Chapter 11 – First Contact

The incomparable heat of the summer sun made the world seem to be shrouded in a steamer, making people dry-mouthed and sweat profusely, especially in the attic of the Chen family.

Chen Li had been in this attic all day long. Even if he was an iron man, his body would still have limits it could bear. Therefore, when Wei Chen walked to Chen Li’s side, his eyes touched Chen Li’s sickly flushed face. All the sentiments in Wei Chen’s heart disappeared, and he was instantly full of worries about Chen Li.

Wei Chen stood directly in front of Chen Li, blocking Chen Li’s gaze from observing the world outside the window. Only then did Chen Li know that someone had broken into his world. Vigilance and timidity instantly climbed into Chen Li’s eyes, and the paintbrush in his hand also fell. The black paint bloomed on the ground, and Chen Li’s whole body began to tremble.

Wei Chen knew that he had disturbed Chen Li, but he knew that with Chen Li’s current physical condition, he had to leave this world. Taking a closer look now, although Chen Li’s complexion was flushed, there was already some disoriented feeling in his eyes. There were still some fine white crystals on his skin, which were obviously the salt left after the sweat evaporated.

Wei Chen squatted down, and although he couldn’t pull a gentle smile on his face, he tried his best to soften his eyes so as not to let Chen Li feel a sense of anxiety.

“Chen Li, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” The deep voice seemed to have soothing power, and Chen Li looked up at Wei Chen hesitantly after hearing it.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” Wei Chen repeated it gently, and did not dare to reach out and touch Chen Li.

It was reasonable to say that people with autism would lock themselves in a world and refuse the warmth and kindness that seeped in from the outside, but after Chen Li saw Wei Chen at this moment, the vigilance in his eyes slowly disappeared.

Wei Chen noticed Chen Li’s changes, and there was some surprise in his eyes. As long as Chen Li would not refuse his kindness, he would use the countless days to pull Chen Li out of that distorted and lonely world little by little.

“My name is Wei Chen, you can call me Achen,” Wei Chen said and approached Chen Li a little bit without a trace, patiently guiding Chen Li.

Chen Li also made movements at this time. He raised his hand stiffly and stretched out his hand to Wei Chen’s face. When he was about to touch Wei Chen’s face, Chen Li seemed to think of something, and timidly put his hand back.

“Chen Li, it’s okay, come and touch my face,” Wei Chen saw Chen Li’s intentions, got closer to Chen Li a little bit, and coaxed him with a gentle voice.

There was no expression on Chen Li’s face, but his gaze kept falling on Wei Chen’s face. There was no vigilance in his gaze, and the timidity was gradually fading away. He raised his hand again, trying to touch Wei Chen. Chen Li was thinking of something at this moment, which made his hand tremble a little, but he approached Wei Chen’s face little by little.

Finally, his fingertips finally touched Wei Chen’s face gently. The temperature caused Chen Li to curl his fingers slightly. When Chen Li met Wei Chen’s encouraging gaze, his stiff hands slowly relaxed and began to slowly touch Wei Chen’s face gently, as if to confirm something.

Wei Chen’s eyes were overflowing with tenderness. In order to make it easier for Chen Li to touch him, he was now completely squatting in front of Chen Li, and Chen Li did not have any resistance to such close contact with him.

One person sitting, one person squatting, in the quiet attic, there was warmth slowly flowing, until…

“Chen Li, what are you doing?!” a voice broke the tranquility of this world.

What Chen Qing saw when he came up was that Chen Li put his hand on Wei Chen’s face. He didn’t care what Chen Li’s intentions were, he just reprimanded, anyway, a fool would definitely not do anything good.

Chen Li stood up in shock like a conditioned reflex. Maybe it was because of the heat in his body, or maybe he was weak due to long-term malnutrition. After Chen Li stood up abruptly, he couldn’t hold on anymore, his body swayed, and he fainted.

“Chen Li!” Wei Chen got up quickly and moved quickly, and caught Chen Li, who had fainted, into his arms.

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