Chapter 17 – Xi Xun’s Fun

Now this place was actually equivalent to a rest stop. It was precisely because there was no village in the front and no shop in the back that there were so few zombies here, which was relatively safe.

The team was planning to rest here for a few days.

You must know that during this period of time, everyone was fleeing frantically for their lives, there was very little time to rest, and they were all very tired.

It just so happened that 0329 also wanted to rest here.

It was for the host’s sake. After all, the host had traveled a long distance, and no matter how powerful he was, the human body still needed to rest. Xi Xun, on the other hand, had no opinion, he could go or not.

In the evening, everyone slept on the ground.

Fortunately, the weather was not considered cold now, it was in summer. In addition, it often rained, so the weather was not cold or hot. But, if it was winter, they might still be frozen to death.

Xi Xun sat on the ground leaning against the car behind him with his eyes closed.

0329 found a comfortable position in Xi Xun’s arms, leaning against the host while eating the small grapefruit.

Although it was also reluctant to finish this grapefruit, 0329 was hungry.

However, 0329 did not eat alone, it would raise its hand to feed the host from time to time. Obviously, the host was not asleep, because every time 0329 fed him, the host ate it.

Although he never opened his eyes from beginning to end.

At this moment, a voice came, “Little brother, can I exchange something with you?”

0329 looked up and found that it was a middle-aged man.

The man hesitated a little, mainly because he was afraid of the child’s brother. Originally, he didn’t want to come, but his wife and children were almost unable to hold on, so the man finally decided to try.

The main reason was that he saw this child changing eggs with a couple in the afternoon, which meant that they were not robbers.

“What do you want to exchange?” 0329 blinked.

“Exchange for something to eat, just choose what and take it!” the man looked at 0329 and said quickly.

0329 heard the words and thought for a while.

Upon seeing this, the man hurriedly said: “I have a lot of clean summer thin quilts here. Your brother will be more comfortable when he sleeps at night. I can exchange ten for you—no, you can take as many as you want! Just give one or t wo bags of instant noodles.”

0329 turned its head and looked at the host without a cover or anything.

So it agreed.

Seeing that the child agreed to exchange supplies, the man was ecstatic.

His wife actually opened a shop, and when the end of the world came, he hurriedly took his wife and children and drove away in a truck. But what he miscalculated was that he didn’t bring any food, and there was nothing in the truck except some quilts, bed sheets, and other supplies.

The only thing that counted as food was the more than half a box of mineral water he kept casually in the cargo compartment.

They spent these three days by drinking water.

They really couldn’t hold it anymore.

In the end, 0329 chose two bed sheets and two small quilts printed with cute pictures. These were more than enough, because if there was more, it would take up too much space.

The man also got the two bags of instant noodles he wanted, and he excitedly ran back with the instant noodles.

As for 0329, he calculated the remaining supplies.

After the calculation was completed and it felt that they could last for a long time, it yawned and prepared to go to sleep. However, it first covered the host with a quilt intimately, and then it got in, and fell asleep hugging the host.

What 0329 didn’t know was that after it fell asleep, Xi Xun, who had already been ‘asleep’, opened his eyes slightly.

He looked at the system sleeping in his arms.

Something seemed to flash in the deep dark eyes.

Finally, he raised his hand and stroked 0329’s head meaningfully, and then slowly closed his eyes.

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Around three or four o’clock in the morning, many people were awakened by the raindrops falling on their bodies.

It started to rain lightly again.

Most people’s first reaction was to pick up the rainwater first, intending to boil the rainwater as drinking water. Although even this was not too clean, and their stomach might feel uncomfortable after drinking, it was better than dying of thirst alive.

Xi Xun also went back to the car, but he didn’t close the door because it would be very sultry.

But others dared not do this because they were afraid of accidents.

0329, who was buried in the host’s arms, looked around, and after being in a daze for a while, it quietly got out of the car.

It was going to make cakes!

Many people were tired and asleep now, and even those who were awake couldn’t see their side, especially when it was still so dark. So, 0329 planned to take advantage of this time to make some pancakes.

Others couldn’t see the seat clearly, they could only see the figure shaking.

They thought it was the kid’s brother doing something.

Soon 0329 made more than a dozen pancakes. It put eleven small cakes in the small refrigerator in the car. The small refrigerator that came with it didn’t have much space. It could hold four or five bottles of mineral water at most, but the pancake could be put in by folding it a little.

There were also 0329’s favorite oranges in it.

Including the unfinished grapefruit pulp.

When he woke up the next day, Xi Xun was greeted by the fragrant pancakes made by 0329. 0329 specially left five pancakes and put the rest in to eat on the road.

Xi Xun glanced at the small pancake and found that it was also covered with ham scrambled eggs.

“Host, eat quickly!” 0329 said.

This time, 0329 learned to be smart, it ate its own share first, so as not to worry about the host again. And the result was obviously good, this time, 0329 ate two pancakes alone!

Xi Xun gave 0329 a sideways glance, and 0329 lowered its head slightly guilty.

Fortunately, Xi Xun didn’t say anything.

He casually picked up the pancake and ate it. Xi Xun’s movement of eating was very pleasing to the eye, even if it was just eating pancakes and eggs. And 0329 stayed on the side, stealing a glance from time to time.

“Come here,” at this moment, Xi Xun suddenly called 0329.

0329 hurriedly came over.

Xi Xun picked up 0329 and put it on his lap, then broke a small piece of cake to feed it.

0329’s eyes lit up, and at the same time, it was also a little surprised.

It quickly opened its mouth and ate the cake. 0329 ate with a bulging mouth and was very happy.

Xi Xun pulled another small piece of egg to 0329.

0329 held Xi Xun’s arm with its small hands, eating very attentively, as if it only had this cake in its eyes.

Then Xi Xun pulled another piece.

This piece was mixed with ham, which made 0329 stare without blinking, its eyes full of expectation. But the next second, Xi Xun ate this pancake with eggs and ham in front of 0329.

The light in 0329’s eyes suddenly dimmed, seemingly somewhat lost.

Xi Xun was in a good mood and laughed lightly.

0329 didn’t understand why the host was laughing, but it tilted its head and giggled.

At this time, other people naturally saw this scene.

Many people swallowed their saliva, and their eyes were full of longing when they looked at the pancake. There were even some people who wanted to come over and exchange things, but the moment they moved closer, Xi Xun glanced at them with cold eyes.

Those people were suddenly taken aback and did not dare to step forward again.

But happy times were always very short.

It didn’t take long for someone to suddenly hear the sound of a car in the distance, and everyone subconsciously looked into the distance, guessing that another convoy should be coming.

Sure enough, more than a dozen cars appeared in a short while.

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