The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.63

Chapter 63 – Meeting Yu Ti’s Team Again

There was no doubt that Xi Xun was once again overwhelmed.

The steamed buns made by 0329 were very big, and one steamed bun was worth two. Xi Xun ate more than a dozen in a row, so he felt uncomfortable. This time was different from the last time when he drank eight bowls of chicken soup. Chicken soup was not a staple food, it was a bit easier to digest, but steamed buns were different.

Xi Xun sat in the chair and closed his eyes for a while.

In the end, he stood up indifferently, picked up the small bag,  and walked outside.

“Host?” 0329 was very puzzled.

“I’m going to hunt zombies.”

“Huh?” 0329 looked at the host blankly.

And in the gap of its daze, Xi Xun had already gotten into the car. 0329 sighed, thinking that the host was too hardworking! Then it said: “Host, wait for me first!” It jumped out of the car after saying that.

Although Xi Xun didn’t know what the little white ball was going to do, he didn’t stop it, and just closed his eyes and waited for the small system to come back.

0329 went back to pack the remaining steamed buns, it was afraid they would go bad.

When 0329 came back, Xi Xun held it in his arms with one hand, then started the accelerator and drove out of the safe zone. Xi Xun had no choice but to go and kill the zombies, because if he didn’t exercise vigorously and digest the food, he might really die.

Xi Xun was feeling very uncomfortable now.

0329 naturally didn’t know the purpose of Xi Xun going out, and thought that the host wanted to kill zombies to earn points again. It first went to the back seat to fasten the bag of steamed buns, then returned to the host’s arms and said, “Wife, we still have more than thirty steamed buns, how long do you want to stay outside?”

“Don’t mention steamed buns,” Xi Xun said in an extremely cold tone.

“Hmm? Why?” 0329 was puzzled.

Xi Xun did not answer, but continued to drive forward, and 0329 did not ask again after seeing that the host did not answer, but kept holding Xi Xun and happily calling him wife repeatedly. Xi Xun turned a deaf ear, and his eyes didn’t deepen until they finally reached the third town.

“Wait for me here,” Xi Xun said to 0329.


Xi Xun got out of the car directly, while 0329 got out of the car and squatted on the ground looking at the host’s back. Then it saw the host smoothly solving one zombie after another, the speed was fast and ruthless, and the most important thing was that the action was very beautiful! The whole movement was smooth.

Solved about a dozen zombies in ten seconds!

At this time, 0329 didn’t know that Xi Xun killed the zombies so quickly because of its steamed buns, and it envied the host for being so energetic.

This night, Xi Xun killed 1,500 zombies, breaking his record in one night.

In fact, Xi Xun could do it before, but he was too lazy to do it.

Because Xi Xun’s nature was a bit lazy.

But now, thanks to the more than a dozen steamed buns, Xi Xun had to kill zombies all night. Fortunately, his body was no longer so uncomfortable after that.

After seeing the host coming back, 0329 hurriedly greeted him.

“The smell of the host is so heavy,” 0329 smelled the strong fishy smell of Xi Xun’s body.


“But it’s okay, I won’t dislike the host! Let’s stink together!” after speaking, 0329 hugged Xi Xun’s waist hard.

Xi Xun glanced at it, then carried it into the car.

Although Xi Xun didn’t like the boring job of digging zombie eyes very much, now that he had a small system, he still dug out the more than a thousand zombie eyes one by one after he finished, then put them in a bag and threw them in the trunk of the car.

This was a full three thousand points, enough for it to eat a lot of ice cream.

It was already around eight o’clock in the morning.

There were many cars heading towards the safe zone along the way. Xi Xun naturally saw them, but he didn’t pay much attention. Until…he found a slightly familiar convoy in front of him.

Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly darkened for a moment.

That person was not someone else, it was Yu Ti and his team. Their car was parked on the side of the road and they were resting.

“Zhuo,” Xi Xun suddenly called 0329.


