The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.62

Chapter 62 – Host Wife

“Wife,” 0329 said, puzzled.

Xi Xun picked up the small system, stared at it, and said, “Who taught you this?”

0329 shook its small body vigorously, but did not break free.

It looked at Xi Xun blankly and asked, “Don’t you like it?”

“Don’t call me that in the future, understand?”

“Why?” It called the host the most important person, and it liked this title very much.

Xi Xun did not answer it, but lay down lazily.

0329 looked at the host lying lazily in the tent, its mood was a little lost. It squatted down and poked the ant, and after about half an hour or so, it got up again and got into the tent.

0329 looked at the host who was resting with his eyes closed, and poked him.

Xi Xun ignored the small system.

“Host.” 0329 hugged Xi Xun, then buried itself in Xi Xun’s arms, and said sullenly: “Why doesn’t the host let me call you that? Does the host not like me?”

Xi Xun still closed his eyes and did not respond.

“But I like the host, the host is the one I care about most, there is no one else!”

Xi Xun’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

0329 continue to talk to yourself: “Host, host, host wife? Wife host?” It seemed that it thought these words were good together. 0329 tilted its head and hugged the host tightly, and said happily: “Wife, wife, wife~”

Xi Xun: “……”

Xi Xun opened his eyes, picked up the small system, and finally warned: “Don’t call me that, do you hear me? You can’t call others that.” That is to say, now, if it was in the past, Xi Xun would not be so patient.

0329 was very puzzled: “Why?”

“Because this word doesn’t belong to you, you know?” Xi Xun stared at it and said calmly.

The blue light in 0329’s eyes suddenly dimmed.

It looked at the host, then walked out of the tent and squatted outside alone, sad, tears were about to come out. It didn’t know how the host had suddenly changed. Obviously, the host said that he liked it and wanted it to die of old age with him.

But isn’t such a relationship the closest relationship?

It didn’t understand what was wrong with the host.

“Come here,” the host’s voice came from behind.

At this time, Xi Xun had already got up, and he was sitting in the tent looking at the sad little system.

0329 ignored the host, and only poked the ground sullenly.

“There are many kinds of relationships between humans, which are different from what you understand,” Xi Xun said.

0329 turned his eyes, then turned to look at the host.

“Come here,” Xi Xun ordered again.

0329 pondered for two seconds, then raised its feet and went back. It looked at the host and asked, “What does that mean?”

“You will understand later, don’t use it now.”

“Later? But I want to know now.”

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes, looked at the little white ball, and said, “Go to sleep first, and I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“Oh,” 0329 nodded its head.

It remembered that its host was a human who needed to sleep every day, otherwise, they would be unwell tomorrow. So it motioned to the host to go to bed quickly, otherwise, it would not have the strength to get up tomorrow.

Xi Xun responded, and then continued to lie down.

0329 found a comfortable place and began to sleep. But it didn’t know that Xi Xun didn’t want to sleep, just closed his eyes and thought about things.

He thought, he liked this little ball.

But Xi Xun didn’t think about developing into other relationships. He had more of a possessive desire for this little white ball. Although Xi Xun had changed a little bit after getting along day after day, that feeling was very hazy. Xi Xun had never thought much about that aspect. After all, it was outrageous to fall in love with a little white ball.

In fact, Xi Xun could directly explain it to it just now.

If he said it, then it would never call him this name again with the character of a small system. Because it had a favorite ‘system senior’, but when he wanted to explain it, Xi Xun couldn’t do it in the end.

Xi Xun himself didn’t know why.

Of course, Xi Xun was not very happy with the name ‘wife’, and could even be said that the moment he first heard it, he wanted to teach the bold little system a lesson.

“Wife, wife~” 0329 quietly got up and said in Xi Xun’s ear, it thought the host was asleep.

Xi Xun: “……”


The next day.

It only took one night, and when 0329 woke up, he found that more than a dozen more cars were temporarily resting and stationed here. They probably thought it was safe here, after all, some people were here.

But in fact, this was a misunderstanding, on the contrary, it was still very dangerous.

However, because there were many people, at least those mutated wild animals dared not come to attack. As for whether zombies would appear, it would depend on luck.

But even if the zombies came, they were able to get in the car and leave quickly.

0329 cooked something as soon as it woke up.

Xi Xun’s tent was still far away from the others. 0329 left three boiled eggs and rice porridge for the host, and quickly ran to the camp with many people next to them.

At this time, the girl’s family also got up.

The girl was cooking porridge at home. Other families also made do with some food, and the speaker’s voice was very low, as if they were afraid of attracting zombies or other things.

0329 walked over and sat over there.

Because it was dark when she saw 0329, she didn’t really see what it looked like, so the girl, that is, Fang Ting, didn’t know 0329, so she just thought it was another child who came from somewhere.

0329 quietly watched the girl and boy eat.

But in the eyes of others, this looked like a child who was too hungry, so he was watching others eat. Most people were indifferent, because they didn’t have enough to eat themselves, and naturally they wouldn’t be kind.

Fang Ting glanced at the child, but in the end, she still didn’t finish drinking her porridge, and handed the remaining half of the not-so-much porridge to the little boy, and said softly, “You can drink it.”

The parents disagreed a little bit, but they endured it and didn’t say it.

It was just that such a small child was miserable enough, so just tell their daughter later that she couldn’t be like this again.

Just think of this as the last time.

But 0329 didn’t want it, it said, “You can eat it. After eating, I have questions I want to ask you!”

