Chapter 16 – Poached Eggs

This scene shocked everyone.

Although the end of the world had come, they had never seen such a strong person. With just one kick, he kicked the burly man so hard that he couldn’t stand up or even flew away. How strong was this?!

So, some people cast jealous glances at Xi Xun one after another.

The leader of the team was also baffled by this situation.

He wanted to pull the young man in front of him into his team because Xi Xun was young. And being able to take a child out of the zombie encirclement, it could be seen that he had some skills, so he wanted to pull him over and inject fresh blood into the convoy.

But he didn’t expect him to be stronger than he thought.

Did he study martial arts?

Xi Xun didn’t care about other people’s fear, suspicion, or curiosity, he just found a cool place and took 0329 to sit down and rest. As for 0329, it frowned seriously.

It didn’t seem to have reacted to the incident just now.

After waiting for a few minutes, 0329 stopped thinking about it, it continued to hold the watermelon in its arms, narrowed its eyes, and continued to eat.

Because the scene just now shocked everyone, no one dared to make trouble now.

Did no one see someone helping the burly man, but the strong man couldn’t stand up because of broken ribs? No one wanted to be the next burly man, so they were naturally honest.

Soon, the night began to fall.

Because this was a place far from the crowd, the threat of zombies was not so great.

Many people began to make fires to cook or eat instant food.

0329 was naturally no exception.

But it didn’t do anything special, after all, they were outside now, so it just made instant noodles. This was very simple, as long as the host did not cook it, then instant noodles would be delicious!

0329 squatted in front of the small pot and looked at the boiling water.

It put the noodles in, and soon, it exuded the unique fragrance of instant noodles. Seeing this, 0329 also put the ham in. Unfortunately, there were no eggs. If there were eggs, it would be more delicious, right?

Just thinking about it, 0329’s sharp ears heard the sound of beating eggs.

This was a family of four, a couple with two children. At the time of the accident, they only had time to bring some of the only instant food, and the rest was the eggs they had bought at home.

It was a pity that the eggs were fragile and a lot had been broken along the bumpy road.

So the wife proposed to finish eating the eggs first.

But people would get tired of eating eggs all the time, and there was no remaining water for them to cook. So they could only follow the convoy and barely found something to fry when the convoy stopped, but the fried eggs were not filling, and even the smell would cause other people to snatch them.

They had been robbed several times, and both the husband and the wife had been beaten and injured.

But they couldn’t help it, all they could do now was endure.

In order not to be robbed of the eggs, they could only bite the bullet and eat them raw for the time being. After all, if you don’t eat raw eggs, you have no choice but to starve.

“Why don’t we boil them?” the husband suggested.

The wife smiled bitterly: “There is only a little water left, forget it, just eat it like this. We have to drive a long way to get to City B. Let’s eat like this first. There are still two small biscuits left in the car. The biscuits are for the two children. Let’s eat some raw eggs and bear with it first.”

While she was talking, she suddenly felt a shadow in front of her.

This made her instinctively alert for an instant.

After all, she and her husband had been robbed of food too many times, and they had formed an instinctive fear.

But when she turned her head, she realized that it was a child squatting beside her.

The two of them were taken aback.

Seeing the other party looking at itself, it reluctantly retracted its gaze at the egg, and said to the couple: “Do you still have this egg?”

The wife’s face suddenly turned pale, and she subconsciously looked at Xi Xun not far away.

“He is my brother and my brother wants to eat eggs.”

Hearing the child’s words, the wife’s face became even more desperate. Then she knelt down directly, collapsed, and cried: “Please, we really only have this food, please, we still have two children, don’t grab ours…”

The two children were also frightened by this scene and cried loudly.

Because this happened too many times.

The husband subconsciously wanted to drive away the child, but thinking of the child’s brother, he couldn’t help but feel sad. He had seen what happened in the afternoon and knew how good the kid’s brother was.

It seemed that they are really going to die here.

“I won’t grab it, I’ll exchange something with you.” 0329 was also confused. It was the first time it had seen this kind of situation, and it was a little dazed for a while.

The wife was stunned, and she murmured: “Exchange?”

0329 nodded vigorously, and then it ran back.

At this time, Xi Xun was sitting in the shade casually, closing his eyes and resting.

An energetic child plunged into Xi Xun’s arms. It shook the host and said, “Host, I think that egg will be delicious in the noodles. Shall we change it a little bit?”

Xi Xun didn’t even open his eyes, he just answered lazily.

0329 was happy.

It went inside the car and looked for something, and finally used its own conversion ratio to convert it, took a small bag of compressed biscuits and two ham sausages, and headed back to the couple.

It had scanned that the couple still had seven eggs.

It was not a loss to exchange these for seven eggs.

The couple didn’t react until they saw the compressed biscuits and ham in front of them. They had encountered injustice too many times along the way. It seemed that there were very few people who really exchanged things with them.

In the end, the wife was the first to recover, and she hurriedly said, “I, I will get it for you now.” With that, she hurriedly took out all the remaining eggs.

Looking at these eggs, 0329 was very happy, and it quickly ran back.

Although it had put aside the cooked noodles, it would not be delicious if they turned mushy, so it had to cook the eggs quickly.

After the wife took the ham and biscuits, she opened them tremblingly.

She first distributed a ham to her two children, and then ate a biscuit with her husband. This made their stomachs feel a little better, without the burning sensation they had before.

But the two of them still didn’t dare to drink water, because there was only one bottom left.

At this time, they found that the child was back.

0329 gave them a small bottle of water. 0329 was very measured because the host also needed to drink water, so 0329 gave a small bottle. It happened that there was a small bottle of mineral water in the trunk.

The small bottle of mineral water was stuffed in the car by 0329 earlier.

It saw the host putting mineral water into the trunk at that time, so it also found many small bottles of 380ml mineral water and stuffed them into all the gaps in the trunk in case of emergency.

“Thank you, thank you,” the wife trembled with gratitude.

Even if it was just a small bottle of water, it was no less than life-saving for them.

0329 still didn’t understand human emotions very well.

After giving the water, it touched the human cub who had just cried on the side, and said, “Don’t cry.” After saying that, it gave one candy to each of the two cubs, and then ran back.

0329’s cooking was still very fast.

After cooking the poached eggs separately, 0329 put them in a bowl and then poured the soup in.

“Host! The noodles are ready!” 0329 gave the noodles to the host.

Xi Xun opened his eyes lazily.

Although the noodles were a bit soft, they were still delicious, especially because of the addition of a poached egg. Xi Xun didn’t eat very fast, but because 0329 ate very slowly, Xi Xun had already finished by the time it had eaten one-third.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and looked at 0329.

0329 glanced at the host, hesitated for a while, then raised its bowl and handed it to the host.

Xi Xun naturally ate that mouthful of noodles.

So, the remaining half of the noodles in the 0329’s bowl was given to Xi Xun.

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