Chapter 05 – Complimenting the Host

This tsunami was not considered particularly serious.

Because of the sudden large-scale power failure, no one was electrocuted to death by the high voltage. But there were still some people who were swept into the water and drowned because they had no time to avoid it, but this was already the lightest casualty.

After all, this tsunami came with a fierce force, and the terrifying waves that hit seemed to engulf the entire city.

Now it’s already considered good.

But what they didn’t know was that their hearts were relieved too early.

The very next day there was suddenly a screaming sound! Some people followed the sound and looked, and then saw a person with half of his face destroyed eating another person in the water. The scene was shocking, and all the people who saw this scene turned pale in an instant.

Because at this time, this scene looked like a scene from a zombie movie!

0329 also heard the loud noises outside.

Its eyes blinked suspiciously at first, and it seemed to come back to its senses after a while.

After finding itself lying on the host, it hurriedly got up.

It was afraid of crushing the host.

At this time, the host was still asleep, his thick eyelashes drooping. 0329 left the bedside very lightly, trying not to disturb the host’s sleep, and then went downstairs to see the situation.

The situation in the living room was okay. Although it was flooded, the current seawater had receded, but it still made a mess in the end.

There was still a lot of garbage left in the seawater here.

0329 took a look, and after thinking for a while, it started to clean it up.

It must leave a good impression on the host!

So 0329 started to clean it up inside and out, striving to make it spotless! And when it glanced at the previous smart sweeper, 0329’s eyes suddenly moved.

It came to the front of the smart sweeper, hesitated for a while, then quietly picked it up and hid it in the corner.

0329 actually didn’t want to do this, but there was no way.

It needed to gain the host’s affirmation, but this round fellow was its competitor. The senior brother taught him that in the face of life and death, it must not be soft, so it could only do this.

But at this moment, 0329 suddenly sensed something.

It subconsciously looked up, and then found that the host was leaning on the stairway and squinting at 0329.

0329 suddenly stiffened, and then shrank into the ball again.

It’s over!

Now the host must have thought it was a scheming system!

0329 was very sad, it had even thought of the picture of the host driving it out of here.

But Xi Xun didn’t.

Xi Xun went downstairs, he looked at the pitiful little system, and then at the small bucket next to it. There was water for mopping the floor in the bucket, and there was a rag on the edge.

“Come here,” Xi Xun said.

Hearing this, 0329 hurriedly walked over.

Xi Xun held up 0329, looked directly at it, and said, “Yesterday’s human form, let me see again.”

0329 was a little surprised and asked, “Does the host like it?”


0329 said in annoyance: “But I have no energy now, I can only temporarily maintain my life, I can’t transform.”

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed.

Seeing that the host didn’t speak and for fear that he would be unhappy, 0329 hurriedly said: “As long as I have energy, I can become a human form from time to time in the future. I am very strong in human form. If the host is unwilling to walk, I can also carry the host in my arms.”

“No need.”

When 0329 heard this, it was a little lost.

Xi Xun raised his hand and stroked it slightly. In fact, the system did not have any touch, it was a bit cold at most, but Xi Xun inexplicably felt more comfortable. He looked at the well-behaved little system in his hand, his deep eyes seemed to be thinking about something.

Xi Xun’s abilities were limited and could only be used once every six months.

Because of the disruption of this small system, he failed to destroy the world this time. If he wanted to use his abilities again, he could only wait another half a year.

But no matter, he now had the interest to wait for those six months.

“Let’s go.” Xi Xun threw the small system aside casually, and then slowly got up.

“Huh?” The system was at a loss.

“Aren’t you hungry? Keep up.” Xi Xun replied.

0329’s eyes lit up, does the host mean that he is willing to accept itself?!This made 0329 very excited, and it quickly followed the host.

Xi Xun personally cooked the meal, but it was still fried rice.

This was the only thing Xi Xun could cook, although it might not be very delicious. But 0329, who was finally able to eat, was very happy, and it waited for its own meal obediently.

After the host distributed it to itself, 0329 quickly started eating.

“You can eat food?” Xi Xun said indifferently.

“En!” The system could eat anything, and so could human food. Because as long as it reached the hands of the system, the food would automatically become energy that the system could consume.

Xi Xun didn’t say anything, but continued to eat.

In fact, Xi Xun’s fried rice was very unpalatable.

It was the kind of degree that anyone but himself would have to vomit if they ate it.

But the system was very happy to eat.

Because this meal could provide it with energy for a day, it was equivalent to charging it with electricity that could stand by for a day!

Thinking of this, 0329 glanced at the host.

This was the first time the host had given it food, and it must boast a few words so that the host could like it a little more.

So 0329 boasted: “The fried rice made by the host is so delicious, it really hits my heart.”

Xi Xun: “……”

His right hand holding the cutlery also slightly paused for a moment.

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