Chapter 13 – Violence and Isolation

At that time, when the doctor examined Chen Li’s body, he found many traces of bruises on Chen Li’s body that were still healing, some old and some new, apparently, he had been abused for a long time.

So when the doctor checked out and Wei Chen went forward to ask about his condition, the doctor stared at Wei Chen for a while, and asked in a bad tone: “What is your relationship with the patient? Why does the patient have such a severe heatstroke?” Although he had been in medicine for many years and was used to seeing life and death, he couldn’t tolerate domestic violence.

Wei Chen sensed some clues from the doctor’s tone, so he asked anxiously: “Doctor, how is the patient?” Although the expression on his face couldn’t be changed, the worry in his eyes was still real.

“Answer me first, what is your relationship with the patient?” The doctor refused to let it go. If the person in front of him was the one who abused the patient, then he didn’t need to let him know the patient’s condition. He would even notify the police station to deal with the matter. This was a severe domestic violence incident.

At this moment, Wei Chen knew that if he didn’t explain his relationship with Chen Li clearly, the doctor would not let him go in to see Chen Li, let alone tell him about Chen Li’s condition.

“I am his fiance, I went to see him at his house for the first time today,” Wei Chen’s voice was low, with anger and full of worry.

The doctor looked at Wei Chen for a while, and saw that the emotions he showed did not seem to be fake, so he said solemnly, “The patient has autism, you should know that.”

Wei Chen nodded.

“The patient’s body is not very good, heat exhaustion, anemia, malnutrition, stunted growth… These are all minor problems that can be restored through recuperation. The most serious is the patient’s psychological problems.

I think the patient was in a closed and violent environment for a long time, which made his autism more and more serious. He was afraid of the approach of others, but he couldn’t react to refuse it, and instead, silently endured it.

A large part of the reason is that he probably suffered violent retaliation when he refused before, so he has subconsciously and passively accepted everything imposed on him by the outside world. This also made the patient’s autistic symptoms more and more serious.

If the patient is not pulled back from the darkness, I am worried that he will drown in the darkness one day and will never come back.” The doctor said, glanced at Wei Chen, and continued: “Since you are the patient’s fiance, and I can see that your worries about the patient are true, I hope you can change the environment for the patient, and never return to the environment that the patient was in before. That environment is also evocative to the patient, and it is not beneficial to the patient’s condition.”

“Okay.” This word was almost uttered by Wei Chen through gritted teeth, and there was a wave of strong anger in it. Wei Chen’s face was still expressionless, but his eyes were red and his hands were clenched tightly. The blue veins burst out, and the bones and joints creaked, it could be seen that he was now enduring the boundless anger in his heart.

The doctor did not speak out to relieve Wei Chen, but asked, “Do you need me to call the police?” For such a serious domestic violence, the police must intervene.

Wei Chen shook his head, “No, these are useless.” For the Chen family, how could it be useful to call the police?

The doctor, presumably also sensing the hidden truth, patted Wei Chen’s shoulder and said, “When the patient wakes up, treat him well, he has suffered too much.”

Wei Chen remained silent, looking at the ward with red eyes, Chen Li was unconscious on the hospital bed, quiet and distressing.

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