The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.60.1

Chapter 60.1 – I Can’t Accept Men

Yu Bo looked at Lu Ke silently, his eyes were as if he was meeting Lu Ke for the first time, like looking at a stranger. Lu Ke was a little annoyed by his gaze, and asked, “What are you staring at?”

Yu Bo slowly withdrew his gaze and did not speak.

When Lu Ke saw this, she sneered and said, “Yu Bo, I know you like me, but I like Yu Ti, and I will let anyone who dares to steal him die! I know you want to get back at me, but I hope you can have some manly backbone, don’t follow the example of others to seduce men with dirty tricks, you will only make me look down on you more.”

“I didn’t seduce him, I don’t like men,” Yu Bo finally spoke.

Lu Ke hooked the corners of her lips, she naturally knew it.

She said these words deliberately, one was to stimulate Yu Bo, and the other was to test whether Yu Bo had that kind of mind. Now that she knew that he didn’t want to seduce Yu Ti, he was still the same Yu Bo who was at her own mercy before, and then felt relieved.

“In that case, then leave the convoy,” Lu Ke said.

This was why Lu Ke came to Yu Bo today. Yu Bo was always a threat to her in this convoy. If Yu Ti knew the secret, he would never accept herself with Yu Ti’s character.

So she couldn’t let Yu Bo interfere with her own affairs.

Originally, she wanted to stimulate Yu Bo first and let him commit s**cide. But for so many days, those gossip did not force him to do it. She felt that it was taking him too long, and if this dragged on, something unfavorable might happen.

Simply let him leave the convoy first.

Now, this small town was very far from the safe zone, as long as he walked out, he would definitely be bitten to death by zombies.

At that time, this secret could be hidden forever.

“Yu Bo.”

At this moment, a voice came from not far away, it was Yu Ti.

“Brother Yu.” Lu Ke immediately changed her face. She walked over quickly, looked at Yu Ti playfully, and said, “Brother Yu, why are you out? Didn’t you rest in the room?”

Yu Ti shook his head, and he said calmly: “I’m here to find Yu Bo.”

“…what are you looking for Yu Bo for?”

“He is not feeling well, and it is not appropriate to sleep on the open ground. I will arrange for him to live in a room with me for the time being. I was going to rest, so I came out to find him,” Yu Ti said.

“This…him and you?” Lu Ke’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Yu Ti responded. He looked at Yu Bo and said, “Let’s go. There is no light at night, and it is easy for you to step on other people lying on the ground and resting when you go back later.”

Yu Bo’s body was tight, and his lips were white.

Lu Ke looked at Yu Bo with hatred and disgust in her eyes. If it could be materialized, Yu Bo might be pierced by the knife in Lu Ke’s eyes.

Yu Bo replied in a low voice: “I want to sleep by myself.”

“Yes, Brother Yu, he is not used to sleeping with others, don’t force him,” Lu Ke agreed next to him.

Yu Ti looked at Yu Bo and said, “Come here first.”

Yu Bo didn’t speak.

Yu Ti sighed and continued: “I’m not used to sleeping with others, don’t worry, you sleep on the floor. Let’s go, don’t delay time, you have to get up early tomorrow to clean up the zombies.”

Yu Bo’s thin lips opened and closed, and finally lifted his feet.

Lu Ke’s eyes were about to burst. She didn’t expect Yu Bo to really go with Yu Ti, with Yu Bo’s character, he shouldn’t have agreed!

Could it be that he really had thoughts about Yu Ti?

Thinking of this, Lu Ke’s face was very ugly, and her eyes seemed to be about to shoot through Yu Bo.

Yu Ti turned her head if she felt something.

Lu Ke immediately retracted her expression and reluctantly smiled at him, but her smile was stiff.

Yu Ti didn’t say anything, he withdrew his gaze and continued to walk forward.

Inside the bedroom.

There were two candles in this room, one on the desk and the other on the bedside. But even if it was two candles, it still didn’t fully illuminate the room, and it looked a little dim.

Mosquito coils were lit in the house, so there were no mosquitoes.

Yu Bo stood silent in the room.

In fact, he didn’t know why he agreed to the other party’s proposal, but in fact, Yu Bo didn’t want to sleep in a closed room with others, especially men.

But Yu Ti felt too different to him.

He… was very kind, and that feeling was different from others. Yu Ti’s eyes had maturity and calmness after years of steadiness, like an elderly person, which made people feel very safe.

This was the reason why Yu Bo could let go of a little vigilance.

“Where do you want to sleep? Bed or floor?” Yu Ti asked Yu Bo.

“I’ll sleep on the floor,” Yu Bo said hoarsely.

“Okay.” Yu Ti didn’t push Yu Bo on this. He put down the book in his hand, then walked slowly to the side of the bed, and said, “Then rest early, and get up early tomorrow.”

Yu Bo did not answer this time.

After Yu Ti fell asleep, he moved his mattress to the corner of the wall to ease his tight nerves.

The next day.

The people in the convoy got up early in the morning and were busy, and everyone had their own things to do. Chen Jing got up at four o’clock in the morning to prepare breakfast with the others. There were more than 80 people who followed to do the mission this time, so there was a lot to do for breakfast.

“Lu Ke didn’t get up again,” a girl with short hair said irritably.

Chen Jing also frowned.

“Why can she just do nothing? We have to get up early in the morning, she is not Brother Yu’s girlfriend!” the other girl was also dissatisfied.

Lu Ke used to do nothing, but because of her good looks, the entire team acquiesced that she might be Brother Yu’s future girlfriend. But looking at Yu Ti’s attitude towards that boy recently…

They always felt that things were going in a weird direction.

They also heard some rumors about the boy named Yu Bo. But they didn’t have any opinions on this, and they didn’t have any prejudices. In their opinion, it was already the end of the world, and the future was precarious. Brother Yu could be with whoever he wanted.

Anyway, they thought it was better than being with Lu Ke.

Lu Ke was really hateful, but she was more vicious than arrogant. The last time they met a zombie tide, Lu Ke was afraid. They could understand her being afraid, everyone was afraid. But what she did was to push the girl next to her, causing the girl to attract the attention of the zombies, and then she quickly ran inside the car.

Fortunately, Brother Yu saved the girl, otherwise, she would have been killed.

Afterward, she said that she didn’t know anything, she just cried there nonstop, and then fainted.

In the end, the matter ended just like that.

But after this incident, many girls hated Lu Ke, and no one would stand with her no matter what, for fear that the next one to be pushed would be herself.


Yu Ti always got up very early. He first went out to go around and asked the people who were on watch last night if there were any abnormalities, etc. After getting the answer, he then went to look at other places.

Now, it seemed that there were no zombies in this small village.

There were about ten small villages in a small town, and they still needed to get rid of all the zombies in these ten villages. Now it seemed that this task was not difficult.

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