Chapter 2 – White Steamed Buns

The late autumn sun was wrapped in a breeze, and yellow branches and leaves fell from the treetops.

Under the tree, a young man was painting. Although the young man was thin, one could still see good-looking traces on his facial features. The young man had big eyes with thick and curled eyelashes. He was immersed in painting at this moment. These big eyes were full of concentration, less timid and vigilance than before.

The young man’s lips were full, and they looked slightly pursed, pouting but not pouting.

Perhaps because of the appearance of the young man, many people who were in the park were willing to let the young man paint a picture of themselves, and they lined up quietly and sat in front of the young man.

The young man didn’t say a single word throughout the whole process, as if he was tireless, his attention was on the sketch paper the whole time, and his brush was constantly waving. The young man was very serious, as if he was painting the most beautiful painting in the world. Even if there was a long line waiting for the young man, every brushstroke of the young man was the most sincere.

Wei Chen had been standing next to the young man, watching the young man painting from morning to noon, and he was anxious for the young man. During the period when the young man was painting, he did not drink water or eat. It was like a machine, constantly operating.

“Chen Li, it’s time for you to eat,” Wei Chen floated to the young man’s side and said with the loudest voice.

The young man still couldn’t hear it.

He continued until the sun sank and the moon rose.

When the night began to fill, the young man finally took away the painting tools, put the money he earned today in his jeans pocket, put the portfolio case on his back, and left quietly.

Wei Chen thought the young man would go to eat, but he didn’t, the young man just walked in the direction of the hospital.

Wei Chen looked at the sky, and then remembered that the young man had returned to the hospital at this time every day before.

Wei Chen’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking. The young man still didn’t eat or drink. Floating to the young man again, he scolded: “You must eat dinner! Go!” As the words fell, he was about to reach out to take the young man, but his hand passed through the young man’s wrist. Wei Chen felt weak and angry.

The young man finally went to eat. But it was just white steamed buns, not to mention the nutritional value, but whether one could be full or not was still a problem, but this was the young man’s food for a day.

Wei Chen angrily wanted to destroy the cheap food in the hands of the young man, but he had no entity, no matter how he waved his hand, it was in vain.

After the young man had a simple dinner, he returned to the hospital. Since Wei Chen was hospitalized in a car accident, the young man had been taking care of him unwaveringly. The nurses in the hospital knew the young man, and they knew more or less about the young man’s situation. When passing by the young man, they would quickly stuff some food like bread, milk, and so on into the young man’s arms.

Wei Chen finally knew why the young man had so much food in his arms when he returned to the ward at night. But Wei Chen also knew that the young man, who locked himself in a world, didn’t know how to accept the warmth given by others. In the end, all these foods were put in the cupboard by the young man, and none of them were opened and eaten by him.

Arriving at the door of the ward, in the usually quiet hospital bed, there was a voice full of ridicule at this moment.

“What? Aren’t you, Wei Chen, capable? Now you’re lying on the bed like a dead man and letting a fool clean up your urine and shit. Don’t you feel aggrieved to live like this? You might as well die!”

This was the first time Wei Chen had seen an expression on the young man’s face, anxious? Or was it anger? Before he could see clearly, the young man opened the door of the ward and ran in.

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