw this.

He wanted to say something else, but Song Qing had already gone in another direction.

Song Qing found Xi Xun’s car, which surprised her very much.

She didn’t expect to meet Xi Xun again here.

Perhaps this was destiny?

Thinking of this, the corners of Song Qing’s mouth raised slightly, and her eyes flashed with a look of certainty.

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