The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.65

Chapter 65 – The Host is the Senior!

Because what 0329 presented in front of Yu Ti before was the appearance of a child, if it turned into a human form in front of Yu Ti, it would cause suspicion, so 0329 controlled Yu Ti at the moment of turning into a human form and made him faint.

At that time, 0329 was still holding the law enforcement sword.

Xi Xun did not attack Yu Ti again, but only looked at 0329 coldly.

0329 blinked.

It froze in place for a while, and then suddenly poked the blade with one hand. This sword didn’t seem to like being poked, it turned directly into a light and disappeared.

0329 confirmed this was the senior’s law enforcement sword, that’s right!


0329 never had such a change of mood so intense, the chip that was not yet repaired almost collapsed because of the intense emotions! When it finally calmed down, it found that the host had turned coldly and went upstairs.

It withdrew its gaze regretfully, then lowered its head to take a look at Yu Ti’s injury first.

Now 0329 had recovered a lot of energy.

It first treated Yu Ti’s internal injuries, so that he could recover well. When Yu Ti woke up, 0329, who turned into a system body, asked worriedly: “Are you okay?”

Yu Ti shook his head and reluctantly said, “Yeah…”

He covered his chest with difficulty to think of himself, but was surprised to find that his chest didn’t hurt so much.

Was his rib not broken? Did he have an illusion?

“I’m sorry, my brother didn’t do it on purpose, he may have had qi deviation because of his practice,” 0329 said bitterly. It listened to the story a few days ago and heard that humans had the words ‘qi deviation’.

Yu Ti was amused by this child.

But seeing the child’s uneasy look, Yu Ti touched his head and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t blame your brother. I know it was a misunderstanding. Don’t be afraid.”

0329 then breathed a sigh of relief, and then he held Yu Ti’s arm and said solemnly: “Let me help you out.”

“It’s okay… I’m fine,” Yu Ti coughed.

After speaking, Yu Ti stood up with difficulty. It was just that after leaving the door, he turned around and frowned while looking at the villa, his eyes were deep and it was unknown what he was thinking.

About two or three seconds later, Yu Ti turned around and left.

Although Yu Ti’s ribs were not broken much, his body was really uncomfortable and he suffered more trauma. Just now, he didn’t want the child to be afraid, and pretended that he was fine.

So as soon as he left the villa, Yu Ti almost fell down.

He leaned against the wall and took a deep breath, and continued to walk slowly towards his villa.

Fortunately, the two villas were not too far apart.

The person standing guard at the door saw that Yu Ti seemed to be injured and had some blood on his body and rushed to him, saying, “Brother Yu, what happened to you?!”

The people in the villa also came out when they heard this voice.

Xu Chuan asked anxiously: “Brother Yu, are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Yu Ti shook his head.

Xu Chuan wanted to say something else, Yu Ti had already raised his hand to stop it, and only said, “There was an accident, it’s not a big deal, just let Yu Bo take a look at me.”

“Okay, I’ll call Yu Bo now!”


The other side.

After Yu Ti left, 0329 did not go back to the bedroom, but sat at the door of the floor-to-ceiling window and thought about things.

It was thinking about the scene when the law enforcement sword appeared in the host’s hand!

The most important thing was that the law enforcement sword did not resist either.

For tens of millions of years, the law enforcement sword had never recognized others as the master, even if the host’s charisma was strong, it was impossible. The law enforcement sword only recognizes its senior. Not to mention that the law enforcement sword had never had contact with the host before.

So there was only one answer…

‘Could it be that the host is the reincarnated No.1 boss senior?!’

0329 sat on the steps, holding its little hands nervously, a little excited and a little uncertain.

It took a long time before 0329 finally got up and walked back quickly.

It was already late at night and early in the morning.

Xi Xun leaned on the bed and closed his eyes to rest his mind. His hands rested on his bent knee. The coldness that had not yet faded meant that Xi Xun was still in a rage.

He was indeed in a rage.

Before he left the living room and returned to the bedroom, he just temporarily forced down his rage. Xi Xun could feel the little white ball below, which was also the reason why Xi Xun could barely contain his emotions.

If 0329 really left, the result would be different.

At this moment, Xi Xun heard a rustling sound in his ears, as well as the small sound of the door closing.

He knew that this was the little white ball coming.

0329 looked at the host in front of it without blinking.

It first stared at Xi Xun fixedly for a while, then carefully moved its body, stopped after moving, and then glanced at the host, as if to see the host’s reaction.

Seeing that the host did not refuse, 0329 leaned over.

It looked at the host’s well-defined, lean, and powerful fingers, and subconsciously stretched out its small hand to shake it.

‘Is this the hand of the senior? It’s so beautiful.’