Fang Ting instantly remembered what happened last night.

‘Is this kid the kid last night?’ Fang Ting’s face was a little embarrassed for a moment.

Fang Ting’s boyfriend’s expression also froze for a moment.

0329 patiently waited for the two of them to finish eating, and after they finished eating, 0329 asked: “Can I ask you a question?”

“Little brother, I’m very busy, can you do it later?” Fang Ting said.

She was mainly afraid that her parents would see something, so she wanted to send the child away first.

0329 frowned, then took out a boiled egg.

Fang Ting: “……”

Fang Ting still insisted to let the little guy go back first.

“Hey, what do you want to ask? I’ll answer you, my academic performance is similar to that of my sister, and I can do whatever she can.” Fang Ting’s younger brother saw the boiled egg and his eyes turned green, so he hurriedly ran over.

“Fang Long,” Fang Ting frowned.

Now, unlike other times, a boiled egg was very precious. She felt that it seemed a bit wrong to take an egg from a child, and she didn’t know if the child’s family knew it.

Fang Long couldn’t control so much anymore, he was really hungry.

0329 looked at the big boy in front of him and pondered for a while, then said, “Are you a wife?”

“What?” Fang Long was dumbfounded.

“Are you someone else’s wife? If you are not, I don’t want you to answer,” 0329 said seriously.

Fang Long was silent for two seconds, then said, “I am!”

Fang Ting looked at her brother in shock.

But Fang Long was already overwhelmed by hunger. He was at an age of eating a lot, and three meals a day were not enough. As a result, not to mention one meal a day, each meal was still so small that he didn’t have any strength when he was hungry.

Not to mention saying he was someone else’s wife against his will, even if someone really came to love him now, as long as they gave him enough food, he would go all out.

0329 blinked and said, “Really?”

“Really! Come, come, ask me, you can ask whatever you want, I am very experienced in this area.” Fang Long took the child and sat down in the shade behind his car.

Fang Ting stared blankly at her younger brother, wondering if he was joking for a while. If it was true, she glanced at her parents who had already gone to work, and she didn’t know whether to say it was a bolt from the blue.

Here, 0329 sat on the grass with Fang Long.

“Come on, little brother, what do you want to ask about? Brother knows it,” Fang Long patted his chest and said.

“I have a good relationship with a person, I called him wife, but he won’t let me call him that. I’m very sad,” 0329 said sadly.

Fang Long looked at the little boy in shock.

‘Oh my god, are all five-year-old children starting to fall in love now?!’

No, it should just be a family, right?

Thinking of this, Fang Long replied patiently: “Then does the little girl you said like you?”

“He is not a girl.”

“Oh…” Although Fang Long was taken aback, he also felt it was normal. After all, it’s a child, what kind of awareness can you have in this regard? Nothing more than a good relationship, or learning from adults.

“Maybe he is shy,” Fang Long thought for a while and replied.


“Yes, sometimes they’re shy or embarrassed, unless the other party has a new friend. But I don’t think it should be, after all, you are so good-looking,” Fang Long appropriately praised the little boy first, after all, he had to rely on him to give him something to eat.

“But I don’t look good,” 0329 was suddenly lost, it now knew the reason why the host rejected it.

“What not good-looking, you’re very good-looking, you’re very good-looking from a normal person’s perspective,” Fang Long said righteously.

“Do you think I look good from a human perspective?” 0329 blinked.

“Hmm!” Fang Long nodded solemnly.

0329 was suddenly happy, it continued: “Then how did you agree to be someone else’s wife?”

Fang Long paused, then said, “He can make me full.”


“Yeah! Eating at least fifteen steamed buns per meal, this is my dream now. If the other person can do it, then it doesn’t matter if I become the other person’s wife for the rest of my life,” Fang Long sighed.

0329 was stunned, it didn’t expect the power of meat buns to be so great.

“Then so is your sister?” 0329 said.

“Yes! Now my mind is full of food, by the way, can you give me that egg?” Fang Long said.

0329 remembered that it hadn’t paid yet, it gave the egg to the other party, and then quickly ran back to the host. At this time, Xi Xun was dismantling the tent, and today they were going back to the safe zone.

During this period, 0329 had been watching the host quietly.

Because Xi Xun was also thinking about things at this time, he didn’t see 0329’s distraction.

The car soon arrived at the safe zone.

After converting the zombie eyes into points and returning to the villa, 0329 ran in first, which made Xi Xun raise his eyebrows. Xi Xun didn’t care either, he went upstairs to wash first.

And when Xi Xun came out after washing up, he was stunned.

Because when Xi Xun was taking a bath, 0329 made fifty steamed buns.

“Host! Come and eat!” 0329 greeted happily.

“What are you doing with so many steamed buns?”

“Give it to the host.”

“I can’t eat that much,” Xi Xun frowned.

“Eat up!”

Xi Xun was silent, but in the end, he gave 0329 face and ate a few. But 0329 kept urging Xi Xun to eat. Xi Xun had already eaten the eighth one. He really couldn’t eat it anymore, so he said softly: “I’m full.”

“No, you are not full.” 0329 handed Xi Xun another steamed bun.

Xi Xun: “……”

When Xi Xun ate the fourteenth one, no matter how 0329 fed Xi Xun, he stopped eating. 0329 was a little sad, but it still tried its best to coax the host to eat the last one, and then looked expectantly: “Host, can I call you wife?”

“…whatever you want.”

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