“My stomach is a little uncomfortable,” Xi Xun said lightly.

0329, who was looking at the scenery outside, immediately became anxious, and it nervously asked, “Why are you suddenly uncomfortable? How can I help you?”

“Just rub it for me.”

“Just rub it?” What kind of treatment is this?


But 0329 had never doubted the host’s words. After hearing this, it stretched out its little hand to help the host rub it. And in this gap, Xi Xun had already driven past that place quickly.

The dust was flying, and the biscuit bag in Yu Ti’s hand was instantly covered with a thick layer of dirt.

Yu Ti: “……”

“This person is too much, right?!” Some people in the convoy were immediately annoyed when they saw this scene.

Yu Ti waved his hand to indicate that he was okay.

The biscuit bag was not opened, just wipe the dirt on it and he could eat it.

“Brother Yu, you can eat mine,” Lu Ke walked over and said.

“No, just wipe it,” Yu Ti said.

After speaking, Yu Ti wiped the cloth casually, then opened the biscuit bag and ate as usual. However, in order to avoid being dirty again by the oncoming cars, Yu Ti still sat far away.

The road was not in good condition, and it was normal to be splashed with dirt.

Lu Ke, who was rejected again, could no longer maintain her expression, but she cleverly did not say anything, and retreated.

It was just when she was passing by Yu Bo that she suddenly stopped. Lu Ke said in a voice that only she and him could hear: “Some people live to waste resources, but he just doesn’t understand, and he follows the convoy shamelessly. Don’t you think it’s funny, Yu Bo?”

Yu Bo’s hand holding the biscuit suddenly tightened.

Lu Ke continued and sneered: “I have always felt that people with dirty bodies have no meaning to live, like pr**titutes, duck (male pr**titute) or something, what do you think?”

Yu Bo’s eyes sank.

Because Lu Ke’s voice was not high, Yu Ti’s side could not hear it, only the two or three people who were closer to Yu Bo’s side could hear it. When these men heard it, they all laughed loudly.

The look in Yu Bo’s eyes also seemed to be looking at a duck.

Lu Ke snorted coldly when she saw Yu Bo’s ugly face, and then returned to her seat in a good mood.


On Xi Xun’s side, 0329 rubbed Xi Xun’s stomach for a while. In addition, it asked Xi Xun about his situation every five minutes. It was not until Xi Xun said that it was almost gone that 0329 breathed a sigh of relief and instructed: “Host, you have to tell me if you are uncomfortable in the future.”


Although the host was fine, 0329 still rubbed him for a while.

During this period, the car was almost in the safe area.

Normally at this time, the road would be blocked and there would only be a little less traffic at night or late at night. Xi Xun controlled the steering wheel with one hand and looked ahead, while 0329 was holding the window.

Seeing those people outside walking shakily, 0329 was a little sentimental: “They look pitiful.” These people also fled here from out of town, but they didn’t have a car, and it didn’t don’t know if they broke down halfway or something.

These people had gaunt faces and thin bodies, as if they could fall down at any time.

Although it was not far from the safe zone now, it was the distance by car. If you walk, there are at least five kilometers left. Some of them were holding their children.

Although the child’s weight was lighter, it was still twenty or thirty catties.

Even if the father was holding it, he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Didn’t you bring steamed buns? Give it to them.” Xi Xun said lightly.

Then 0329 remembered that it still had the steamed buns that they hadn’t finished last night, but it hesitated and said, “But the host hasn’t eaten today, aren’t you hungry?”


He was very full now, and he would be fine if he didn’t eat for three days.

0329 then nodded. It ran to the back seat to open the steamed bun bag, then ran to the driver’s seat and asked the host to open the car window. It looked outside, then beckoned to the woman who was resting on the side of the road with her baby in her arms: “Do you need this?”

The woman was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly walked over with the child in her arms.

Although she couldn’t walk anymore, the allure of food gave her hope again.

