The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.64

Chapter 64 – Xi Xun VS Yu Ti

0329 walked to the gate of the front garden, it pondered for a while, and finally opened the gate out of curiosity.

The gate opened slightly, and a back figure appeared in front of 0329.

Yu Ti heard the sound of the gate opening and slowly turned around. After seeing 0329, he was a little surprised, because Yu Ti had seen this little guy before.

0329 was also surprised, it blinked at the other party.

With a soft smile in Yu Ti’s eyes, he bent down and looked directly at 0329 and said, “Little brother, where is your big brother?”

“Taking a shower.”

“Then, can I go in and wait a while? I have something to say to your brother,” Yu Ti said with a smile.

0329 frowned, as if thinking.

After a while, it nodded slowly and said solemnly: “You can wait in the living room.” In fact, according to 0329’s previous personality, it would not let the other party in, but 0329 still agreed.

After not seeing him for a while, Yu Ti’s luck had thickened a little bit, and 0329 was a little curious.

Yu Ti followed the little guy into the living room.

Because only Xi Xun and 0329 were living in this villa, it was not as crowded and messy as Yuti’s villa. The air-conditioning was turned on in the living room, which was very comfortable.

Yu Ti sat on the sofa waiting for Xi Xun.

“What do you want with my brother?” 0329 also sat on the sofa and asked.

If it were someone else, they would probably ignore this child.

But Yu Ti patiently answered 0329 and said, “Your big brother cleaned up the zombies in the third town, just in time for my team to clean up the second town. There are still eight or nine small towns. The head of the safe zone wants to see if we can cooperate, so that other small towns will be cleaned up soon, and the safe zone can be expanded at that time.”

0329 nodded, indicating that it understood.

Yu Ti laughed and said in a slightly teasing tone: “Do you understand?”


Yu Ti smiled brighter, and he said: “The head of the safe zone said that your big brother is a good person and very kind.” This was also the reason why Yu Ti came. If cooperation could help the safe zone and other people, then Yu Ti was willing.

But he didn’t know what the other party had in mind, so he came over to discuss it.

But after he came over and saw the child, he knew that the person the head of the safe zone mentioned turned out to be the child’s big brother. He had been shot by an arrow in his hand before, and Yu Ti guessed that this cooperation would be difficult to achieve.

Because the first time he saw Xi Xun, he felt that this person was not easy to get along with.

And…there was a very uncomfortable aura all over his body.

“Yeah! My brother is a good man!” 0329 agreed with this sentence very much.

Yu Ti was amused by this child.

At this time, the sound of gurgling came from the kitchen, and 0329 hurriedly ran down, remembering that there was still water boiling in the kitchen. Originally, 0329 wanted to make mung bean soup for the host, but it forgot this.

Seeing the little guy running towards the kitchen, Yu Ti was worried that the little guy might be in danger, so he followed after a pause.

Then he saw that the child was cooking porridge.

Originally, 0329 could fly up and remove the lid of the pot, but because there was an outsider now, it had to work hard to move the stool. But it was stopped by Yu Ti’s hand as soon as it was halfway there.

“What are you doing?” Yu Ti frowned.

“Cooking porridge,” 0329 was confused.

Yu Ti’s face sank instantly: “Your brother doesn’t do it and let you do the cooking?”

“He can’t do it,” 0329 said solemnly.

If he cooked, 0329 felt that it might crash again, so it must not let the host do it.

Or else, it would really die.

Naturally, Yu Ti didn’t know what was going on. He frowned at the child in front of him and said, “You sit here and I will do it for you.”

“No, I can do it myself.” It was easy to cook.

Yu Ti didn’t let the child do it, but let the little guy sit in a chair and wait for him. Then he walked over, washed the mung bean soup prepared by 0329, and put it in.

Then he opened the refrigerator and looked at the ingredients inside.

Xi Xun was naturally not short of points, so there were many ingredients in the refrigerator. Both vegetables and meat were available. Yu Ti finally took out some vegetables.

0329 did not stop, but looked at the other party curiously from the side, intending to learn by itself.

Yu Ti washed the vegetables, then cut them and set them aside.

The dishes he cooked were basically vegetables, but they smelled good, at least, 0329 felt that way.

“It’s done.” Yu Ti turned off the fire half an hour later.

He brought the dishes up and put them on the table.

0329 blinked and looked, especially after seeing the assorted corn kernels, 0329’s eyes widened. These dishes looked so delicious that it subconsciously wanted to reach out.

Yu Ti knocked 0329’s small hand with his chopsticks and said, “Go wash your hands.”

0329’s hands were actually not dirty, in fact, they would never be dirty, because it was not a human being.

But it still listened to the other party’s words and washed its hands.

When it came back, Yu Ti put 0329 back on the chair, then took out a small plate and a small spoon and gave it a little bit.

0329 ate a little, and then its eyes lit up suddenly.

