Chapter 14 – Song Qing

Xi Xun ignored her, turned around indifferently, and left.

As if he hadn’t seen her.

This made the smile on Song Qing’s face suddenly solidify for a moment. But she was not angry. In her opinion, Xi Xun was the one who destroyed the whole world in her previous life, such a person was naturally eccentric and would not have a good impression of you just because of two or three words.

But she had the confidence to make Xi Xun like herself. Weren’t novels written like that?

She was reborn, this is God’s will.

And as the strongest, Xi Xun would naturally be with her, there was no doubt that it was just a matter of time.


She hadn’t heard that Xi Xun had a younger brother in her previous life?

This made Song Qing a little puzzled.

But regardless, her main purpose now was to make Xi Xun like herself. Not only would she have a strong backer in the future that could be used at will, but also because of this, Song Qing’s sense of vanity was greatly satisfied.

Imagine the person who destroyed the whole world in her previous life fell under her own skirt in the end, no one could refuse this feeling.

Xi Xun didn’t know that Song Qing had so many dramas in her head.

He returned to the car.

At this time, 0329 was sitting in the driver’s seat looking at a small bottle of milk and cupcake in a daze, and its saliva was about to flow out. After seeing the host coming back, 0329 immediately said, “Host! This was sent by the uncle before.”

After speaking, 0329 handed it to Xi Xun.

It stared at it and said a few good words, as if it was afraid that Xi Xun would throw it away again in the next second.

Although if the host wanted to throw it, it couldn’t stop him.

Xi Xun took a casual look and said, “Well, I’ll take it for you.”

0329’s eyes suddenly lit up.

It quickly opened the packaging bag of the cupcake, and just as it was about to eat it, it glanced at the host and paused. 0329 handed the cake to the host and said, “Host, let’s eat it together.”

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows.

He glanced at the small system, then opened his mouth and took a bite.

But this bite was not a small bite.

Four-fifths of the cupcake was gone in an instant, which made 0329’s eyes widen. 0329 took a long time to react, and it looked blankly at the cupcake in its hand for a while.

That expression made Xi Xun’s mouth slightly raised, and he was in a good mood.

For Xi Xun now, the only thing that could bring up his interest was to play this small system. Every time he saw it pitiful or dazed, Xi Xun was in a particularly good mood.

At this time, 0329 had also recovered.

It clutched the cupcake it had left and ate it. Because it was relatively small, 0329 ate very slowly and cherished it very much.

After eating the cupcake, 0329 looked at the milk next to it.

Then it looked at the host again.

Xi Xun was holding his chin lazily looking at the small system that was torn over drinking a bottle of milk. Finally, 0329 thought of a way. It quickly found a bowl from the back seat, then divided the milk in two, then handed it to Xi Xun, and said, “Host, let’s drink.”

This time, Xi Xun didn’t tease 0329 anymore, and stopped watching it after drinking.

After seeing that the host no longer thought about its milk, 0329 laughed a little. It wanted to move to the position of the co-pilot to hold the milk and taste it carefully, but it was stopped by Xi Xun.

Xi Xun put 0329 on his lap and said, “Drink here.”


0329 responded, and then buried itself in the host’s arms and drank the bottle of milk happily.

Until the sound of knocking on the car window came from outside.

This made Xi Xun’s expression suddenly cold, and his eyes were instantly covered with a layer of gloomy frost. But 0329 was very curious, it opened the car window and looked outside.

It was none other than Song Qing outside.

Song Qing’s long hair was scattered, and looked extraordinarily beautiful when it was slightly blown by the wind.

She smiled slightly and said, “Xi Xun, I know you don’t really want to accept other people’s kindness, but your brother is so young, how can you bear it. Here is some soy milk powder, ham sausage, cupcakes, and some brewed rice porridge, which is very suitable for children to eat.”

She paused after saying this, then continued, “You don’t have to feel indebted to me, just return it to me when you find food in the future.”

