Chapter 3 – Chen Li Smiled

In the ward, there were suddenly two more people. When Wei Chen saw these two people, the resentment on his body suddenly filled up, as if it was about to condense into substance.

Chen Qing. Wu Zikang.

A person he had liked with all his heart, and a good brother and a good buddy who grew up with him since he was a child. As a result, it was these two people who pushed him into the abyss.

Wei Chen’s eyes stared at Chen Qing and Wu Zikang, wishing to turn into a ghost now to eat their flesh and drink their blood.

“You both… get out!”

At this moment, a hoarse voice sounded, pulling Wei Chen’s thoughts back, he looked in Chen Li’s direction in disbelief, in order to confirm that the person who had just said this sentence was Chen Li.

As if to respond to Wei Chen’s confirmation, Chen Li spoke again, “Get out! Get out… get out!”

His face, which had always been expressionless, was full of anger at this moment. This was the first time Wei Chen had seen Chen Li’s emotions other than cowardice, and this was the first time Wei Chen had heard Chen Li speak.

It turned out that Chen Li would also have emotional expressions and speak, and this was all for himself.

There was a burst of heat in Wei Chen’s heart, and he floated to Chen Li’s side, stretched out his hand, and gently touched Chen Li’s face, trying to lift the corner of his mouth up, telling him to smile, and telling him not to care about the two beasts.

“Even a fool can talk?” Obviously, even if Chen Li was angry, he had no deterrent effect at all. The sneering expressions on Chen Qing and Wu Zikang’s faces widened, and Chen Qing even walked up to Chen Li, patted Chen Li on the face, and laughed mercilessly.

“Get out! Get out!” Chen Li didn’t realize that Chen Qing’s actions were insulting, and he repeated the word “get out” almost paranoidly.

“What are you fussing about with a fool? Don’t forget the purpose of our visit this time.” Wu Zikang let out a sneer, and then approached Wei Chen on the hospital bed little by little.

Chen Qing obviously knew his purpose this time, and patted Chen Li’s face again before walking to the bedside with a smirk. They came this time to let Wei Chen die. It’s best to die completely without leaving a single trace.

“You both… get out!” Chen Li stared at them closely, his eyes full of anger and vigilance, until he saw the hands of Chen Qing and Wu Zikang leaning towards Wei Chen’s ventilator, Chen Li went crazy.

Yes, Chen Li went crazy. Although one couldn’t see any emotions on his face again at this moment, even Wei Chen, who had been in this ward in a state of soul since he was unconscious, didn’t know when Chen Li hid a knife in the ward.

It wasn’t until Chen Li took out the knife and stabbed Chen Qing on the side of the hospital bed that Wei Chen reacted and immediately stepped forward in front of Chen Li. It was not worth it to lose your life for people like Chen Qing and Wu Zikang, and he himself was not worthy of Chen Li’s treatment.

In a hurry, Wei Chen forgot that he was a soul and couldn’t stop Chen Li at all. He watched Chen Li pass through him and stab Chen Qing fiercely in the back.

Chen Qing and Wu Zikang never thought that Chen Li would be so bold. After a while, Chen Qing was stabbed by Chen Li.

Wu Zikang’s reaction was also quick. He quickly climbed over from the hospital bed and clasped Chen Li’s hand, thinking that Chen Li could be easily subdued. After all, Chen Li looked so thin.

However, the facts were beyond Wu Zikang’s expectations. Even though he had already clasped Chen Li’s hand, the knife plunged deeper into Chen Qing’s flesh, and blood spurted out, spraying Chen Li’s face.

An expressionless face was stained with blood, and it looked extremely shocking. Wu Zikang couldn’t help but feel scared, and his hands loosened. Chen Li took this opportunity and drew out a fruit knife, and stabbed Wu Zikang.

Chen Li’s hand movements were disorganized. Full of hatred, he waved the fruit knife in his hand fiercely. Wu Zikang was a little scared and wanted to run away from Chen Li’s crazy attack, but Chen Li locked him tightly.

“Bam!” With a loud noise, Chen Li’s body shook, and finally couldn’t hold on, he limped to the ground. The blood overflowing from the back of his head quickly stained the floor red.

Chen Qing held back the pain after that momentary burst of power, the oxygen bottle in his hand had fallen to the ground, which still had Chen Li’s blood.

However, Chen Qing couldn’t vent the anger in his heart. He squatted down and picked up the fruit knife that Chen Li couldn’t hold anymore, and plunged it into Chen Li’s body again and again.

“You tried to kill me? You dare to kill me, you fool?” Chen Qing’s handsome face was distorted, and the blood splashed from Chen Li’s body sprayed on Chen Qing’s face, crazy and morbid.

Chen Li hadn’t shouted a sound of pain. His eyes looked blankly at the sky. At the moment when his consciousness disappeared, Chen Li seemed to see Wei Chen, and he bent his mouth slightly towards Wei Chen.

Chen Li smiled, for the first time in his short life of only twenty years, he smiled.

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