Chapter 10 – Can you hold me to sleep?

At this moment, the wind and rain were raging outside the car, and almost nothing could be seen clearly nor could be heard in the noise.

Only the sound of heavy rain and thunder and the loud noise.

0329 was also woken up by this commotion. It confusedly got out of the host’s arms, then looked outside the car and asked, “Host, what’s happening?”

“Nothing,” Xi Xun said in a calm tone.


0329 returned and yawned a little, and then continued to bury itself in the host’s arms with a small blanket, intending to continue to sleep in the cage.

But at this moment, an accident happened outside!

Perhaps the quarrel between these people was too loud, so a zombie was attracted. The first person to be bitten suddenly screamed, and this sound suddenly attracted more zombies.

Many people scrambled back to their cars, but there were still some people who were bitten, and the screams continued.

Xi Xun looked at all this without the slightest wave in his eyes, as if he had known it would happen a long time ago.

0329 was also awakened.

Because Xi Xun’s car was also surrounded by zombies at this time! Countless zombies roared and waved their hands, as if trying to bite the people in the car.

0329 was startled by these zombies.

It first quickly blocked the kind-hearted host, and its eyes instantly turned crimson red in an attack state of emergency defense. The next second, the car window opened, a laser beam shot past, and the leading zombie fell to the ground in an instant.

But 0329’s energy was not enough.

So, it had to take out its own law enforcement sword to stab.

Halfway through the stabbing, 0329 heard a frightened cry from the car not far away. It took a closer look and found that it was the uncle who kindly helped it pick food before.

At this time, the uncle’s family was also surrounded by zombies.

There were two men in the car, the big man and his son-in-law, the rest were women and children, and a baby less than two years old. At this time, the baby had been crying, and a young woman covered the child’s mouth and burst into tears.

She watched her husband and father struggling to kill zombies, her tears flowing constantly.

Seeing that her father was about to be bitten by a zombie, the zombies in front of him suddenly fell down at this moment. The big man’s family was stunned by this change. The big man turned his head and looked into the distance, but he couldn’t see anyone, only the license plate number.

0329 naturally dared not expose itself.

It was a little uneasy, because the system couldn’t interfere with the life and death of humans.

But thinking that the uncle had helped itself before, it should be okay to help a little bit! Just think of it as being saved by the host! Anyway, the host was a good person, and it was normal to save people!

This scene naturally fell into Xi Xun’s eyes.

Xi Xun looked at the small system in front of him with unclear emotions, and something seemed to flash in his deep eyes.

Then, his gaze turned to 0329’s law enforcement sword.

Fortunately, because of the heavy rain, there were not many zombies coming. After killing these zombies, 0329 hurriedly said, “Host! Run, host!”

Xi Xun didn’t respond, he just frowned and looked at the little law enforcement sword of 0329, thinking about something.

“Host? Host!” 0329 called a few more times.

Xi Xun still did not respond.

0329 was anxious, so in the end, it simply controlled the car to start quickly and left here.

The cars behind were also scrambling to run.

After driving for about 30 kilometers, something seemed to happen to the line of the car, and it suddenly stopped and did not move.

0329 poked and prodded, and turned its head to look at the host after it failed to move.

At this moment, Xi Xun was resting with his eyes closed.

He was distracted before, and when he returned to his senses, he saw this little system in front of him manipulating the car. Since it could drive, Xi Xun naturally didn’t bother to do it again, so he simply closed his eyes to rest.

“Host! There seems to be something wrong with the car.” 0329 shook the host.

Xi Xun ignored it.

0329 continued anxiously: “Host! If you don’t get it fixed, there will be accidents!”

“Let’s talk about it when it happens,” Xi Xun said with his eyes closed.


0329 was dumbfounded, and in the end, it had to forcibly change to its human form and get out of the car with the toolbox to repair it. Because 0329 was a combat system, it was proficient in machinery and other things.

