The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.59

Chapter 59 – Brother Yu likes him, right?

“Something wrong?” Yu Ti looked at Lu Ke.

Lu Ke was the youngest in the family, and in addition to her outstanding growth, she had been pampered by her family since she was a child. Although it was the end of the world, Lu Ke still paid great attention to dressing up, so her beauty naturally overwhelmed all the girls on this team.

That’s right, after all, she basically didn’t work, and she let others do it.

As long as it was working under the sun or tiring work, she would not do it, so compared with other girls who have sunburned or tanned skin, she was in the sky and they were in the mud.

“Brother Yu, I heard you let Yu Bo live in your room…”


Lu Ke became anxious when she heard this, but she knew Yu Ti’s character, so she didn’t directly talk about Yu Bo, but pretended to be embarrassed and said tactfully: “Brother Yu, I know you are helpful, but he… He is really not worthy of your helping him like this.”

The people sitting in the living room of the villa to rest pricked up their ears when they heard that there were melons to eat.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yu Ti said.

Lu Ke suddenly showed a look of not knowing what to say, and then she seemed to be embarrassed: “Brother Yu, I know you don’t care about the other person’s sexuality, but…He is really not of good character. He slept with men twice during my relationship with him. And… and he gave those men…mouth…”

The people around them all showed weird expressions when they heard this.

Some were beyond words.

If it were normal, everyone would have cursed a long time ago, but because Brother Yu was here, everyone still held back, but their expressions still betrayed their attitude.

Yu Ti frowned when he heard the words, but still didn’t speak.

Lu Ke continued: “Brother Yu, in fact, I don’t want to discuss his private life. After all, he is my ex-boyfriend, and the past is over. I don’t want to comment on him, but I’m worried about you.”

Yu Ti looked at Lu Ke, who was thinking of herself, and said in a calm tone: “How do you know that he did that for other men?”

“This is what I saw with my own eyes,” Lu Ke said uncomfortably.

“He would let you watch from the sidelines when he was with someone else?”

“I went to see him before I found out he was cheating on me,” Lu Ke reluctantly said.

She didn’t expect Brother Yu to ask these questions, because normal people should pay attention to Yu Bo’s promiscuity with others, who would even ask this, which made Lu Ke couldn’t help but sweat coldly.

“That means you discovered it before the end times?” Yu Ti said.


“Chen Jing said that she saved you when she saw you in danger in District xx. You came from City S next door, and you can’t get there by yourself. And I saw him in a small town to the east. Your routes overlap, which means you came to City B together to escape? Since he cheated, why did he stay with you for so long and keep you there?”

“…This may be that he still has a little conscience in his heart, after all, we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Yu Ti sighed and said, “In that case, he saved you all the way, which is equivalent to saving your life. As the saying goes, saving people’s lives is better than building the seventh-level pagoda. Your attitude is very inappropriate. Even if he really cheated, he saved you and protected you all the way in the dangerous end of the world. This kindness is enough to offset everything, or you still owe him.”


“I don’t have much contact with him, and I just had a bit of an intersection today, but judging from his disgust and rejection of men, he may not be voluntary. As his ex-girlfriend, you have been with him for so long, haven’t you seen his abnormality?”

It was too far-fetched if she didn’t see it.

After all, Yu Bo would vomit once as soon as he was approached by a man, and anyone with a little IQ could notice something was wrong.

“No, Brother Yu, he is very good at pretending, maybe he lied to you!” Lu Ke said hurriedly.


“Yeah! Brother Yu, you may not know that both of his parents died and he has lived in his relatives’ house since he was a child. I have heard before that people whose parents have died are more distorted in their hearts. After all, no one taught them, Brother Yu, I’m just saying this for your own good. If I weren’t worried about you, I wouldn’t want to say this. In the past, I never liked to gossip.”

Yu Ti looked at Lu Ke in silence.

After a long time, he said slowly: “My parents are also dead.”

Chen Jing, who had been listening to the side for a long time, almost laughed when she heard this sentence. Although the atmosphere was a bit inappropriate, and this sentence was relatively heavy, it made people want to laugh when it matched Lu Ke’s last sentence.