This dish was very delicious! It was different from the usual dishes 0329 cooked. It seemed that there were no impurities in the food itself. It was very comfortable and warm to eat. The most important thing was that this dish had a good taste and was very sweet.

0329 liked sweets the most and liked this dish very much.

“Do you like it?” Yu Ti asked with a smile.


In addition to this dish, there was also a plate of shredded sweet potatoes and glazed apples, all of which was sweet! Sweet but not greasy. 0329’s eyes were bright, it even wanted to hug these dishes directly, they were all its!

When 0329 was not in human form, its hands were very short, and sometimes it couldn’t reach the vegetables, so Yu Ti asked it to sit down obediently and fed it himself.

Now, 0329 had been stunned by the food.

It sat down obediently and waited to be fed.

It was obviously not the first time Yu Ti had fed a child. He was very patient. Even if 0329 said to eat this and that from time to time, Yu Ti gave it to it.

This scene was very warm and harmonious. Those who didn’t know might think they were brothers.

Because Yu Ti’s movements were really gentle.

Just like a biological brother who was many years older than 0329.

After eating half of it, 0329 shook its head and stopped eating. Although it was very reluctant, it still wanted to leave half of it for the host. The host also liked to eat sweet things very much. He should be very happy after seeing it.

Yu Ti thought the little guy was full, so he put down the dishes and chopsticks.

It might be that the appearance of 0329 sitting obediently was too cute, Yu Ti stretched out his hand and touched its head.

0329 tilted its head and looked at him.

“You are so comfortable,” 0329 sniffed.

The palm of Yu Ti’s hand on 0329’s head was also very warm, and there was an indescribable feeling. Anyway, the closer 0329 was to Yu Ti, the more comfortable it was.

“Do you want to drink some mung bean soup?”

0329 thought for a while, and finally nodded.

Yu Ti brought over the bowl of mung bean soup that had been cooled a long time ago, and then fed it to 0329 with a spoon.

0329 drank this mouthful of mung bean soup.

But just after drinking, 0329 said, ‘Huh?’ How come it felt like this mung bean soup seemed to be better than the one it made before? It seemed that it was still not good at cooking! Alas!

0329 was very annoyed and felt that it had to make progress.

“Can I hug you?” 0329 asked suddenly.

Although the other party’s body was full of black luck, 0329 still felt that the other party was not a bad person. The teacher said not to use the eyes to judge whether the other party is good or bad. Although 0329 didn’t know where to look, it still decided to trust its own intuition.

It needed to hug the other party and it would know after hugging him!

“Hug?” Yu Ti asked with a smile.


“Yes.” Yu Ti touched the other person’s little head. He liked this little guy very much, maybe it was fate, he liked the kid at first glance.

0329’s eyes lit up, it looked at Yu Ti, then stretched out its little hand to hug him.

But at that moment, Yu Ti’s face turned cold, and he suddenly got out of the way.

0329 was taken aback, as if it didn’t understand why the other party suddenly changed his mind. At this time, Yu Ti’s cheek suddenly had a scratch, and an arrow pierced into the wall behind him.

That arrow seemed to be just an ordinary arrow, but it exuded a strong aura and a killing intent.

Xi Xun was standing expressionlessly at the steps of the stairs at this time.

His strange pupils were like cracked ice at this moment, extremely terrifying. Yu Ti could feel this invisible killing intent, as if any movement in the tense air could cause an explosion.

After seeing Xi Xun come out, 0329 ran over immediately.

It hugged Xi Xun’s leg.

But Xi Xun didn’t even look at the small system. In a blink of an eye, Xi Xun had disappeared in place, and he and Yu Ti started fighting. 0329 froze in place with a confused face, not understanding what was happening.

Yu Ti’s skills were not bad, it was even high.

But he was not a match for Xi Xun.

He quickly avoided the arrow that was shot at him, but he couldn’t avoid the arrow from other places. Yu Ti suddenly felt a pain in his chest, and the next second, he was kicked away. Yu Ti fell heavily on the floor-to-ceiling window glass, and the glass shattered to the ground.

Yu Ti had difficulty breathing, and one of his ribs was broken.

The fact that he was beaten like this with just a few movements made Yu Ti’s heart sink while he was shocked.

There was still no expression on Xi Xun’s face.

He looked at Yu Ti coldly, as if he was looking at a corpse. He walked over, and then a sword suddenly appeared in his hand. Just when that sword was about to pierce Yu Ti in an instant, Xi Xun’s sword was suddenly grasped.

“Host, what’s wrong with you? Wake up!”

At this time, 0329 had already turned into a human form, because its original body could not stop the host.

“Let go,” Xi Xun said coldly.

0329 naturally did no dare let go. Not only did it not let go, it directly hugged Xi Xun, and said in a slightly painful tone: “Host, are you confused by something? He is not a bad person!”

But having said that, this sword seemed a bit familiar.


‘Isn’t this its law enforcement sword? Why did it suddenly appear in the hands of the host?’

0329 was stunned for a moment.

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