But halfway through the repair, it ran out of power and turned into a small white ball.

Fortunately, it was finally fixed in the end!

0329 held the toolbox and sighed: “It’s really not easy!” After speaking, it carried the toolbox and got into the car.

But because he was exposed to rain for a long time, 0329 had water on his body.

“Go to the co-pilot,” Xi Xun ordered.

0329 froze, and then its eyes turned red, as if it was a little aggrieved.

It lowered its head and didn’t speak, looking pitiful.

The atmosphere was a little stagnant for a while.

After a while, Xi Xun spoke. He looked at 0329, who seemed to be crying with its little head hanging down, and said, “Come here.”

0329’s eyes lit up suddenly.

It suddenly turned into a half-meter-high human form and rushed into the host’s arms and rubbed him, saying, “Host, I knew you were a good person!”

Xi Xun didn’t say anything, only faintly withdrew his gaze.

“Beep beep—”

The sound of the car’s honking came from outside, and the car drove slowly with its lights on. After seeing Xi Xun and the familiar little guy, the big man was obviously a little surprised, but more grateful, he said, “Just now, thank you.”

Xi Xun did not answer, but 0329 shook its little hand happily and said, “You’re welcome, my brother…My brother is a good person! He has helped countless people! Just doesn’t like to talk.”

Xi Xun: “……”

The big man nodded, he naturally saw it.

After that, it was only logical that the two cars set off together.

Xi Xun frowned, but he was too lazy to waste his time talking, and since the car was following behind, Xi Xun just pretended that the car didn’t exist.

Fortunately, they didn’t encounter any more zombies on the way.

After driving to a temporary shelter, 0329 subconsciously looked at the host and wanted to ask for some food to replenish energy. But thinking that it had already agreed with the host for one meal a day, it had no choice but to swallow it.

It sat aside and took out its own law enforcement sword.

0329 began to wipe its law enforcement sword carefully. Although there was no blood on it, 0329 felt a little guilty because it had just killed a lot of zombies. It carefully wiped it with its own energy, trying to erase those dirty stains.

This was the first time Xi Xun had seen 0329 so serious, even though its energy was almost gone, it was still wiping the sword.

“This is your sword?” Xi Xun asked.

Hearing the host’s words, 0329 shook its head slightly and said, “This is not my law enforcement sword. This was left by senior brother, system 1, who was the first system opened by Chaos.”


Seeing the host’s interested appearance, 0329 hesitated for a while, and said, “He was the first Minister of Law Enforcement, and when the senior reincarnated, the second Minister of Law Enforcement was senior 0178, that is, the bad system! Now it’s me, I’m the third Minister of Law Enforcement, but I haven’t succeeded in the test yet.”

Speaking of this, 0329 was a little lost.

“Then this sword belongs to him?” Xi Xun said casually.

“Yeah.” 0329 said sullenly: “This is what the senior left in the Law Enforcement Department before he reincarnated.”


“Yeah! We can reincarnate as humans if we save enough merit in the system. In terms of time, senior should have gained the Dao by now. But not necessarily, my senior brother said the tribulation is difficult, especially the last life, but I believe that senior brother will achieve the Dao! He is the first system! My idol!”

That senior was indeed the idol of 0329.

It was precisely because of him that 0329 cultivated desperately and successfully entered the Law Enforcement Department, and then step by step reached the highest level, even surpassing the second-generation system seniors to become the candidate successor system for the minister of law enforcement.

One could imagine the hardships involved.

After speaking, the system raised its head, then lit his eyes and said, “Host, like my senior, is a good person!”

Xi Xun sneered when he heard the words, and then continued to close his eyes to rest.

At this time, 0329 pulled Xi Xun.

Xi Xun opened his eyes to look at it.

0329 blinked and said, “Can the host hold me to sleep?”

“Oh? Why?” Xi Xun raised his eyebrows.

“Because my senior brother said that hugging often can promote feelings,” 0329 said seriously.

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