It had always wanted to see the hands of its senior, but its senior cut off the hands of 80,000 high evil gods during its tenure! This feat was still recorded on the wall of the Law Enforcement Department, and it would be worshipped every day when it passed through the corridor of the Law Enforcement Department.

Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes, and then he saw the small system looking at his hand in a daze.

At this time, Xi Xun’s sanity had not fully recovered yet.

Generally, when in a state of rage, Xi Xun couldn’t think about other things. This was his nature, and it didn’t matter whether he controlled it or not, just like a lion who would pounce on its prey when it saw it. This was nature.

It was the same for Xi Xun.

That’s why he used to try his best to control his emotions, otherwise, he couldn’t think calmly.

The moment he held the law enforcement sword, Xi Xun recovered a little scattered memory, but only a little bit, not much. If Xi Xun were in a state of normal thinking, he would think about it.

But now he had no mind to think about anything else.

“Do you like him?” Xi Xun’s tone had no joy or anger.

His words were referring to Yu Ti.

“Is the host’s hand insured?” 0329 asked. Such a good-looking hand must be well protected!

“Why did you stop me?” Xi Xun said coldly.

“Host, can I kiss your hand?” 0329 asked with bright eyes.


Xi Xun looked at the little white ball in front of him, he picked it up and said, “Don’t look around and talk about him.”

“Hmm? Talk about what?” 0329 was puzzled.

“Do you like that person?” Xi Xun repeated what he had just said.

Hearing that, the ball turned red, it hugged the host’s hand and lowered its voice mysteriously: “Actually, my favorite is the host.”

Xi Xun’s eyes deepened, and his coldness gradually receded.

He stared at the little white ball in his hand and said, “Really?”

“Hmm!” 0329 nodded.

Then it broke free from the palm of the host’s hand and then closed its eyes to search for items in its own space. It had now recovered a lot of energy and its body had recovered 15%, so it could open its own space to get things.

0329 took things out.

It was nothing else but a bunch of small balls of glass the size of a pearl. There was a glimmer of light in those small balls, as if there was a starry sky inside, and they looked very beautiful when they were piled together.

This was the treasure of 0329. In the Law Enforcement Department, whenever the physical injury caused by the pursuit of law enforcement objects exceeded Level 10, medals would be issued, and these small balls were 0329 medals.

0329 had almost at least tens of thousands of small ball medals.

These medals were the pride of 0329, and they were all well-protected. Its biggest dream was to show it to its senior one day, and then give the senior the most beautiful ones.

The rest of it was planned to be given to the person it liked best in the future.

Now the host was both the person it liked and the senior, so 0329 intended to give all these small balls to the host.

“These small balls are all my medals, because I came out in a hurry and didn’t bring much, I only brought ninety-nine. I want to give it to the host. I like the host very much. I hope the host will always be healthy, happy, and safe.” While speaking, 0329 put the ball in Xi Xun’s palm, and then looked at him expectantly.

Xi Xun looked at the most beautiful little ball in his hand, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

0329 continued: “Host, can I hug you?”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, and it took a long time before he faintly replied, “Hmm.”

0329 immediately transformed into a human form and hugged Xi Xun. In fact, it could continue with its system body, but 0329 wanted to hug the host completely.

“Host.” 0329 hugged Xi Xun tightly.


“I am very happy.” 0329 lowered its voice.


“The teacher used to say that everything has gains and losses, good and bad, so I have never given up on myself! Although I almost died in this mission this time, I am very happy now, because I met the host, and I feel like I am the luckiest system ever!”

There were ripples in Xi Xun’s eyes.

“I really like the host.” 0329 rubbed against XI Xun.

At this moment, no matter how much anger there was, it disappeared. The deep red color in Xi Xun’s eyes subsided, and the coldness began to fade, which meant that Xi Xun’s mood calmed down.

0329 let go of the host and looked at him without blinking.



“The teacher used to say that there is no perfect thing in the world, and any life will have shortcomings. But I found that the host is the most perfect. Although the host sometimes has a bad temper and loves to be angry, I think the host is very cute!”


“From today on, I will protect the host well and will not let anyone hurt you. Don’t be afraid, host.” After speaking, 0329 hugged the host again, its arms tightly wrapped around Xi Xun.


At this time, 0329 was very excited, it really didn’t expect the host to be the senior! This made 0329’s little hands tremble non-stop. It took a deep breath and then continued to look at the host.

It touched Xi Xun’s hand, raised its head, and asked, “Host, can I hug you often in the future?” It used to hear in the law department that the senior hated any contact, and 0329 was afraid that the host would not like it.

“Hug if you want.”

“Then can I also kiss you?” 0329 blinked in anticipation.


That night, 0329 slept tightly holding Xi Xun’s hand.

And Xi Xun also rested briefly until the early morning when Xi Xun abruptly opened his eyes. His eyes were all black at this time, but this state was only maintained for a few seconds, and 0329, who was asleep, did not notice it.

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