Chapter 10 – Meeting Chen Li Again

Wei Chen knew that Chen Li’s life in the Chen family was not good, but he never expected that Chen Li would be treated like this in the Chen family.

Wei Chen was led by the maid to Chen Li’s room, rather than a room, it was a small attic, and the door of the attic was closed. The maid led Wei Chen to stop at the door of the attic and said, “Mr. Wei, the young master doesn’t like to be disturbed, so I’ll go down first.” When it came to Chen Li, the servant didn’t have a trace of respect in her mouth, and Wei Chen even heard contempt.

Obviously, in the Chen family, every servant looked down on Chen Li. Without the master’s instruction, would the servant show such blatant disdain?

Wei Chen didn’t show any expression on his face, but he felt distressed for Chen Li’s situation in his heart, and felt that it was the most correct choice to take Chen Li out of the Chen family as soon as possible.

After the servant left, Wei Chen stepped forward and knocked on the door of the room gently. It was quiet inside and no one responded. Wei Chen knew in his heart that Chen Li’s character would not come to open the door, but feeling the silent environment inside, Wei Chen panicked for no reason, and the knocking on the door couldn’t help but become more eager.

What was waiting for Wei Chen was still silence. Wei Chen’s heart became more and more anxious, as if he had been hollowed out by someone, his heartbeat was about to jump out of his throat. At this moment, Wei Chen lost his mind, turned around, and ruthlessly kicked the door open.

The moment the door was kicked open, a rush of heat and the pungent smell of paint hit Wei Chen’s body. Wei Chen also could not care less about this, and looked for Chen Li’s figure in the small cramped attic.

The attic was small, and Wei Chen saw Chen Li almost at a glance. The thin young man sat upright in front of the drawing board, holding a colored pen in his hand and swaying on the paper. The sun was just right outside, but the world painted by the young man was a deep and dark color, coupled with the cramped space, it gave a strong sense of depression, almost suffocating.

The Chen family’s villa actually had central air-conditioning. Although the air outside was hot in midsummer, the Chen family villa was as cool as spring. The only exception was the attic on the top, which directly received direct sunlight. The high temperature was comparable to that of the outside, and because the windows were closed and the air flow was not circulating, the temperature in this room could be imagined.

Wei Chen had only come in for a while, and beads of sweat had already formed on his forehead, but Wei Chen seemed to have lost his senses, staring blankly at the young man’s back. For a while, he forgot his words and where he was.

At this moment, there seemed to be fireworks blooming in his mind. The straight back of the young man coincided with the blood-stained but smiling face in his memory. Wei Chen was ecstatic, his eyes were filled with tears for an instant, and the next moment there were crystal clear tears falling from Wei Chen’s eyes, running across his cheeks, merging into drops of water on his firm chin, and dripping down.

It took a while before Wei Chen wiped away the tears from his face casually, walked towards Chen Li, and finally stopped beside Chen Li. He reached out to touch Chen Li, but the moment he raised his hand, he stopped again. Now, Chen Li completely confined himself to the world he defined, and the touch of others was the most painful thing for Chen Li.

“Chen Li…” Wei Chen gently called Chen Li’s name. When these two words jumped out of Wei Chen’s mouth, they were indescribably gentle.

The young man didn’t seem to notice anyone coming in, his gaze fell into the distance, and on the drawing paper, there happened to be a ray of sunlight jumping in from the window, landing on the place where the color was most intense and dark.

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