The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.61

Chapter 61 – The Host Kissed Me

Under the blue sky, the slightly hot wind blew, driving the green grass on the ground to swing gently. It was hard to imagine that in less than three months, the city had changed its appearance.

Although the high-rise buildings were still there, the ground was full of weeds, vines, and various plants. At first glance, it was a bit terrifying, but there was a kind of tranquility and comfort that had not been there before, as if the earth had been re-baptized.

Xi Xun was sitting on the grass, and next to him was some food.

“Host!” At this time, 0329 came running ‘thumpthumpthump’ from a distance, holding a bunch of wildflowers in its hand and putting it on Xi Xun’s palm.

Xi Xun glanced at the wilting wildflowers.

“The best-looking flowers should be given to the best-looking host,” 0329 said seriously.

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows, looking closely, these flowers were really beautiful.

“Do you like it?” 0329 looked expectant.

“Not bad.”

0329 suddenly giggled, and then happily went to collect flowers again. As for Xi Xun, he lay lazily on the blanket on the grass and looked at 0329, and closed his eyes after a while.

The weather was good today, at least Xi Xun thought so.

At this time, a passerby happened to see this scene.

Because every time 0329 collected some flowers, it would arrange them carefully and put them next to the host, and then go to pick flowers again. People who didn’t know immediately misunderstood.

“This kid’s brother should have passed away, right? So pitiful.” A woman couldn’t help but feel sad when she saw this scene.

Xi Xun opened his eyes slightly, and he narrowed his eyes at the other party coldly.

The woman was taken aback, thinking it was a zombie. After a while, she realized that it should be that someone was resting and she had misunderstood, which made her a little embarrassed, and at the same time, she was happy for the child.

In the last days, it would be difficult for this child to live without the care of his family.

But it was not her fault for misunderstanding.

The child kept picking flowers and then put them next to the young man solemnly. Anyone who saw this scene would think wrong. In addition, it had been three months since the end of the world, and it was the first time she had seen someone who dared to lie in the open air and rest with his eyes closed, and he was not vigilant at all.

This kind of person was either too ignorant or too strong, so he was not afraid of the hidden danger.

“Sorry, little brother, my wife misunderstood,” the woman’s husband quickly explained with a smile, and then took his family to a farther place to rest.

It had been more than three months since the end of the world, and human nature had been fully demonstrated.

It was already difficult to live, and he didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble and put his family in danger.

And after they left, 0329 happened to be back.

It put the last few flowers in its hand next to the host and said, “Host, these are the last few that are blooming more beautifully. The petals of these flowers are relatively complete, and the other flowers are a bit incomplete. I’m afraid the host won’t like it.”

“It’s okay, I like it all.”

“It’s good that the host likes it!” 0329 bear hugged Xi Xun a little.

0329 liked the host more and more now, although it didn’t know why, it just liked him very much anyway.

“Host.” 0329 tugged Xi Xun’s hands.


“Hug.” 0329 opened its little hand as if it wanted a hug.

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows, and then picked the small system up.

0329 put his arms around Xi Xun’s neck, it rubbed the host’s face, and then whispered: “Host.”


“Did the host kiss me last night?” 0329 coyly asked.

Xi Xun’s finger slightly paused.

Xi Xun did kiss 0329 last night. He didn’t know the reason at the time, just looking at the little white ball in front of him, the more he looked at it, the more he felt it was good-looking, and then he kissed it unconsciously.

After the kiss, Xi Xun himself froze in place, eyes deep in thought.

Last night, Xi Xun did not sleep all night thinking about this.

He didn’t expect the small system to know.

Before Xi Xun could figure out how to answer, 0329 blinked and said, “Host, you are so kind!”


“I found out this morning that I have recovered two percent of my energy! Do you want to use a kiss to repair my body? The host is really well-intentioned, I am so touched,” 0329 hugged Xi Xun and said.


After being moved, 0329 glanced at the host. After seeing that the host seemed to be distracted again, it coughed and said, “Host.”


“Can you kiss me again?” 0329 said with sincere eyes.

The reason why it picked so many flowers for Xi Xun today was to make the host happy and see if it could ask for another kiss so that its body could temporarily stop sleeping often!

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed and he did not answer.

