Chapter 19 – I Called the Police

The summer rain came without a warning. When Wei Chen arrived at the Chen family’s house, the weather was still clear. Not long after he arrived at the Chen family’s house, the heavy rain fell, and the thunder roared, making this supposed calm summer night a little noisy.

In the living room of the Chen family, Chen Yunsheng and Wei Chen sat opposite each other, and the atmosphere was a little frozen.

Chen Yunsheng looked at Wei Chen silently. He was not sure what the reason was for Wei Chen to come over this time. He also knew about Wei Chen and Chen Li’s marriage, but seeing Wei Chen like this, it didn’t seem that he was here to refuse the marriage.

“I was negligent in this matter.” Although he couldn’t guess Wei Chen’s intentions, Chen Yunsheng still smiled, “I just came back from a business trip and just sat down for a hot meal. I didn’t go to the hospital to see Chen Li. I still don’t understand Chen Li’s condition, it’s my negligence as a father.”

“Uncle is fortunate,” Wei Chen said, following Chen Yunsheng’s words, as if he didn’t know what Chen Yunsheng meant. Chen Yunsheng spoke lightly, seemingly taking the initiative to admit his mistake, but in fact, he cut off Wei Chen’s words and told Wei Chen that it was not that he didn’t know Chen Li’s condition, but that he was too busy to care about Chen Li’s condition.

Of course, if Wei Chen’s purpose today was to enlighten and inquire, then the conversation would be controlled by Chen Yunsheng’s weightless words of “admitting his mistake”. But today, Wei Chen’s purpose was not to enlighten and inquire. How could the Chen family, who didn’t think they were wrong, give others a chance to ask questions? So when he came, Wei Chen directly “condemned”.

“There is something I need to say sorry to my uncle first.” Wei Chen looked directly into Chen Yunsheng’s eyes, saying that he wanted to say sorry, but his eyes were full of coldness. The so-called sorry was just polite words.

“It’s okay, you can say it,” Chen Yunsheng’s smile remained unchanged, but his eyes had already sunk.

“When I came over, I had already called the police.” Wei Chen stood up from the sofa and glanced around with cold eyes.

There was a sudden thunderous explosion as if the world was ending, and Wei Chen’s expressionless face was illuminated by the lightning outside, making it look eerie. The Chen family present couldn’t help but be taken aback. When they recovered, their arms were already covered with goosebumps.

In terms of the status of the Chen family in Shanghai, Wei Chen’s calling the police could not shake them in the slightest. What shocked them was the creepy feeling that Wei Chen had just shown. Obviously, there was no expression on Wei Chen’s paralyzed face, but at the moment when the lightning flickered, they seemed to feel a kind of resolute and morbid hatred from Wei Chen, which made their hair stand on end.

Chen Yunsheng and Du Lixun were both calm people, but when the two looked at Wei Chen, their eyes were a little more inquisitive. Chen Qing was also calm and composed. After yesterday and now, Chen Qing was already exploring the reasons for Wei Chen’s attitude change.

In this way, the scene was a little silent.

“Wei Chen, what do you mean?” Soon after, the youngest, Chen Yu, couldn’t hold back anymore, she puffed her face angrily and questioned Wei Chen. At this point in time, he came to their house to disturb their dinner, and he even called the police inexplicably. Their Chen family was not afraid of the police, but no one would greet someone with a smile when they came to look for trouble at their door.

“What do I mean? Heh!” Wei Chen wanted to pull a sneer, but under the traction of the underdeveloped facial nerves, this sneer became particularly hideous, “As Chen Li’s fiancé, I can’t just stand by and watch Chen Li suffer abuse like you guys do.”

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