Chapter 20 – Lax Discipline

When Wei Chen finished speaking, he stared at Chen Yu with cold eyes. Chen Yu flinched for no reason, and was about to talk back, but Du Lixun, who came forward, held down his hand. Du Lixun’s noble voice immediately sounded in his ears, “I can’t accept Young Master Wei’s words. Chen Li lives in my Chen’s house. We gave him food and drink. He likes to draw so we also bought a set of painting tools for him. If it wasn’t for him not being able to socialize, I couldn’t wait to send him to Q University, B University, or even abroad to study and give him the best education. Why do you say we abused him?” Du Lixun lifted her eyes to look at Wei Chen, and the corners of her mouth were lightly raised, with an air of superiority.

“Mrs. Chen has a compassionate heart,” Wei Chen said: “Chen Li has troubled you for so many years. In fact, I still want to thank you for agreeing to give him the surname Chen, making him unfortunately a member of your Chen family.” The words were not polite at all.

Just when Du Lixun was about to say something, the police came.

The police were invited in by the housekeeper. They knew that they were at Chen’s house now and had a respectful attitude. After seeing Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun, they immediately came forward to say hello. Du Lixun’s father was his immediate boss, the chief of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. He couldn’t offend Du Lixun and the Chen family no matter what.


The leading policeman glanced at Wei Chen, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. This was the young master of the Wei family, and he couldn’t afford to offend him either!

What day is it today, two tigers are fighting each other, why did you get him, a small police officer, involved? He really couldn’t solve this problem.

“Which one of you called the police? What was the reason for calling the police?” After greeting the people present one by one, the police asked in a raised voice.

“Me,” Wei Chen stood up directly, “I called the police.” The face was expressionless and the tone was icy cold.

The policeman swallowed, steadied himself, and asked with a bluff: “Why did you call the police?”

Wei Chen handed the file bag he brought to the police and said, “This is the injury report of my fiancé, Chen Li. I suspect that he suffered domestic violence when he was at Chen’s house.”

The policeman took the file bag handed over by Wei Chen, glanced at Wei Chen embarrassedly, and then at the Chen family, wondering if he should open it.

When the policeman hesitated and dawdled, Du Lixun’s eyes flashed before she said to the housekeeper waiting by the side: “Find the servant who takes care of Young Master Chen Li.”

The housekeeper took the order and went away. Chen Yunsheng narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at the back of the housekeeper leaving.

A few minutes later, the housekeeper came up with the trembling servant. She glanced around timidly, shrank her neck, and lowered her head.

Du Lixun glanced at the servant faintly, and said, “Young Master Wei said that Young Master Chen Li was mistreated by our Chen family. Tell Young Master Wei what happened.”

The servant shook and then said tremblingly: “It was Young Master Chen Li himself… He fell… Young Master Chen Li… He… He has a problem with his brain, and he often beats himself when he goes crazy. We can’t stop him!” The servant’s voice grew louder and more confident as she spoke.

“Did Young Master Wei and Officer Zheng hear clearly? Chen Li is an autistic person, and we can’t stop him from doing something,” Du Lixun smiled.

Wei Chen didn’t care about Du Lixun, but walked directly in front of the servant, his gaze fell on the servant, and said coldly: “Then tell me, why did we find your skin tissue on Chen Li’s wound? Why your broken nails were found on the pinch marks?”

“This…this…” The servant’s eyes began to flicker, her hands twisted, one hand unconsciously whirling the thumb of her right hand. The nails had just been trimmed, and they were round and smooth.

“What? Did Chen Li twist off your nails and stick them into his own skin?” Wei Chen’s voice became colder and colder, and the sense of oppression rushed towards the servant.

The maid was already guilty, and under Wei Chen’s pressure, she couldn’t bear it mentally, so she cried out and admitted to abusing Chen Li with tears.

“Did Officer Zheng hear that?” Wei Chen got the answer he wanted and turned to look at Officer Zheng.

“Heard… I heard it.” Officer Zheng was still a little stunned and subconsciously replied, but then he didn’t know what to do.

“It was my lax discipline that caused my servant to do such a thing. Just do what Officer Zheng should do,” Du Lixun’s expression on her face didn’t change much, she glanced at the servant indifferently, and said.

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