Chapter 13 – She is the heroine, right?

0329 turned around and saw a beautiful woman.

Well, in human aesthetics, it should be beautiful.

The woman looked at the child in front of her tenderly and said softly: “Little brother, sister just saw you staring at others cooking. Are you hungry?” After speaking, she took out a bag of sausages and gave it to 0329.

0329’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Seeing the child’s reaction, the smile in the woman’s eyes intensified as she continued to ask: “I saw you with that man in brown clothes earlier, is he your brother?”

0329 nodded.

“Besides you and your brother, is there anyone else?”


Song Qing got the information she wanted, so she didn’t ask any more questions so as not to arouse suspicion. She gave 0329 two more bags of instant noodles and asked him to eat with his brother.

After saying thank you, 0329 happily hugged the sausage and instant noodles and went to the host.

Song Qing looked at the child’s back, the corners of her mouth slightly hooked.


0329 was very excited at this time. Originally, it wanted sausages, but now it didn’t expect to have sausages and instant noodles! But it had to give these to the host.

That’s how it was since 0329 was bound to Xi Xun.

So except for the food that Xi Xun gave it, it couldn’t eat anything else.

So it had to carry the sausage and instant noodles to the host.

As long as the host received these foods, then these foods belonged to the host. Only in Xi Xun’s food could 0329 get the energy it wanted in the process of eating it.


At that time, the car door was open, and Xi Xun was lying lazily in the main driving position with his eyes closed.

“Host! Look what I found!”

0329 happily put the food in the host’s arms.

Xi Xun woke up slowly.

He glanced at the sausages and instant noodles in 0329’s arms, and asked casually: “Where did you find it?”

“Someone gave it to me.”

Then 0329 told Xi Xun what happened, and also glanced behind. Song Qing didn’t leave. After seeing Xi Xun looking at her, she smiled amicably.

Xi Xun withdrew his gaze indifferently.

He directly threw out the sausage and instant noodles that 0329 had put in his arms, and then continued to close his eyes.

0329 was a little stunned.

The smile on Song Qing’s face also stiffened instantly.

When some people around saw this scene, they immediately ran over to snatch the sausages and instant noodles thrown on the ground. The sausages and instant noodles were robbed in less than a minute.

0329 felt pain a little bit, but it didn’t say anything, it just drooled at the torn sausage.

“Don’t take what others give you in the future,” Xi Xun said coldly.

“Why?” 0329 was a little puzzled.

“There is no reason, if you want to stay here, you can only obey my orders, understand?”

“Oh,” 0329 said listlessly.

It retracted its gaze and stopped looking at the sausage, but buried itself in the host’s arms and did not move.

After a while, 0329 suddenly thought of something.

It raised its head to Xi Xun and said carefully: “Host.”


“The girl who gave me the sausage is very beautiful, she should be the legendary heroine.” 0329 had heard other systems say that the world line was divided into male and female protagonists. Especially the domineering male main line, with the most female protagonists.

Xi Xun glanced at 0329.

0329 continued to say mysteriously: “Host, do you like her? She seems to have a lot of food. If the host is with her, the host will not have to starve in the future.”

Xi Xun: “……”

Speaking of this, 0329 was also a little depressed. It said in a low voice: “My dream is to have a system that can support me! Can make me full every day! It’s okay to eat cheaper! It’s a pity that I’m too ugly, no one likes me.”

Xi Xun: “……”

“Host, you must seize the opportunity!”

Xi Xun raised his hand to pick up the system lying in his arms, threw it aside, and then said coldly: “I don’t like her.”

0329 seemed to understand something, it said in surprise: “Host, you don’t like women? Do you like men?” It had also heard of the danmei line, where the same sex together seemed to be together.

“I don’t like people,” Xi Xun said coldly.

In order to avoid 0329 asking any more questions, Xi Xun directly held it on the head, clasped it in his arms, and told it to shut up.

0329 tried to break free, but couldn’t break free at all.

In the end, it simply didn’t break free, but pondered and decided to sleep for a while.

And this sleep lasted for four or five hours.

When 0329 woke up, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

Because of the bad weather, the sky got dark early. There was no sound in the huge shelter, and many people were sitting in their cars preparing to sleep. After all, there was a power outage and there was no entertainment. There was nothing else apart from going to bed early to save energy.

0329 jumped out of the car.

It and the host hadn’t eaten yet, so 0329 had to cook.

0329 prepared pancakes.

It had already learned how to make pancakes today, but it was not easy to cook using his round body, so 0329 used his human form. The host’s car was also far away from others, so he just did it on the back of the car.

It’s just that the pan was quite small, so he could only make palm-sized cakes.


After the hot oil was put in the pan, it made a ziii sound. 0329 carefully controlled the amount and started making cakes according to the data recorded by his eyeballs before. While cooking, 0329 remembered the sausage that was thrown away by the host.

Alas, it really wanted to eat.

0329 was a combat system, and it actually had a lot of points, but 0329 rarely traded food in the law department of the system, because it wanted to save enough merits so that it could reincarnate.

So 0329 had lived for so long, and rarely had eaten anything.

Looking at the cakes in the pan, the light in 0329’s eyes became brighter and brighter. After making about eight pancakes, 0329 extinguished the bonfire. It felt that these were enough for itself and the host to eat, and the host should not grab its food anymore.

Who would have thought that he still underestimated the host?

0329 came to the host with the fragrant pancakes, and by then, 0329 had already transformed into its original body again. Because turning into a human form was too energy-consuming, 0329 couldn’t bear to consume it like this.

“Host! I made pancakes! Do you want to eat?” 0329 asked.

Xi Xun, who had closed his eyes for a day, opened his eyes slightly.

He glanced at the small system in front of him, then at the pancakes in its hand, then picked up a piece of pancake and tasted it.

0329 observed the host’s expression.

Xi Xun showed no expression, but he ate six more.

0329 stared at the pancake in its hand, thinking to itself that it must eat it quickly next time, otherwise, there might be only one left in the future!

0329 quickly finished the cake in its hand, for fear that the host would grab it.

“Come here,” Xi Xun said suddenly.

0329 was puzzled, but still quickly came to Xi Xun and blinked at him.

Xi Xun picked it up and put it on his lap.

0329 was flattered.

“Where did you learn it?” Xi Xun looked at 0329 and asked.

“I learned from others!”

“Not bad, it’s delicious. You will cook every day from now on,” Xi Xun said.

0329 was a little troubled when it heard this.

It didn’t want to always turn into a human form, even if it ate something every day, it couldn’t withstand such consumption.

“If you do, you can eat whatever you want,” Xi Xun coaxed.

“Really?” 0329 widened its eyes.


“I want to eat sausage, I also want to eat corn, and I also want to eat noodles!” 0329’s eyes were shiny.

“Okay, I will take you to the supermarket tomorrow to find it.”


Xi Xun looked at this silly system and raised his eyebrows slightly, then Xi Xun put 0329 on the co-pilot, and then got out of the car, and went to the restroom. But just as he was about to go back, a voice suddenly stopped him from behind.

“Xi Xun!”

Xi Xun turned his head and looked at the other party.

Song Qing walked over slowly, and she said softly to Xi Xun: “Your name is Xi Xun, right? My name is Song Qing, can we be friends?”

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