“Host? Will you kiss me again? Just one kiss,” 0329 stared at Xi Xun and said.

Xi Xun’s eyes became deeper and deeper.

After a long time, he looked at the little white ball in front of him, his magnetic voice was slightly low, and said, “Want it?”


Xi Xun looked at it, and then… moved extremely slowly and kissed the little white ball.

0329 was very happy, it was quietly waiting for changes. But after waiting for a long time, it only recovered 0.1% of its energy this time, not as much as last night.

It seemed that only the first time’s effect was better.

But it was better than nothing, it was okay to recover a little bit!

“Host, one more!”

Xi Xun: “…” But Xi Xun did not refuse, but bowed his head and kissed the little white ball again.

“One more, one more!”



In the end, 0329, who got ten kisses from the host, was satisfied, and it even turned into a human form, wanting to hold the host up and lift him high. Humans seem to like this very much, because it peeked out and saw two humans doing it yesterday.

0329 guessed this was the way humans promote feelings.

But when it carried Xi Xun, it found that it couldn’t lift the host at all, which made 0329 puzzled.

‘Is the host so heavy?’

No, 0329 could hold a weight of several hundred tons, let alone a human host. But 0329 couldn’t lift Xi Xun up after trying for a long time, and it couldn’t help but start to doubt itself.

‘Could it be that I was injured too much and couldn’t carry the host?’

Thinking of this, 0329 glanced at the car next to it, then it walked over and grabbed the car and lifted it up.

The whole car instantly left the ground about ten centimeters.

0329 was surprised!

It turned out that it was not because of it, it was that the host was too heavy! But 0329 didn’t dare to say it, because humans don’t seem to like being called heavy. Yesterday, it saw two humans, also a couple, arguing over this.

It didn’t want to have a dispute between itself and the host.

So, 0329 said to Xi Xun: “The host’s body is really beautiful, I like it very much.” It pretended to be just touching.

“Really?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

He looked at the small system that had been holding his waist just now, hugging him tightly, without knowing what it was trying to do, his eyebrows slightly raised.


0329 panted for a while, then changed back to a small ball.

In the past, Xi Xun might have paid more attention to the 0329 human form, but now it was different. Xi Xun found that 0329’s little white ball form was also very cute, and the arc of the circle was very good.

Just thinking about it like this, Xi Xun watched the little white ball gradually start to get distracted.

“Host, I’m going to cook dinner!”


Because they were in the wild, there was no need to cook something too complicated, just simply cook some food. 0329 made a pot of eight-treasure porridge, followed by three boiled eggs and two fried eggs.

Xi Xun’s eyelids twitched when he saw this meal.

0329 really liked eggs. It liked eggs in the past since it could nourish the body of the host, but now, it simply liked eggs as an ingredient.

Because it was round!

So round, it should be the best food in the world, right? So 0329 left a lot of eggs at the beginning.

It doesn’t matter if the chicken is gone, the egg is the most important!

Xi Xun slowly ate the eggs given to him by 0329.

0329 watched from the side, it sighed that the host was so gentle when eating a meal, which was completely different from before. Now the host would eat very slowly every time, which made him look very pleasing to the eye.

After night fall, cars passed by and stopped here from time to time.

The people who stopped at the beginning didn’t want to camp here, because it looked too empty and not very safe. But after seeing a young man camping here with a child, they subconsciously felt that it might be safer here?

So the people in the first car parked not far away.

Followed by the second and third.

0329 was not a stranger to this, it had been like this for the past few nights. But 0329 was also very happy, because it had nothing to do at night and could listen to the little secrets of other humans.

“Host, have you finished eating?” 0329 said.


“Then host clean up, I’ll be back after a while!” 0329 said seriously to Xi Xun.

“Go,” Xi Xun said lightly.

This was not the first time. At first, Xi Xun disagreed, because he didn’t want the small system to leave his sight. Once 0329 left his sight, Xi Xun would be a little depressed and unhappy.

But later, he discovered that 0329 was just observing other people’s behavior and then imitating it.

For example, 0329 heard “sweetheart” from others before.

Now whenever Xi Xun was unhappy, it would call Xi Xun “sweetheart” to coax him. Xi Xun’s eyelids twitched every time, but he didn’t stop the small system. On the contrary, his expression revealed that he was actually in a good mood.

