Chapter 5 – The Chen and Wei Families

The movements of Old Man Wei’s hands obviously missed a beat, and the words that were originally flowing in clouds and water also stagnated. A good calligraphy work was ruined. The old man simply put away his brush and crumpled the rice paper. With a flawed work, there was naturally no need for it to exist anymore.

At this moment, Old Man Wei raised his head to meet Wei Chen’s slightly cold eyes, and said, “Have you really considered it clearly? Even if Chen Li is a fool, are you willing to marry him?”

Wei Chen nodded firmly, and his cold eyes were stained with a trace of warmth at this moment, “I am willing to marry him, it’s not because he is Chen Li of the Chen family, just because he is Chen Li.”

Old Master Wei’s gaze was so sharp that he immediately caught the warmth in Wei Chen’s eyes, which shocked him greatly. He could see the changes in his grandson in the past few days, as if he had been stimulated by something, he put away all his emotions, and his eyes were so cold that people couldn’t see through any emotions. But now, when the grandson mentioned Chen Li, the warmth that flashed in his eyes did not seem to be fake.

What changed Wei Chen? Obviously, when he mentioned Wei Chen’s marriage to Chen Li a few days ago, Wei Chen was extremely resistant, and even had a big fight with him.

After all, Old Man Wei was Old Man Wei. Even if his heart was shocked, there was no mood fluctuation on his face. He continued to spread out the rice paper, waved his brush to paint, and said, “It’s good if you can think about it. Now that you have agreed to marry Chen Li, don’t let Chen Li down after marriage.”

“I will treat him well.” Wei Chen closed his eyes to hide the surging emotions in his eyes, but when he spoke, he spoke loudly.

‘In this life, I will definitely put Chen Li on the tip of my heart and spoil him, no one will be able to hurt him even a little bit, not even the Chen family!’


In the evening, the Wei family from all over the world gathered together because of the Dragon Boat Festival, and the large family became lively. In a big family like the Wei family, with so many people, there was no need to expect it to be harmonious and happy. Not bringing the rivalry to the stage was already the greatest harmony in the Wei family.

After Wei Chen came out of Old Man Wei’s study, he did not join the crowd. Instead, he held a glass of wine and looked at the railing of the balcony, looking into the distance, thinking.

At this moment, the Wei family who came back from the hall had already chatted, and they were even a little careless. Although Wei Chen was standing far away, these words still fell into Wei Chen’s ears.

“The marriage of the Chen family has been settled?” A person dressed as a lady frowned at the people around her.

“I think it’s settled.” Another lady said, gloating with a face full of schadenfreude, “The old man has a tough attitude, Wei Chen has to marry even if he doesn’t want to!”

“It’s the fool of the Chen family, right?”

“Yes, the Chen family is not willing to marry their daughters to the Wei family. Their daughters are all going to marry the officials, which is much more effective than marrying our Wei family.”

“Who said the old man took a fancy to Wei Chen? Isn’t this going to cut off Wei Chen’s future? If he marries a man and can’t have children, no matter how capable Wei Chen is, he’s not qualified to inherit the Wei family. I don’t know how he provoked the old man this time, but the old man actually booked him such a weak marriage.” The lady seemed to be sighing, but there was a smile between her eyebrows and eyes.

“If I may say so, our Wei family is not worse than the Chen family, but the old man just did this. Do you think the old man has already disliked Wei Chen and thought of such a way to make everyone look better?” the other lady frowned and said.

As the two chatted, they naturally talked about another protagonist in this marriage – Chen Li.

Who was Chen Li? Throughout the upper-class society of the whole Shanghai, who didn’t know? That was the fool of the Chen family, the waste that the Chen family was ashamed to mention!

The Chen family’s status in Shanghai was equivalent to that of the Wei family, but from the perspective of the entire country of China, the Chen family was much more prominent than the Wei family. After all, Chen Zhongyan, the family member of the Chen family who was sitting in a high position in Beijing, was the uncle of Chen Shihuai, the current patriarch of the Chen family. In this way, the Chen family had a certain status in the three circles – the Chinese party, government, and military.

Chen Li was the illegitimate son of Chen Shihuai’s eldest son, Chen Yunsheng, and the only illegitimate son of Chen Yunsheng.

Chen Yunsheng was a well-known family man. After marrying Mrs. Chen, he had not had contact with other women. Chen Li was the only accident. He was only a few months away from Mrs. Chen’s daughter. Now everyone could see that Chen Li was Chen Yunsheng’s illegitimate son who was born while Mrs. Chen was pregnant.

They didn’t know what Chen Yunsheng did. Chen Li was led back to his ancestors by Chen Shihuai, the head of the Chen family.

Some people had a rich life, but they didn’t have a rich life to enjoy. Chen Li was such a person. The young master of the Chen family had a noble status, but it was a fact that Chen Li was an autistic person.

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