Chapter 07 – Give the Zombie a Bite

At this time, the cart was already like a hill.

“Little friend, how did you and your brother get here? Did you come by car? If not, Uncle will drive you over.” the big man asked the little guy in front of him patiently.

He knew that he should just mind his own business, but looking at such a small child, the big man really couldn’t bear it. The current situation was difficult enough, people naturally had to help each other, let alone such a small child, all the more reason to help.

0329 pointed to the right and said, “We walked here.”

“Villa area?” The big man was taken aback.

0329 nodded his head.

The big man understood, it turned out to be a child living in the villa area next door. The distance was close, and they could go back to the villa area in a few steps, so naturally, they didn’t need his help to send them over.

The people around frowned when they heard the words ‘villa area’.

Everyone in this city knew that villa area.

This villa area was very valuable and was also known as a rich area. So a small group of people turned their heads coldly. The psychology of hatred for the rich made them a little unhappy with the children in this villa area, but they didn’t say much.

At this time, Xi Xun had already come over.

Seeing Xi Xun, the big man patiently taught: “I picked something for your brother. In the future, go to the supermarket and try to get some rice, noodle, and oil. Now it’s dangerous outside, so hurry up and take your brother back.”

Xi Xun didn’t even look at the big man.

He grabbed 0329 at will and put it on the cart, and then left with him and the supplies on the cart.

The big man frowned suddenly, this kid really didn’t know how to be polite.

The rest of the onlookers to this scene also snickered and said, “Old Chen, how can a child in a rich area be grateful? You don’t hurry to find supplies and go back, you still have the leisure to help others.”

The big man known as Old Chen frowned. He looked at Xi Xun who was far away, and he felt a little uncomfortable.

At this time, 0329, who was sitting on the cart, stabilized its small body and raised its head. It waved its hand at the big man and said, “Thank you uncle, goodbye uncle.”

The big man’s original depression suddenly dissipated, and he sighed in his heart that at least this little boy was quite polite.

Forget it, just help that little baby.

Then the big man turned his head and continued to load the supplies he needed.


But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes.

Someone might have accidentally bumped into a car outside the supermarket because they were in a hurry to get something, the car made a loud noise, and this noise instantly attracted countless zombies!

0329 was shocked and it quickly jumped into the arms of the host.

Xi Xun glanced at the little white ball trembling in his arms.

Then Xi Xun retracted his gaze. He held 0329 in his arms with one hand, and with the other hand, he moved quickly and ruthlessly to kill several zombies who came at him.

Xi Xun moved quickly.

In fact, as long as you are not afraid, it is very simple to get rid of these zombies who were slightly stiff in action in the early days of the end of the world.

But this was easier said than done.

After all, any person facing this situation would feel fear.

And once you are afraid, it is easy to be bitten.

Several people were bitten because their legs were weak from fear, and the screams and smell of blood attracted many zombies.

Xi Xun had to put down the cart for the time being.

“Kid over there! Come here quickly!” The people in the supermarket compartment shouted at Xi Xun while beating the zombies.

It was the early days of the end of the world, and many people still had humanity in their hearts.

In addition, Xi Xun was still holding a child.

Xi Xun’s eyes were deep. In fact, he could just leave here, even if he was bitten, he would be okay. But at this time, 0329 couldn’t help jumping out of Xi Xun’s arms, and then quickly ran towards the supermarket compartment.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

He also slowly raised his steps and walked there.

After reaching a safe place, 0329 finally came back to its senses. It looked at the host who was also coming, and hurried over to hug Xi Xun, and asked concerned: “Are you okay, host?”

Everyone didn’t notice anything wrong, because the word ‘host’ would automatically be converted into ‘brother’ in other people’s ears.

“I’m fine,” Xi Xun said indifferently.

0329 then patted its little chest and said, “I’m scared to death.”

“Are you afraid of zombies?” while asking, Xi Xun took 0329 to the corner.

“En! They eat systems, too,” 0329 said somewhat nervously.

“Zombies don’t eat systems,” Xi Xun said slowly.

“They do, I was bitten last time,” as it spoke, 0329 asked the host to look at its body, where it was bitten.

But when 0329 took a look, it found that there were no traces.

Could it be that it was automatically repaired?

0329 turned around and looked for all the parts of its body up and down, but found no scars on its round body. In the end, 0329 concluded that it must have repaired itself.

At this time, 0329 did not see Xi Xun’s eyes change.

Xi Xun looked at the silly system.

When it finished tossing and turning, Xi Xun suddenly spoke slowly: “Go and let the zombie take a bite.”

0329 froze for a while, then said cautiously: “Why?”

“There is no reason, I just want to see if you will really be eaten by zombies,” Xi Xun looked down at 0329 and said.

He was indeed a little curious.

0329’s eyes turned red when it heard this reason.

It naturally did not suspect that the host was vicious, and just thought that the host still didn’t like itself and wanted to force itself away.

0329 suddenly lay down on the ground, then rolled around, and said, “I’m not going, I’m not going!” 0329 learned this from his senior brother, while rolling, he also glanced at Xi Xun’s expression.

After seeing that Xi Xun’s expression didn’t change, it hugged Xi Xun’s thigh again and cried: “Wuwuwu, I won’t go, host, don’t abandon me, I’ll be obedient, I’ll just eat a bite of steamed bun a day, okay?”

Everyone around suddenly looked at Xi Xun.

This scene made some people unable to watch it anymore, and some people immediately said, “Little brother, come here, I have food here, you can eat as much as you want.”

“Sister also has food, sister will give it to you,” some girls also said distressed.

Everyone began to give 0329 various foods one after another.

The uncle who had helped 0329 before also looked at Xi Xun with dissatisfaction, not understanding why this brother could be so hard-hearted, even his own brother was treated by him like this.

0329 looked at these foods suspiciously.

It didn’t understand humans, it naturally didn’t understand why these people suddenly gave itself food.

At this time, Xi Xun’s eyes had turned cold.

He directly picked up 0329, who was collecting snacks and saying thank you, and left here with it. Someone wanted to stop him, but when Xi Xun looked at him, the man’s heart suddenly stagnated and he took two steps back unconsciously.

When everyone reacted, Xi Xun had already left.

“Oh, I hope he won’t really throw away his brother,” someone sighed.

Others also sighed.



The zombies outside the warehouse began to disperse because they had no targets, not as many as before, and they were safer than just now.

0329 carefully looked at the host’s face.

Xi Xun killed a zombie casually, and blood splashed on his body, making Xi Xun frown.

At this moment, Xi Xun suddenly paused.

Because just now, 0329 suddenly leaned in front of Xi Xun and kissed Xi Xun, which made Xi Xun suddenly stunned.

0329 looked at the host, then kissed again.

Xi Xun: “……”

Xi Xun’s eyes gradually deepened. The pupils that would not have appeared in the daytime at the beginning of the end of the world also appeared again, which meant that Xi Xun’s mood swings were a bit big at this time.

It was impossible for Xi Xun’s emotions to not fluctuate greatly.

Because this was the first time he had been kissed by someone, no, not ‘someone’, by a system.

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