Chapter 12 – Busy 0329

Xi Xun originally just wanted to bully this small system as usual, because it was fun to watch it look aggrieved. Unexpectedly, after taking a bite of instant noodles, Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly moved.

No one knew that Xi Xun’s taste was very special.

It’s not that he had no taste. He had a taste, but it was different from normal people.

Whatever Xi Xun ate, there was a faint taste and smell of mold and rot. It was as if it was food taken out of a smelly ditch.

Whether he made it himself or ate something else, it’s the same.

This has been the case since he was a child, and Xi Xun has become accustomed to it.

In addition to the special taste, as long as the food was made by Xi Xun’s hands, it had almost the same taste. Therefore, in Xi Xun’s dozens of reincarnations, he would basically eat his own fried rice every time.

Because it was all the same to him.

Since they were all the same, Xi Xun, who liked cleanliness, naturally wouldn’t eat other people’s food, so he just made it himself.

And this fried rice had been eaten for many years.

But this instant noodle made Xi Xun’s expression change slightly.

Because…the taste was different, the feeling was indescribable, in short, it was not bad.

At this time, 0329, who was holding the tableware, was dumbfounded.

It watched the host grab its instant noodles, and before it was too sad, 0329 hurried over and grabbed the host’s arm, and said urgently: “Host! Host! I want to eat, too.”

Xi Xun was eating slowly at the moment.

Seeing that it was holding his arm and its head was about to be buried in his bowl to eat instant noodles, Xi Xun grabbed 0329 with one hand and put it on his lap, and also fed it.

0329 suddenly became quiet, it hugged the host and bulged its mouth to eat noodles.

Thus, a bowl of noodles was finished with the system eating one bite and Xi Xun eating three.

0329 was still a little unsatisfied.

It looked at the remaining noodle soup, then picked up the soup bowl and drank it.

After drinking, it burped a little.

0329 looked at the host, it said with a look of expectation: “Host, can we eat again tonight?” Although 0329 could only eat one meal a day, it still wanted to eat a little more.


0329’s eyes suddenly lit up, and it hugged the host and rubbed itself to him to express its happiness.

A slightly cold touch fell on 0329’s face.

It started to rain lightly again, and the water on the ground was already almost more than ten centimeters. You must know that the drainage system of this city is the best, but now it can’t withstand the continuous rain.

Fortunately, the rain was not too heavy this time.

Some people around were rinsing through the rain after eating. 0329 watched for a while, and then it washed the dishes in a similar way.

When others saw a four- or five-year-old child washing dishes and pots seriously, they couldn’t help but sigh, ‘what a sensible child’ and ‘the teaching at home was really good.’

When it was all done, 0329 got in the car.

It sorted out the food and other supplies in the back seat as well, so as to know what was currently available.

The host didn’t seem to care much about this.

This can’t be done

0329 had heard of the system chat responsible for the Doomsday World Line before. It said that the post-apocalyptic world was very difficult, especially the food, which must be planned properly, otherwise, it would starve to death.

For eating, 0329 was very attentive.

Xi Xun sat half-seated in the driving position with his eyes closed and his legs resting on the steering wheel, while in the backseat, 0329 was tossing and turning.

Finally, the system finished counting the current supplies.

A jar of honey, a bag of unopened white noodles, a bucket of water plus five small bottles of water, a bag of unopened rice, three lighters, a bucket of cooking oil, a bag of salt, a bag of instant noodles, two boxes of mosquito coils, and five bags of snack potato chips and three packs of chocolate it took at that time as well.

There was nothing else.

0329 looked at the supplies in contemplation.

After a while, it climbed from the back seat to the front seat again, pulled the host’s sleeve to wake him up, and said, “Host.”


“We have nothing else to eat, only a pack of noodles is left. I heard the system of the Doomsday Line say that the doomsday world is very dangerous, and that zombies will be encountered at any time, so let’s save the instant noodles for emergencies. Host, use white noodles to cook at night!”


0329 paused and continued: “Then make rice! I saw other humans steaming rice, and what is called rice soup.”


0329 froze for a while, and then said, “Then what kind of meal can the host cook?”

“Fried rice.”

0329 stopped talking, and just as it comforted itself by saying that fried rice was okay, the host spoke again.

Xi Xun said, “Without steamed rice, fried rice can’t be made.”


0329 suddenly lowered its head in frustration.

It glanced at the host who closed his eyes and continued to meditate. 0329 sighed and said, “Then host, take a look at the car. There are several damages. I have scanned them all. Host, you fix it first. And then we can go to a supermarket in front, I have planned the route, there will be no traffic jam.”


“…” 0329 was stunned.

In fact, Xi Xun could repair it. He really didn’t know anything about cooking, he only knew how to cook fried rice. But for other things, such as repairing cars and checking routes, and all those little things, he could do them but it didn’t mean he should.

Now, Xi Xun had no feelings about life and death.

He was still indifferent to the world.

If it hadn’t been for 0329 to break in suddenly, Xi Xun would have wiped out the world a long time ago. He was still alive now because he was more interested in this little thing at present.

Other than that, he didn’t care about anything else.

The attitude was also indifferent and casual.

0329 had no way, it had to get out of the car by itself.

0329 had scanned several abandoned cars a long time ago. It seemed that their drivers were long gone. It planned to remove the useful parts from the car and install them in their own car, and also change the ventilation system so that even when sleeping in the car, the host could sleep with peace of mind.

After all, it was a system, and the host was a human.

And in case of an emergency when leaving the place, the car would not have an accident.

And it did just that.

0329 disassembled some small parts and so on while people were not paying attention, and then began to modify the car. It knocked back and forth in the car with the toolbox in its hand.

Others thought the kid was bored and was just playing.

So, they didn’t care.

0329 took five hours to completely change the car! This made 0329 breathe a sigh of relief.

At this time, a fragrance attracted 0329’s attention.

It turned around and looked, then saw a family making clear noodles in soup, which made 0329’s eyes widen. It stood a short distance away and watched quietly as its pupils began to record the practice.

Then it looked at the other people who were also cooking.

There were stir-fry, pancakes, and steamed rice. 0329 also watched to record.

It’s just that 0329 had no sausage.

It seemed it had to find time to go to the supermarket with the host again to find out if there was that sausage that looked so delicious.

“Little brother.”

At this moment, a voice came from behind.

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