Lu Ke also froze, she hurriedly said, “Brother Yu! I, I didn’t mean that! Brother Yu.”

Yu Ti waved his hand.

He looked at Lu Ke and said, “I don’t mean to blame you, but you should be more or less grateful. How other people are is other people’s business. As someone who received help, you should not have such an attitude.”

Lu Ke’s face changed: “Did he tell you something?”

“Tell what?” Yu Ti was puzzled.

“No, nothing.” After speaking, Lu Ke looked at Yu Ti anxiously and said, “Brother Yu, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong, I’m just too worried about you, so I’m a little unscrupulous, and I don’t want to blame Yu Bo. I also know that Yu Bo helped me all the way, but he was greedy for my body, if not for this, he would not have helped me!”

“Didn’t you say he likes men?” Yu Ti sighed.

Lu Ke completely froze in place. At this time, her face was hot and painful. She had never been treated like this since she was a child. Because of her appearance and family background, she had always been the stars and the moon, and everyone was coddling her.

Now facing a straight man like Yu Ti, she was confused for a while.

“He, he’s probably bisexual,” Lu Ke reluctantly found a reason.

Yu Ti didn’t ask anything else.

In fact, he could see at a glance that Lu Ke had lied about this matter, but after all, it was someone else’s business. If Yu Bo didn’t say anything himself, he wouldn’t be able to say too much. Besides, Yu Ti didn’t want to embarrass a girl in front of everyone, making her lose face, so he ended the topic and continued to go outside.

Lu Ke didn’t stop him this time. She was afraid that Yu Ti would ask her any more questions, and she would not be able to answer them by then. It would be terrible if Yu Ti could see something.


The next day.

Yu Ti promised the safe zone to remove the zombies from the town that was closest to the safe zone. Because the safe zone needed to be expanded, after all, there were more and more survivors now, and the safe zone was almost unable to accommodate them.

And after the convoy was rested for two days, it was time to set off.

Except for the elderly and children in the convoy, and those who were too weak and thin to kill zombies, everyone else in the convoy had to go out. The rest were doing what they could in the villa.

Naturally, Yu Bo had to go with them.

Originally, Yu Bo didn’t want to go. He wanted to find a corner to die slowly, but because of yesterday’s incident, many people paid attention to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo wanted to leave here and find a quiet place, but he was mocked that he wanted to be a deserter. Even a few men blocked him, so Yu Bo was forced to retreat.

And this toss was delayed until the time for the convoy to set off.

Yu Bo could only be forced to follow the convoy.

But… the real embarrassment came. No one wanted Yu Bo in any car, and they told him get lost in disgust. Yu Bo just stood in place like a clown for people to admire, while the others got in the car long ago.

Anyone in this situation would be ashamed of themselves.

This kind of damage was undoubtedly huge.

Lu Ke sneered when she saw this scene, thinking that he deserved it. She hated Yu Bo very much now, not only because of the previous incident, but also because of his incident, she was scolded by Yu Ti.

Her impression in Yu Ti’s heart must have become bad.

So Lu Ke was very angry.

What made her even more annoyed was why Yu Bo was still alive, and what exactly was he planning to do? Did he still want to tell others that he slept with those people because of herself?

Thinking of this, Lu Ke’s face paled slightly, she couldn’t let anyone know.

Why can’t Yu Bo die? If she had experienced that kind of thing instead, she would not want to live for a long time! He must be trying to get revenge on herself! A touch of hatred flashed across Lu Ke’s eyes.

In this car, Yu Ti, who came back from the outside, was also about to get on the car.

But as soon as he turned his head, he happened to see Yu Bo standing behind the car with his head down and not talking, which made Yu Ti frowned. He probably guessed something, so he said to Yu Bo: “Come here, get in the car.”

Yu Bo didn’t hear it at first, and he only snapped out of it when Yu Ti walked in front of him.

Yu Bo instinctively stepped back and almost fell.

The people in the other carriages all laughed when they saw this scene, their eyes seemed to be looking at the monkeys in the circus.

But Yu Ti didn’t laugh like everyone else, but bent down to Yu Bo and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Yu Bo still didn’t look at Yu Ti, only slowly shook his head.