Presumably anyone who heard these words would be moved.

But Xi Xun was not someone else. If you look closely, you will find that his eyes are full of impatience and coldness at this time.

He detested people stepping into his territory the most.

No matter who it was.

Unlike Xi Xun, 0329’s eyes were shining when it looked at the food.

It pulled the host’s sleeve and blinked at the host.

It looked like it wanted the host to accept these gifts.

But Xi Xun directly closed the car window, and looked coldly at the small system in his arms, and said, “I said it before, the prerequisite of your being with me is to be obedient. If you don’t obey next time, I will cut off both of your hands.”

0329 had never seen such a cold and terrifying host.

It was taken aback.

0329 subconsciously retracted its little hand into the ball, and then buried itself in the host’s arms trembling.

Xi Xun looked at the trembling little ball and seemed to find it a little interesting.

He stretched out his hand and poked it.

0329 was poked by him and slid back, almost sliding down, but fortunately, it was caught by Xi Xun.

Xi Xun was very satisfied with the obedient little white ball in front of him.

He rubbed 0329, and then said, “Become a human form and sleep.”

0329 responded sullenly.

But Song Qing, who was rejected by Xi Xun again outside the car, was embarrassed and angry at this moment. She knew that it might be hard to get close like Xi Xun, but she didn’t expect it to be so hard.

It looked like that she had to think of other ways.

Song Qing thought while heading towards her own residence.

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The next day.

After being rebuked by Xi Xun, 0329 was still very sullen. But 0329 couldn’t be blamed for this, because when Xi Xun’s expression was cold, it was really scary, and his whole body seemed to be full of cold murderous hostility.

0329 had been listless all morning, and its mood was very low.

At this time, the sound of many vehicles starting came from outside.

It turned out that some people were going to the next camp, because now, this shelter obviously couldn’t last long, it’s too small. Only a large base could guarantee their safety.

Xi Xun’s eyes deepened slightly, and he said, “Let’s set off too.”

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t you want to go to the supermarket? Take you to find something delicious.” Xi Xun picked up 0329 and put it on his lap, then started the car and set off.

“Really?!” This time, 0329 instantly revived full blood.


And Xi Xun also did what he said. He took 0329 and drove to a supermarket. There were not too many zombies here. Xi Xun solved it in a short while. It was only when 0329 entered the supermarket excitedly that it found that the supermarket was empty.

This was rather odd.

Even if many people were grabbing food, they would not clean up the supermarket so cleanly. There would always be some food scattered on the ground because they were in a hurry to leave. But now, there was nothing in the supermarket, and the entire supermarket had been emptied.

There was a feeling of ‘collect all’ with one click when playing a game.

0329 was a little lost.

Xi Xun glanced at the supermarket lightly, and then said, “Let’s go, go to the next supermarket.”

“Okay!”0329 obediently said.

The supermarket that Xi Xun went to this time was located in the city center.

It was also the place with the most zombies.

As Xi Xun thought, the things in this large supermarket were still complete. After all, there were too many zombies, and it was very likely that they would not be able to get out if they went in. No one took the risk.

0329 looked at the dazzling array of snacks, its eyes were shining.

Xi Xun walked to a shelf. He picked up a bag of soy milk powder and a few bottles of Wangzai milk in bulk, then lowered his head and asked 0329, “Do you want this?”

“Yeah!” 0329 nodded frantically.

Xi Xun nodded, he directly took two full boxes of  Wangzai milk and two bags of soy milk powder and put them in the shopping cart. 0329 also took some sweet candy and individually packaged cupcakes and etc.

Only the apples in the fruit section were in good condition, Xi Xun took a few apples and put them in.

Seeing that the host was holding all its favorite food, 0329 suddenly said: “Host, you are so kind, you are the angel male protagonist that my senior brother often said.”

Xi Xun: “……”

Xi Xun ignored 0329’s compliment, only narrowed his eyes and warned: “Don’t accept other people’s food next time, understand?”


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