Chapter 9 – Thinks Highly of Oneself

Wei Chen’s anger came quickly and was hidden quickly. Before Chen Qing could see any clues, Wei Chen nodded at Chen Qing expressionlessly, with no other feelings in his eyes except for indifference.

“Why is Brother Wei free to come to my house today?” Chen Qing asked, but he knew in his heart that Wei Chen was here for the marriage with Chen Li this time and that there would be a hard battle to be fought later. How to hang Wei Chen, let him have illusions about himself, and let him marry Chen Li willingly, was also a problem.

“I’m here to find Chen Li.” Wei Chen didn’t talk nonsense with Chen Qing either, and said straightforwardly as soon as he came.

Sure enough, Chen Qing thought, but said with sympathy on his face: “This is what my grandfather wanted. I have also told my grandfather that Chen Li is not suitable for you, but my grandfather doesn’t want to listen. You also know that my grandfather is very stubborn. If he decides something, even my dad can’t change it.”

Chen Qing was trying to tell Wei Chen that the marriage between Wei Chen and Chen Li was already a done deal, and Wei Chen should not think about changing this fact.

Chen Qing didn’t know if Wei Chen understood what he meant, he just replied, “Hmm.” And then stopped talking.

Du Lixun was sitting on the sofa in the living room with the flower tea. When she saw Wei Chen come in, she put the flower tea down, and smiled gracefully: “Wei Chen is here? Did you know that Chen Qing was going to the capital today and came to see him off?”

She knew a little bit about Wei Chen’s thoughts, but she wouldn’t let it happen. Chen Qing would inherit the Chen family in the future, how could he be entangled with a man? So at this moment, although Du Lixun was smiling with a polite attitude, deep in her heart she didn’t want to see Wei Chen, and even wanted Chen Qing to cut off contact with Wei Chen immediately.

If it weren’t for Wei Chen being the grandson of the Wei family, and might be of help to Chen Qing in the future, she would have driven this person out a long time ago, otherwise, how could she allow Chen Qing to welcome him in.

“Mrs. Chen.” Wei Chen greeted politely. As for Du Lixun’s attitude, he didn’t care very much now, “I’m here this time to meet Chen Li.”

Du Lixun also knew Wei Chen’s purpose, took a sip of the tea, and said, “Wei Chen, don’t blame your aunt. Since the marriage between you and Chen Li is a fact settled by the Chen and Wei families, it’s hard to change it. I also know that you are unwilling in your heart. With the situation of Chen Li, we also know that letting him marry you is indeed wronging you. But you can’t think about this matter that way. You have to see what benefits the Wei family will gain in this marriage with the Chen family. If the Wei family wants to go to the capital to develop in the future, the Chen family will be of help, you have to think about it for the Wei family,” Du Lixun said seriously.

Wei Chen glanced at Du Lixun coldly, and said, “My Wei family will be ashamed to hear this sentence.” It meant that even if the Wei family wanted to go to the capital to develop, they didn’t need the Chen family to intervene. Although Wei Chen didn’t know why his grandfather would agree to his marriage with Chen Li, he definitely didn’t fancy the power of the Chen family in the capital.

His Wei family had not yet fallen to such a miserable situation.

Du Lixun and Chen Qing didn’t expect Wei Chen to answer so strongly. Du Lixun even looked at Wei Chen closely and said, “So, are you planning to refuse the marriage with Chen Li to the end?”

Wei Chen put on an innocent expression, “When did I say I refused? I came here this time just to take Chen Li to register for marriage.”

There’s no time like the present. Now that the marriage had been settled, it should be completed as soon as possible. The Chen family was not a warm place for Chen Li. To be able to take Chen Li away one day sooner was one less point of torture for Chen Li.

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