For example, two days ago, it saw a boy giving flowers to another person, and 0329 began to send flowers to Xi Xun every day. The wildflowers on this hill were almost bald by 0329.

So now, Xi Xun had no objection to the small system going out, and he was even curious about what the small system would learn to use on himself today.


In other camps about a hundred meters away from Xi Xun.

The families in several cars were sitting by the fire and eating, but in fact, they didn’t know each other, but they happened to meet when they were stationed here tonight.

0329 hid in the bushes and watched them secretly.

“Wife, you can eat.” An unshaven and slightly dirty middle-aged man said to his wife.

“You eat, I’m not hungry.”

“You eat, you haven’t eaten much these days,” the man insisted.

The wife was moved to tears, and she wanted to refuse, but her husband had already fed it to her. It was already like this, and the wife had to eat it, but she resolutely refused to eat the rest of the bowl.

In the end, they each took one bite before pushing it back and forth again.

The relationship between parents was good, and the children’s personalities were generally not bad. The children of this couple were all around adolescence. Although they were very exhausted mentally and physically all the way through the escape, the two children laughed at the fact that their parents’ feelings were still the same.

The wife’s face turned a little red, and she glared at her husband in shame.

Both the daughter and the son laughed, and then the elder sister took her younger brother to pick up some wood nearby. After all, they had to travel tomorrow, and they needed to boil some water for drinking tomorrow.

But the daughter obviously had a little secret.

After leaving a little distance that would not be dangerous, she motioned to her brother to go back first.

The younger brother said unhappily: “What are you going to do?”

His sister became angry and said, “Why do you care so much? You go back first.”

At this time, a young man ran over. He obviously saw the girl coming out, so he told his parents that he’d also go to pick up wood and came out. He and the girl were actually boyfriend and girlfriend at school, but their parents didn’t know it.

The younger brother snorted, he had already guessed something.

After all, this boy had been looking at his sister, and his sister’s eyes were not right. He had long seen that there was something between the two.

“Then, don’t run far!” the younger brother instructed his sister.

“I know, I know,” the sister said helplessly.

So, the younger brother shook his head and sighed and went back.

After the third wheel was gone, the girl looked at the boy with red cheeks. In the end, the boy spoke first, and the boy whispered: “I was very worried about you when the end of the world broke out. I didn’t expect to meet you today. Fortunately, you are fine.”

The girl coughed.

“It’s good that you’re okay.” After saying that, the boy said in the girl’s ear: “Wife.” This was the boy’s name for the girl, the two of them had been lovers from high school to college.

The girl’s face flushed suddenly.

She was just about to say something, and then she let out a shriek.

Because she saw a child standing near her feet, and the child was blinking at them curiously.

The boy was also taken aback.

After discovering that it was a child, the girl bent down and said worriedly: “Little brother, where is your family? Why did you come out by yourself? It’s dangerous outside. Which car is yours? Sister will send you back.”

Although the boy was a little reluctant to end this short opportunity to get along, he did not object.

After all, it was indeed dangerous for a child to be alone.

0329 did not answer, but asked, “Why did he call you ‘wife’?”

The girl was startled at first, then looked a little embarrassed.

The boy was also embarrassed. He scratched his head and didn’t know how to explain it to the child for a while.

0329 thought that the other party wanted to be paid, it took out a boiled egg and continued to ask.

In the end, the boy explained tactfully.

He said that this word can only be called by the people with the closest relationship, otherwise it is not allowed.

“Particularly intimate?” 0329 curiously said.


“Is it the closest relationship?” 0329 continued to ask.

“You can say that. You can only use this word to the person who will accompany you for the rest of your life, the most important person, and you two will go through life together hand-in-hand,” the boy explained seriously.

0329 nodded to indicate that it knew! After it gave the egg to the girl, it ran back ‘thumpthumpthump’.

At this time, Xi Xun was sitting in the tent, resting his chin and waiting for the small system.

When he saw the little white ball running towards him, the indifference and coldness in his eyes retreated a little bit.

But he didn’t expect that the first thing the small system said when it saw him was——


“What did you call me?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes dangerously.

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