Chapter 4 – Start Over

Time had entered summer. On this summer night, there was a lot of wind and rain, lightning and thunder.

Wei Chen sat up from the bed in shock, his face and body were covered with sweat, but in the end, a human face was reflected in his chaotic brain, his face was stained with blood, his eyes were sightless, but there was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

This was obviously a face that could be called terrifying, but Wei Chen didn’t feel any fear. He only felt bouts of pain in his heart, which made him curl up, but he still couldn’t resist the pain.

“Chen Li…” Wei Chen murmured the name of the person in his dream, but the pain in his heart became more and more severe. It was also this increasingly severe pain that told Wei Chen that he was still alive, no longer the cold body on the hospital bed with no consciousness at all.

Perhaps it was the resentment in his heart that was too strong, or perhaps it was the pity of God for what happened to him that made him wake up five years ago. At this time, he had not yet married Chen Li. For Chen Li’s life, everything had not yet begun to change.

In the middle of the night, the wind and rain finally stopped, but Wei Chen tossed and turned, and couldn’t sleep anymore. He simply got up from the bed without turning on the lights, letting himself blend into the darkness, and letting the memory of five years later whip himself again, even if the skin opened, even if the body was bruised, he also did not hesitate.

In the blink of an eye, the darkness passed, the day dawned, and Wei Chen once again sat in silence in the darkness of the night.

Today was the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the tradition of the Wei family, it was time to go back to the Wei family’s old house for the Dragon Boat Festival. Wei Chen changed his clothes and drove back to the old house.

The old house of the Wei family was located on the outskirts of Shanghai. It had a history of a hundred years. Now it was the head of the Wei family, Wei Chen’s grandfather, who was living in it.

The Wei family was a large family in the country of China. It could even be traced back to the Tang Dynasty along the genealogy. The catastrophe after the founding of the People’s Republic of China caused the Wei family to go abroad. When the domestic situation began to improve, the Wei family came back and seized the spring breeze of reform. All of a sudden, it gained a foothold in Shanghai. Now the Wei family was already a big family in Shanghai.

When Wei Chen returned to the old mansion, it was already past three o’clock noon, and almost all of the Wei family had already returned, and the entire Wei family was lively now.

Wei Chen had been smart since he was a child. In addition, he was the eldest son of the eldest son, and being the eldest son had a little meaning. Naturally, he had attracted the most attention. When he returned home at this moment, people of all ages cast their eyes on Wei Chen, but it didn’t take long for them to withdraw it automatically. Wei Chen’s facial nerves were underdeveloped since he was a child, that is to say, he had a bit of facial paralysis, and he was raised by the old man himself, so his temperament was more or less inherited from the old man. Although his facial features were handsome, he also had an aura of power and prestige.

It was fine some time ago, Wei Chen would at least smile when he saw acquaintances in his eyes. During this period of time, no one knew what was going on. His eyes were cold, like a sharp blade. When he refused everyone to approach, it was also a bit daunting. For this reason, some people still said in private that Wei Chen was becoming more and more like an old man.

Wei Chen didn’t squint, he directly crossed the crowd and went straight upstairs to the old man’s study. At this point in time, the old man was in the study nine out of ten.

Wei Chen knocked on the door, and after receiving a reply from inside, Wei Chen opened the door and went in. The old man was holding a brush in his hand and was swaying it freely on the rice paper. When he saw Wei Chen coming in, he didn’t even raise his eyes to look at Wei Chen.

“Grandpa, I have thought about it clearly, I am willing to marry Chen Li,” Wei Chen lowered his eyes, hiding the emotions that flashed in his eyes, and said.

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