Chapter 09 – Where are we going?

Xi Xun’s eyes were dark and deep.

Feeling the touch in his arms that he had never experienced before, a trace of subtlety flashed in the bottom of Xi Xun’s eyes. After a while, Xi Xun raised his hand slightly and subconsciously moved toward 0329’s waist.

But at this moment, 0329 changed back to its white ball form.

Xi Xun: “……”

0329 blinked at Xi Xun, and Xi Xun also stared at it blankly. The emotion that flashed by just now also dissipated as 0329 suddenly turned into its original body.

Xi Xun withdrew his eyes with disinterest.

At this time, 0329 didn’t know anything. It was excited by itself, and even took out the honey from the cart for the host to eat.

But Xi Xun didn’t even look at it.

0329 was a little dazed, it didn’t understand what was wrong with the host.

Wasn’t it pretty good just now?

But forget it, other systems used to say that the temperament of the male protagonist is relatively unpredictable, one moment is good, and the next moment is unhappy. So 0329 didn’t care, but opened the little honey jar, narrowed its eyes, and ate it.

Xi Xun watched it squatting on the ground happily eating honey.

After watching for a while, Xi Xun suddenly stretched out his long arm and took it from 0329.

0329, who was halfway through eating, was dumbfounded.

Xi Xun took a bite at will. The taste was not particularly good. It was the sweet and greasy taste that Xi Xun hated. But seeing this little system looking at himself, Xi Xun continued to eat.

0329 watched with bated breath.

It squatted obediently and waited for the male host to finish eating, but it didn’t expect that the host would finish it in the end! 0329 had no choice but to lick the cap, trying not to waste it.

Xi Xun didn’t care about 0329. He raised his long legs and got up, went back to the bedroom, and ordered coldly: “Come shake the fan for me.”

But such a leisurely time did not last long.

Just when 0329 put down the honey jar and was about to fan the male protagonist, he suddenly heard a loud noise outside, which made 0329 look outside vigilantly.

It ran to the window to look.

Then it saw a car running in front, but there were more than a dozen zombies chasing the car. The screams and the roars of the zombies added a bit of depression to this rainy night.

“Host! Host! Let’s run too!” 0329 hurriedly ran back and pulled Xi Xun.

Xi Xun looked at the anxious little white ball, and said slowly: “Why should we run?”

“Because if we don’t run, we will be eaten by zombies!” 0329 said hurriedly.


“Yeah!” 0329 had just made a contract with the host, and naturally, it didn’t want the host to die here!

Fortunately, Xi Xun was not interested in su*cide.

He responded casually, got up, and went out.

0329 naturally followed the host.

Xi Xun’s villa had a small garage, and there were not many cars in the garage, only three. 0329 scanned it, and finally pulled the host to the off-road vehicle, and said: “The performance of this car is better. Host, choose this one.”


After that, 0329 accompanied the host to take the food and supplies into the car. In fact, 0329 contributed the most. Xi Xun didn’t have the slightest anxiety throughout the whole process and walked unhurriedly. Those who didn’t know thought he was the system and 0329 was the human.

0329 looked more anxious than Xi Xun.

After everything was done, 0329 hurriedly got into the car and urged the host to start it quickly.

Xi Xun started the car.

At this time, it was raining heavily, and the night was dark and scary. There were a few cars speeding around, and each one had its lights on, because it was so dark that it was easy to crash if you didn’t have your lights on, even though it might attract zombies.

“Host, where are we going?”0329 asked.

“Go anywhere.”

“Oh.” 0329 responded and took a look inside the car, then ran to the back seat and picked out something from the bag. In the end, it found a blanket and hurriedly carried it over.

0329 put the blanket on the host’s lap and said, “So the host won’t be cold.”

And 0329 did not return to the co-pilot position, it simply buried itself in the host’s lap and fell asleep with a small blanket. Today it turned into a human form several times and consumed too much energy.

Xi Xun looked at the little white ball in his arms for a few seconds, then raised his head indifferently.

Xi Xun drove to the highway and met other vehicles on the way.

Many of them basically headed to City B.

And just as the car drove to the highway, something seemed to have happened. About a hundred cars were stuck there, many people were arguing about something in the rain, and there were other onlookers.

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