Chapter 06 – Finding supplies

Xi Xun felt a little ridiculous when he heard this.

But at this time, he had no idea that in the future, he would gradually fall and lose himself in the day-to-day boasting of 0329.

He couldn’t even go a day without hearing it.

Time passed slowly, and three days passed in a blink of an eye.

People in the whole city thought that the government would come to the rescue. After all, there was such a big tsunami here, and there were cannibalistic monsters or zombies.

But no one came.

Because natural disasters of varying degrees had also occurred all over the country.

But these things were not known to people in City A. Because they had been without electricity for three full days, they couldn’t contact the outside world. Even if there was electricity, there was probably no signal.

Fortunately, it was summer now.

If there was no electricity, it would be hotter at most, and there would be no major problems.

But the water being stopped was different!

People in Xi Xun’s area had already begun to go to the supermarket one after another to grab food supplies.

Here, 0329 ate fried rice with Xi Xun for three days.

Fortunately, 0329 was not a human being, otherwise, he would have to prepare a coffin, and the cause of death would be written as ‘food poisoning’.

But even so, 0329 was very happy to eat.

It’s just that the rice in Xi Xun’s house was almost gone.

The reason was that 0329 was very good at eating. Xi Xun ate one bowl and it ate two bowls. After eating, he would still look at Xi Xun eagerly, as if he was eating some kind of delicious delicacy.

But Xi Xun had to admit that 0329’s appreciation of his cooking skills made him slightly satisfied, and his attitude toward it became better.

At least this little thing had a taste.

“Come here.”

Hearing the host calling itself, 0329 immediately ran over.

Xi Xun looked at the little white ball standing in front of him and asked, “I’m going out, are you going?”

0329 nodded quickly.

“Will others see you like this?” Xi Xun asked again.

“No, if my body appears in front of others, the laws of the world will automatically change my form. In the eyes of others, my appearance is like a three or four-year-old human child. Only the host can see my real form.”


“En!” 0329 blinked.

Something flashed in Xi Xun’s deep eyes, and after a while, he got up slightly and said, “Keep up.”

0329 quickly followed with excitement.


It was still raining outside at this time.

But now, the rain was light, and it was not black but a clean rain, as if it was washing away the land that was going to be dirty and decayed.

Xi Xun took 0329 to the nearest large supermarket chain.

At this time, many people were searching for supplies inside, and most of them were already convinced that this was the end of the world, so they had to prepare in advance.

“You go in and just take some food,” Xi Xun ordered.

0329 blinked.

It wanted to ask something, but thinking that this was the first task given to it by the host, 0329 could only nod seriously.

So 0329 struggled to push a cart taller than it and headed inside.

And this scene startled a big man.

He was looking for supplies, but an unmanned cart came towards him by itself, which scared the big man on the spot.

But when he looked back, he realized that it was a child trying to push the cart, and from time to time, he would put some snacks such as potato chips and chocolate into the cart.

0329 found a place to put honey.

It opened it and poked it with its finger, then licked it. This bite instantly made 0329’s eyes shine, so sweet!

The taste was completely different from the fried rice made by the host!

So 0329 took several jars of honey.

“Little friend, where is your family?” at this moment, a thick voice came from above its head.

0329 raised its head and looked.

This big man was middle-aged man, stout and sturdy-looking, with a Chinese face and thick eyebrows. The eyes looking at 0329 were a little dissatisfied. He thought to himself, who are those heartless parents? Let a child out by himself?! Don’t they know that there are zombies outside?

“Little friend, where is your family?” the big man asked patiently again.

0329’s little finger pointed to the door.

The big man looked in that direction, and then he saw a young man who looked like a college student. At this time, Xi Xun’s foot was stepping on the head of a zombie, and he took out the arrow that had just pierced the zombie’s head, wiped it casually, and put it back in the quiver.

This was how Xi Xun killed zombies.

The big man was suddenly taken aback, but in fact, the people around him who saw this scene were also taken aback.

It’s not that no one had ever killed a zombie.

But it was the first one with such a calm attitude like the young man in front of him.

But this didn’t explain much. The big man looked at Xi Xun in the distance and then at the little guy in front of him, and said, “That’s your brother, right?”

0329 nodded.

“Where are your parents?” The big man asked.

0329 shook his head: “None.”

The big man frowned when he heard this, and his eyes looked at 0329 with some love. It should be that the parents are gone, right? No wonder this brother took such a young brother out to find something to eat.

What two miserable children, ah.

Although his brother looked mature, he was still a college student and he was still a child. Otherwise, how could he let his younger brother pick out all the snacks to eat?

So the big man helped 0329.

He picked up a bag of noodles and a bag of rice from the supermarket and put them directly in 0329’s cart, then put a large bottle of cooking oil and a bag of salt, and two boxes of mosquito coils. He said, “Snacks are not enough to fill you up, rice, noodle, and oil are the most important thing. There is a power outage now, and there are more mosquitoes at night, so you must light mosquito coils.”

After speaking, the big man took three lighters for 0329.

He told him to give it to his brother and not to play around by himself.

0329 seemed to understand, he nodded and said, “Thank you, brother.”

The big man laughed when he heard this, and said with a smile: “What brother, I am fifty-one years old. You are almost as big as my grandson, haha. Just call me uncle.” While saying that, he found a large bucket of water and a dozen bottles of mineral water in bulk for 0329 and put them in the cart.

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