The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.66.1

Chapter 66.1 – Xi Xun’s Recovered Memory

The next day.

The weather was sunny and clear. 0329 got up early in the morning. More than two months had passed since the end of the world, and the weather had gradually turned cooler, unlike the previous sweltering heat.

0329 was squatting in the corner of the yard, and was tossing something.

What Xi Xun saw after he came out was this scene.

“Host!” 0329 seemed to sense the host, it turned around and ran over excitedly after seeing the host. It took Xi Xun’s hand and asked Xi Xun to follow it.

Xi Xun followed 0329 and walked towards the corner of the small garden.

After arriving at the destination, 0329 pointed to a certain fluffy soil and said, “Host, look!”

Xi Xun squatted down and looked: “What am I looking at?”

“There is a jar of wine here, I brewed it! The host will be able to drink it in the coming year~” 0329 said proudly.

“Oh? You can also make wine?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, my senior brother can make wine, I learned a little bit.” This was one of the lessons about falling in love, and 0329 learned it seriously so that it could make wine for everyone it liked in the future.

Xi Xun automatically blocked the words ‘senior brother’, and only asked in a low voice, “What kind of wine is this?”

“Osmanthus wine, I brewed a big jar!”

“Are there still osmanthus left?”

“Hmm? What does the host want osmanthus for?” 0329 asked curiously.

“I’ll brew a little too.”

0329 paused and then said worriedly: “The host should stop brewing. It will be bad if the host is poisoned after drinking it next year.”


This conversation made the law enforcement sword hovering not far away couldn’t help but laugh, but it still pretended not to hear it and just turned over. But the next second, it was instantly repelled by a force.

Law Enforcement Sword: “……”

Now Xi Xun had regained one percent of his power, but this one percent could not be used against ordinary people, and could only be used in the face of external forces.

But it didn’t matter, because it was the same for Xi Xun, with or without it.

He recovered a little piece of memory.

These memories were very messy, like pieces of incomplete jigsaw puzzles. But Xi Xun still caught the point, that is, the world he was in now was a tribulation.

As long as he broke through this tribulation, he could leave this world.

At the same time, he barely recalled a little bit of his identity. Although it wasn’t clear, Xi Xun guessed that he should also be a reincarnated system. And it was very likely that he was the senior in Zhuo’s mouth.

If it were someone else, they might feel happy.

After all, Xi Xun liked the small system very much now. If the person it admired was himself, then this was better.

But Xi Xun was not so happy.

What he wanted Zhuo to like was who he was now, not the so-called previous life. The previous life was the previous life, and the present was the present. If Zhuo cared too much about himself in the past life, it would make Xi Xun feel very uncomfortable.

Although in the eyes of others, this might be a bit wrong.

But that’s how Xi Xun’s character was.

“Host, I made corn porridge this morning, and also made a little barbecue pork bun.” 0329 took the host’s hand and headed towards the dining room while talking, “Let’s go to the supermarket to buy something after we finish eating!”

“Hmm.” Xi Xun took a seat.

He put the little white ball in his arms, and as usual, he ate a little himself and fed it a few bites. It was just that unlike before, this little white ball was a little red today.

In fact, 0329 didn’t want to be red either! But it couldn’t help it!

When it thought of its senior holding it, 0329 couldn’t control its excitement, nervousness, and joy.

Because of this nervousness, 0329 accidentally choked.

Xi Xun frowned, looked at the little white ball, then handed it a cup of hot water, and said, “Drink it.”

0329 held the cup of water and finished drinking it.

“Feel better?” Xi Xun asked.


Xi Xun nodded, and then he continued to feed the little white ball, but he shredded it and fed it to it, so it was not easy to choke again. Although even if it choked, it would be fine, because it was a system, and nothing would happen.

Looking at the host’s hand tearing the skin of buns for it, 0329 couldn’t help being a little distracted.

It was wondering if it was a bit overkill?

The host’s hand was so precious! That was the hand that cut off 80,000 evil gods! 0329 hadn’t cut one so far. Of course, it was not that it was not capable enough, mainly because they were all killed by the senior during his tenure.

Only some minions were left.

Even after so many years, they hadn’t recovered yet.

It didn’t know how the host did it.

Eighty thousand evil gods, according to other systems, were hidden in extremely difficult-to-find places, but they were all caught by the host! He was simply the God of War in the system world!!

“Host.” 0329 suddenly stopped Xi Xun’s hand.


“I’ll eat it myself, the host’s hands shouldn’t do this kind of thing!” The host’s hand was used to hold a sword, so that it fit the image of the host senior!

Xi Xun asked the little white ball to sit down, continued to tear the skin of the bun to feed it, and said plainly: “My hand, I can do whatever I want.”

0329 tilted its head, as if it wanted to say something. But at this time, Xi Xun’s buns had already entered its mouth, and in the end, 0329 decided to eat it first!


Didn’t react at first, until Xi Xun called for the second time, 0329 said, “Huh?” It was a little bit unaccustomed to this name. All systems had numbers, and the numbers were their names.

“I like this name,” Xi Xun said slowly suddenly.

“As long as the host likes it!” Although it didn’t know why the host liked it, it didn’t matter!

Just like that, one fed and one ate.

0329 ate more than 30 by itself, and when it came to its senses, it found that there was only one barbecued pork bun left. 0329 hurriedly stopped the host, a little annoyed with itself: “There is only one left, it’s not enough for the host.”

The host had such a big appetite, he would definitely not be full.

“One is enough.”

0329 didn’t agree. It wanted to go to the kitchen to make a little more for the host, but was stopped by Xi Xun. Xi Xun said: “This is enough. After eating, we will go to the supermarket.”

0329 thought about it, they had to go to the supermarket first, otherwise, it would be very crowded in a while.

There were now more than 200,000 people in the safe zone.

Although only a few tens of thousands of these 200,000 people probably had the ability to go to the supermarket to buy things. But there were only three supermarkets in the entire safe zone. Even if there didn’t seem to be many people, it’d take a long time to queue in the supermarket for settlement.

“Then the host should drink more corn porridge.”


As for this last barbecued pork bun, 0329 also modestly stated that it would feed the host.

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows and did not refuse the proposal.

So 0329 began to feed him seriously, and from time to time, it served a spoonful of porridge and then fed it to the host. And Xi Xun obviously liked the small system feeding him very much. He watched 0329 quietly, and by the time he came to his sense, he had already eaten six or seven bowls of corn porridge.

Xi Xun: “……”

Forget it, just go out and walk around so that he could digest it.

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