“You, you…” The woman looked at the child in front of her tremblingly.

0329 handed the other party a steamed bun.

The woman hurriedly took it, and after saying a few words of thank you, she gobbled it up. After taking a few bites, she remembered her husband and children, and hurriedly called her husband and daughter who were far behind and could hardly walk.

The husband was a little surprised and a little overjoyed, but he swallowed and did not take the steamed bun given by his wife, but let the eldest daughter eat it first.

Upon seeing this, 0329 gave them two more steamed buns.

“Thank you, thank you.” The woman and her husband took it and thanked 0329 repeatedly.

“You’re welcome! My brother gave it to me.”

When the woman and her husband heard this, they thanked Xi Xun a few times and bowed a few times.

Afterwards, each of them was given a bottle of water.

It originally wanted to send something else, but it thought that it hadn’t asked the host yet, so it said, “Host, can I give you something else?”

“Whatever you want.”

0329 was immediately happy, it gave the family three packs of compressed biscuits again.

“Thank you, thank you…” the family said gratefully.

0329 waved its hand to indicate that it was okay.

The other people who saw this scene also had a little bit of hope, but they didn’t know whether they should approach or not. In the end, a skinny man brought his eight or nine-year-old son over to try it out.

Upon seeing this, they were also given two steamed buns and two bottles of water, plus a pack of compressed biscuits.

When others saw this, they all flocked over.

Fortunately, there were not very many of them. After all, most of them came by car, and there were still a few on foot. As long as they were on foot, many of them would die on the road.

0329 gave it to them one by one, and at the end, it saw an acquaintance.

It was Fang Long’s family who taught it the trick before.

Their car ran out of fuel when they approached the safe zone, so they had to walk as a last resort. They had already walked dozens of kilometers in a state of hunger and lack of water, their condition was not very good.

0329 waved at Fang Long, and distributed the last three steamed buns to their family. And also gave something else, three vacuum-packed ready-to-eat chicken drumsticks, to thank him for his advice.

Xi Xun slowly turned his head when he heard this.

Fang Long originally wanted to say, “That’s good, look for me again next time,” but at this moment, he felt a killing intent that he had never had before, and that terrifying feeling made Fang Long instantly freeze in place.

But Xi Xun didn’t mean to kill the other party, he wouldn’t kill what 0329 thought was a ‘good person’ in front of the small system. Otherwise, his own label of a ‘good person’ would be gone.

So he only glanced at the person and calmly withdrew his gaze.

At this moment, there was finally no more traffic jam in front of him, and Xi Xun started the car and drove towards the front.

After going back, Xi Xun converted the points first.

The staff was taken aback when they saw so many zombie eyes, and then they asked Xi Xun where he killed the zombies and if it was cleaned up. Xi Xun didn’t answer, 0329 answered for him.

The staff member nodded, and continued: “These zombie eyes cost more than 3,000 points, but since you cleaned up that town, there is an extra 500 points for the mission fee and 100 points for the reward.”

Xi Xun responded faintly.

After the other party got the point card, he returned it to Xi Xun and said, “You now have a total of 9,436 points in your point card.”

0329 happily took the card.

The staff was a little hesitant at first, afraid that the child would break it. Generally, adults wouldn’t let the children play with the point card. But seeing that Xi Xun had no objection, he gave the card to the child.

Xi Xun returned to the villa with 0329 in his arms. He needed to take a bath now because the smell of blood and sweat on his body was too heavy.

“Stop making steamed buns, do you hear me?” Xi Xun said before taking a bath.


After seeing that the little guy understood, Xi Xun went up to take a shower.

0329 played by itself in the living room and then went to the pond to see the little turtles. This villa also had a small pond with a few small turtles in it. 0329 liked it very much and had always wanted to pry the round shell of the turtle off.

“Ding dong—”

At this moment, the doorbell of the villa suddenly rang.

0329 raised its head in doubt, wondering who would suddenly come to their house.

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