Chapter 11 – The Host is Cooking!

0329 came to the host’s arms as it wished. It lovingly pulled up the small blanket on the host’s lap to completely cover itself and the host, and then buried itself in the host’s arms ready to sleep.

In order to avoid the host from being uncomfortable with it, 0329 had also become a small version of its human form.

Xi Xun squinted at the series of actions of 0329.

0329 yawned a little, and then it firmly hugged the host, closed its eyes and completely fell asleep, as if it was not afraid that the host would harm it.

Xi Xun looked at the little system in his arms.

He slightly raised his hand toward 0329. Those who didn’t know would think that Xi Xun wanted to pet it, in fact, he didn’t. Right now, Xi Xun wanted to kill 0329.

As for the reason?

There was no reason, maybe it was because of its unguarded appearance that made Xi Xun want to do something bad, that’s all.

But at this moment, 0329 grumbled.

It hugged Xi Xun and rubbed against it again, then continued to fall into a deep sleep.

Xi Xun looked at it for a while.

In the end, Xi Xun withdrew his hand, bent his legs casually, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.


This time it rained all night again.

Buried in a warm blanket while it was raining outside, this state was liked by many people. But at this moment, no one liked the rain anymore, and they all had sadness in their faces.

Because it rained so much, many roads collapsed.

If it was before, the government would naturally repair it, but now that the end of the world had begun, no one would care about what happened here.

This night was destined to keep many people from falling asleep.

Many places were now washed away by water. Even if they could find a way out of the city, there would always be abandoned cars blocking the road. At that time, they would be directly surrounded by zombies.

Just like last time.

So many people were a little desperate. Could it be that God wanted to destroy human beings?

Here, in an ordinary car, the uncle’s family slept together, for fear that there would be zombies attacking at night. Although they were already in the shelter now, but just in case.

“Dad, you and mom can eat, we are not hungry,” a beautiful-looking woman said to her father.

The uncle’s name was Chen Guoqiang, and he only had this one daughter.

This time, the incident happened suddenly, and fortunately the daughter and son-in-law happened to bring their grandson home to visit them. Otherwise, through this change, their family might be torn apart, and the situation would be even worse then.

“Go ahead, feed the baby some milk, and Xiaowei also needs to eat,” Chen Guoqiang said solemnly.

“No, Mom and Dad, let’s all eat,” the man called Xiaowei said.

At this time, Chen Guoqiang’s wife also spoke. She frowned and said, “Stop arguing, old man, you and Xiaowei should eat. After all, you killed the zombies for a day and drove all the way, you are tired enough. Our daughter and I will just eat a small biscuit.”

Chen Guoqiang disagreed, but facing his wife’s eyes, he had no choice but to be silent.

The daughter’s husband couldn’t say anything either.

But he still gave a little bit of his food to his wife, not letting his wife eat some food was something he couldn’t bear watch.

“Fortunately, that young man saved us today,” Mother Chen sighed while eating.

If it weren’t for this, they might all be dead today.

“Well, that young man is really nice,” Chen Guoqiang also said.

Although his face looked cold, his heart was quite warm. Especially his lovely brother.

“Let’s send a bottle of water tomorrow. Anyway, we have to thank him for saving us. I saw that the young man seemed to be carrying a child, and it was pitiful. Let’s give him another piece of cake,” Mother Chen said.

Chen Guoqiang did not refuse.

Although there was a shortage of food now, the young man did save him and his family, and it was only right to give something to thank him.


0329 woke up early in the morning.

The host was not awake when it woke up, so 0329 yawned and continued to bury itself in the host’s arms. Then it was distracted by the mist outside the car window, poking it from time to time.

Until Xi Xun woke up.

“Host! You are awake!” 0329 was very happy. The host woke up, which meant he could finally eat!


Xi Xun didn’t say much, he looked outside, and then continued to close his eyes.

Seeing that the host was still planning to go back to sleep, it suddenly became anxious.

It poked the host and said anxiously: “Host, rice, rice, you haven’t cooked yet.”

Xi Xun was poked by 0329, and he opened his eyes.

0329 looked at Xi Xun eagerly.

This was the first time Xi Xun felt that 0329 was so troublesome. He squinted and wanted to throw out 0329. But Xi Xun’s eyes flickered when he met the expectant eyes of the small system.

Xi Xun thought for a while, but in the end, he got up indifferently and opened the car door and walked down.

And 0329 followed suit behind the host.

The air outside was very good, and there was the always refreshing fragrance of soil in the weather after the rain, as if the earth had been baptized again, washing away all the dirt.

Many people were cooking outside at the moment.

But most people ate instant food, such as instant noodles or something.

0329 looked at the host obediently.

Although Xi Xun could only cook fried rice, he could also cook simple things like instant noodles. Just throw it in and put some water, even though he had never done it before.

The instant noodles were ready soon, and 0329’s eyes lit up, and his eyes were full of expectation.

Xi Xun gave 0329 a small bowl.

0329 cherished his small bowl of noodles and ate it.

But as soon as 0329 ate it, it realized that something was wrong. How could it taste the same as the fried rice made by the host?

This made 0329 a little dazed.

0329 took a peek at the host who was also eating noodles lightly, and when it saw that the host seemed to have gone to the restroom, 0329 quickly returned to the car and took out the honey jar from inside. Fortunately, it took three full jars at the time!

Although it ate one jar, there were still two jars!

0329 first squinted and stretched out its finger in to get a little out and licked it, and then it ‘thump thump thump’ went back and poured a little of the honey into the instant noodles.

But 0329 discovered something shocking!

The instant noodles did not change at all, it still tasted the same!

0329 froze for a while.

It thought it was putting less, so this time it put two large spoons, but the result was still the same.

After that, 0329 poured half a jar into it.

And even a full jar.

The result… no result, it was still the familiar taste.

0329 was stunned.

‘So, does it taste the same no matter what the host does?’ 0329 thought in a daze.

It happened that Xi Xun had already returned at this time, and 0329 immediately ran over and hugged the host’s leg, and said, “Host, can I have another noodle? I will do it myself! I don’t need the host to do it!”

“Feel free.”

0329 suddenly became happy, and it hurriedly ran back and took another bag of noodles, and cooked it by itself. It was boiled, not soaked. It just saw someone else doing it, and 0329 wrote it down.

After the noodles were ready, the fragrance immediately spread.

0329 put it in a bowl and got ready to start enjoying its own food.

But at this moment, an arm suddenly stretched out and took away the noodles made by 0329 directly.

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