Chapter 15 – Host, I still want to drink

Because Xi Xun’s car was an off-road vehicle, there was a lot of space, and there were no people in the rear seat, so they could take a lot of things.

0329 finally found the sausage it was thinking of!

Xi Xun took a total of three bags of vacuum-packed sausages, then a box of small ham and instant noodles, and so on. 0329 also took a box of rock sugar and a small bag of millet in bulk.

It had seen others cook, and the millet looks delicious!

By now, they got everything.

The roar of zombies began to be heard not far away, and this sound became louder and louder, and it could be heard that not only dozens but at least hundreds of thousands of zombies were gathered here in the supermarket.

Xi Xun’s eyebrows were cold.

He turned his head and looked outside, his deep and terrifying eyes resembled the vortex of hell, and the next second, the zombies who were still roaring frantically seemed to be stunned by some kind of force.

Although they were no longer sane, they instinctively feared this terrible force. The zombies began to wander helplessly at the door, but no zombies dared to rush in again.

0329 didn’t know anything yet. It was walking slowly with one small hand holding the host, while the other hand was holding Wangzai milk and drinking it.

But the milk carton was small and it was finished in a few sips.

0329 shook the empty milk carton, then raised its head, and stared at the host: “Host, I still want to drink.”

“Drink it again at night.”

“Oh.” 0329 nodded, then sipped the straw to see if he could suck out a little bit more.

This supermarket was very well-stocked, it might be because there were more zombies, so basically, no one had been there. Xi Xun and 0329 should be the first survivors to come.

At this moment, 0329 seemed to have discovered something.

It quickly ran to a watermelon and asked with a look of surprise: “Host, what is this?”


“Can we take this with us?” 0329 blinked expectantly.

Xi Xun glanced at it and said, “Take it with you.”

In fact, normal survivors in the end times would not choose to bring fruits because they were not enough to fill them up. Not to mention not very filling, it would also rot faster and more difficult to save. Now, most of the fruits in this supermarket had all gone bad, and there were only those that were resistant to being put away, but if they were put away for a while, it was estimated that they would go bad.

0329 was very happy.

It searched and found two more peaches that hadn’t gone bad, as well as kiwis, oranges, and so on.

0329 had never eaten these things.

It happily held the grapefruit in its arms, turning its head from time to time to observe if there were any other delicious fruits.

Xi Xun followed behind the little white ball unhurriedly.

By the time 0329 had finished picking out all the food it wanted, both shopping carts were almost full.

“Let’s go,” Xi Xun said.

“Okay!” 0329 had a happy face as it pressed the grapefruit in its arms.

Xi Xun slanted a glance at 0329 and saw that it only cared about the grapefruit in its arms, and it hit the wall several times. He couldn’t help but pick it up with a soft ‘tsk’, and then strode outside.


The trunk of the off-road vehicle was almost full this time, but there was still a little bit of space. Xi Xun looked at that only one bucket of water left, took two buckets of water, and also took two cases of small bottles of mineral water.

He also took a bag of noodles.

Because Xi Xun preferred to eat the small noodle cakes made by the system.

“Host, there is only half of the gas left in the car. Do you want to add some gas?” the system scanned the car and said.


Fortunately, there was a large gas station not far from the supermarket.

However, after arriving at the station, 0329 did not let Xi Xun add it, but volunteered to refuel the car. The host treated it so well, it naturally had to repay the host, and it couldn’t let the host do everything.

If this continued, the host would hate it.

After all, it couldn’t do anything to help.

The senior brother once said that when a system had no value, it would be kicked away.

Seeing the small system patting its chest and recommending itself, Xi Xun responded casually.

So 0329 got out of the car quickly.

0329 was a system after all, and it refueled by itself very quickly. Even though there was a problem with the refueling pipe, 0329 repaired the pipe in two or three moves.

After a while, 0329, who had already finished refueling, got into the car.

“Host, it’s done!” 0329 said, taking credit.

“Well, not bad.”

The praised 0329 continued: “I modified the host’s car slightly before and doubled the fuel tank. But don’t worry, this will not cause damage to the car.”


0329 raised its chest and raised its head and said, “I am a combat system, I’m the best at tinkering with things. Although it’s my first time touching a human car, I’m very good at it.”

Xi Xun looked at the small system’s proud appearance and lightly smiled.

There was a bit of unclear emotion in this smile.

After that, the car started slowly. This time, Xi Xun’s destination was the adjacent City B. 0329 sat in the co-pilot position and was responsible for scanning the road ahead, informing Xi Xun in advance if there was a landslide so they could change the route.

It’s just that it had too little energy and must eat to replenish.

So the picture turned into this scene.

In the scorching summer, an off-road vehicle drove quickly on the avenue. Xi Xun was driving the car with a small air conditioner on in the car. 0329 was commanding the road while holding half a watermelon and eating.

Because the body of 0329 was relatively small, it was a bit unable to hold the watermelon, so it switched to a human form.

But in order to save energy, its human form was relatively small.

“Host, there is a landslide ahead, we have to change the road,” 0329 said while eating fruit salad.

Yes, the fruit salad was homemade by 0329.

It hollowed out the small watermelon as a container, then put the watermelon pulp in, and then put in half an apple, half a small peach, a kiwi, and an orange. Finally, a small bottle of yogurt, a small bottle of milk, and salad dressing were added, which could be regarded as a simple version of fruit salad.

“Hmm,” Xi Xun responded lightly.

0329 picked up a spoon and handed a little fruit pulp to Xi Xun’s mouth, and said, “Host, let’s eat together.”

Looking at the spoon in front of him, Xi Xun frowned slightly.

Because he was not used to using the same tableware with others, even if he ate with 0329, he usually ate first.

But in the end, Xi Xun still ate this spoonful of fruit.

As soon it entered his mouth, Xi Xun’s eyes flickered slightly.

“Host, is it delicious?” 0329 looked forward to it.


0329 was very happy, after taking a bite of the fruit, he would also feed a spoonful to the driving host. Cold watermelon was very delicious, especially in this hot weather.

This was thanks to the small refrigerator that came with the car.

Although it couldn’t hold too much, it was enough.

The car kept driving until a few hours later, 0329 saw a group of people resting in front. It appeared to be several convoys, with about a few hundred people.

“Host, let’s take a break too!” 0329 said.


So, the car stopped slowly.

The leader also found Xi Xun’s car, and after seeing Xi Xun stop, the leader walked over.

Xi Xun got out of the car, and 0329 also got out of the car holding the watermelon.

It walked and ate at the same time.

“Brother, where are you from? Are there any physical injuries? If you are not injured, you can travel with us,” the leader came to Xi Xun and said.

Regardless of their conversation, 0329 only ate watermelon wholeheartedly.

But it didn’t know that it was so eye-catching.

Finally, a burly man couldn’t help it and cursed, “Damn it!” Then he came towards 0329 and directly tried to grab 0329’s watermelon. 0329 was confused and then it protected its watermelon with all its might.

“F*cking little b*stard, don’t force Lao Tzu to slap you to death—motherf*cker let go!” the burly man scolded.

However, in the next second, everyone was stunned.

Because the burly man was kicked out! The strength of this kick was very heavy, and it directly kicked the two-hundred-pound burly man to the glass door, smashing the glass directly.

Everyone looked at the screaming burly man for two seconds, and then looked at Xi Xun, who was standing in place with frost in his eyes.

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