“Just get in the car if you’re okay, don’t delay time, let’s go,” Yu Ti said to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo clenched his fists tightly, as if to stop himself from trembling.

After barely getting better, Yu Bo followed Yu Ti stiffly. Although his body was clamoring to stay away, Yu Bo had no retreat at this moment, and he didn’t know what he should do.

Xu Chuan and the others were still sitting in Yu Ti’s car.

Originally, Xu Chuan was in the co-pilot, but Yu Ti asked him to sit in the back because Yu Bo was not suitable for squeezing with others.

Xu Chuan expression turned ugly, but he still obeyed Brother Yu’s words.

Yu Bo sat uncomfortably in the co-pilot, his face bloodless. Although he knew that he was in the car at this time, and there were several people in the car, and that would not happen again, he still couldn’t control his instinctive reaction.

The car was silent, and Yu Ti hadn’t spoken much.

Only when they took a break in the middle would he occasionally say a few words. For example, at lunch, he handed Yu Bo a pack of biscuits or water next to him, and then took a few sips of water and got out of the car to observe the environment.

After confirming the route, he continued to get in the car and drive.

He didn’t try to be nice to Yu Bo deliberately, this attitude was very natural, it made Yu Bo feel a little sour, it was a kind of sourness of being moved. But it was limited to this, Yu Bo really didn’t like men.

He even hated the same sex now.


Yu Ti and his party finally arrived in the small town of xx. This time, they had to be outside for at least a week, so they needed a temporary garrison. It was already late at night when the temporary garrison was found.

The garrison was an ordinary residential house, similar to a farmhouse.

The people in the convoy began to unload supplies from the car.

Lu Ke didn’t help. She said that she had been weak since she was a child and couldn’t do heavy work.

Although some girls were dissatisfied, they did not argue with her.

The dinner was made by Chen Jing and a few boys together. It was more strenuous to kill zombies and people who were weak were responsible for the logistics of the convoy.

Today’s dinner was still instant noodles and canned food.

Everyone gathered around to serve the meal, and when Yu Bo arrived, he was only given half a spoonful of soup at random, not even noodles.

Yu Ti happened to see this scene after coming out of the room.

But there was nothing wrong with this. After all, Yu Bo was in poor health and it was more difficult for him to kill zombies.

Yu Ti gave Yu Bo half of his noodles, and gave him half of the canned food, and said, “Eat it.” After speaking, he took his dinner back to the room, he still had to observe the map.

There was no sound in the room, and everyone looked at Yu Bo who was sitting on pins and needles and finally left here.

Someone said, “Brother Yu doesn’t like him, does he?”

“No way? He doesn’t look worthy anywhere. That person has been f*cked, and the back is dirty. Doesn’t Lu Ke look good? If it was me, I must choose Lu Ke!” A man replied.

“But is Brother Yu too kind to him? It doesn’t make sense.”

“…it’s a bit.”

“Brother Yu is such a handsome guy, he can choose a better one. Aren’t there two or three better-looking men in our team? Why does he just look at this person differently? Could it be that the back technique is good?”

“Yes, it should be this. If you have a lot of experience, your skills will definitely be good. It’s okay to play.”

“It makes sense haha!”

Although these people said so, their voices were lowered, obviously because they were afraid that Brother Yu would not be happy to hear it. After all, Yu Ti scolded the person who said these words yesterday.

But Yu Bo, who ran to the yard, heard it.

His eyes were red, and the dagger that had been clenched in his hand trembled slightly, as if he could hardly control his emotions.

“Yu Bo,” a familiar female voice suddenly came.

Yu Bo followed the voice and looked subconsciously, and then saw Lu Ke walking towards him.

Lu Ke looked at Yu Bo and said, “Yu Bo, what do you want to do?”

“What?” Yu Bo’s voice was hoarse.

“I thought you were forced before, but now it seems that you should be such a person in your bones. Don’t you think you are disgusting? You, a big man, used your ass to seduce other men, I really look down on you.”

Yu Bo’s face paled.

Lu Ke continued: “If I were you, I would have committed s**cide a long time ago. I really can’t figure out why you are still alive now. If you still have me in your heart, can you just die?”

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