Chapter 08 – Stupid System

Xi Xun looked at the little system in his arms.

At this time, 0329 was also blinking at Xi Xun, and it said seriously: “Host, are you still angry?” Its senior brother once told it that the male protagonist in every world was very easy to coax, and it would be fine as long as you kiss them.

So, 0329 also tried.

Xi Xun’s eyes were deep and dark, looking at the little system in his arms.

In the end, he didn’t say anything, but retracted his gaze and walked outside. On the way, he happened to see the previous cart, and he held it with one hand and took it away.

At this time, 0329 was very happy, what the senior brother said is true!

The kind-hearted male protagonist was really easy to coax!


After that, 0329 stayed at home with Xi Xun for a few days. But as time passed, there were more and more zombies, and many people who had not yet realized the end of the world finally realized that something was wrong at this moment!

Many people drove their cars and ran outside.

0329 looked at the fleeing cars outside through the window, its eyes were full of envy, it actually wanted to go out and have a look.

0329 was different from other systems, it was a law enforcer.

It was equivalent to a real-life police officer, and 0329 was the successor of the next minister of law enforcement, so it had high law enforcement powers. Its task had always been to catch those serious-offender system criminals, and it didn’t know anything about contracting the host.

So these days, it was not very proficient in pleasing the male protagonist.

Its various stories about the son of luck in the world were told by other systems, especially its senior brother, 0321. Almost every time the senior brother went back to the system department, it told it something about what happened to it. 0329 listened with relish and then used chocolate as a reward.

0329 really envied the quick-transmigration systems.

You can not only play in various worlds, but also be good friends with the host.

Just like its 0321 senior brother.

According to its elder brother, its hosts were all kneeling and begging to make a contract with it. Even when the senior brother was put in jail, its host would rather pay all the points in order to save it, and even shorten his life to save it! This troubled the senior brother very much.

Its charm was really too great.

0329 was very envious.

It’s a pity that it was not very proficient in business, and to this day, the male protagonist’s attitude towards it was indifferent.

‘Is it because I am too ugly?’

Thinking of this, 0329 was suddenly lost. It came to the mirror and plucked up the courage to take a look at itself, but it became even more sad. It was really not round enough, no wonder the male protagonist didn’t like itself.

0329 lowered its eyes and was lost for a while, but finally, he suddenly remembered something, and its eyes suddenly lit up again.

At this time, Xi Xun was sitting on the sofa looking at the coffee table.

There were some ants on the coffee table, and these ants were biting each other.

Xi Xun looked blankly, with those cold and faint eyes that were slightly lazy, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking at the moment.

Several days have passed.

Many people were now fleeing to the refuge area of another city. This city would completely fall in less than two days. Xi Xun knew this very well, but he still didn’t move.

At this moment, Xi Xun suddenly frowned.

His hand was touched.

Xi Xun turned his head to look, and then he saw 0329, which had transformed into a human form, only many times smaller.

0329 took one of Xi Xun’s fingers, blinked its blue eyes, and said, “Host, you said last time you wanted to see my human form, I showed you. Will you make a contract with me? Although it’s a bit small, I have no energy anymore, so I can only make it smaller.”

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed suddenly.

0329 at this time was very cute. Its human form actually looked cold, but after it became the size of a palm, there was nothing cold about it. With a small sword in its hand and wearing a small silver cloak behind it, it looked naive and very cute.

Xi Xun raised his hand and poked 0329.

0329 was suddenly poked by Xi Xun.

Xi Xun looked at it for a long time. But after watching 0329 for a while, it turned into a small white ball again because it ran out of energy.

“Host? Okay, host?” 0329 clutched the corner of Xi Xun’s clothes and looked at him anxiously.

Xi Xun: “……”

After a while, Xi Xun spoke. He looked at 0329 and spit out a word: “Okay.”

0329 suddenly became very excited.

It didn’t expect to succeed so smoothly this time.

But then it heard the host speak again, “There are constraints between your system and the host, right?”

0329 blinked blankly.

It had never made a contract and didn’t understand this, but it seemed to have something similar to a contract, so it nodded.

“Very good.” Xi Xun looked down at 0329 and said, “Then I have only one condition for your contract with me, and that is to fully listen to me, can you do that?”

0329 nodded immediately.

It held the host’s fingertips and hurriedly said, “I swear by the law, as long as the host is willing to contract with me and let me obtain enough energy to survive and take care of one meal a day, then I will listen to the host! Anything is fine!”

Xi Xun had never seen such a stupid thing.

But the reason why he signed a contract with 0329 was just because he had nothing to do, and he regarded it as a temporary pastime.

0329 quickly made a contract with the host.

When a beam of white light entered Xi Xun’s fingers, this was the success of the contract.

0329 was very excited!

At the moment of the contract, 0329 noticed that his crumbling body became solidified in an instant. Although it was still damaged, it would not dissipate as easily as before.

So 0329 used this power to turn into a human form.

It knew that the host didn’t like its body and liked its own human form. This was understandable, after all, humans seemed to prefer the appearance of the same kind, and maybe it looked pleasing to the eye.

So 0329 turned into a human form in order to thank the host.

It hugged the host sitting on the sofa and said, “Thank you, host! You are such a good person!” As he spoke, the translucent 0329 gently rubbed the host with its face.

But it didn’t know that the eyes of Xi Xun, who was tightly hugged by it, changed slightly.

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