Chapter 18 – Discussing the Condition

Chen Li had been in a closed space for a long time and rarely came into contact with sunlight, which made Chen Li’s skin fair and delicate, but it was this fairness that made the bruises on Chen Li’s skin so shocking.

As Wei Chen pushed Chen Li’s clothes up little by little, there were more and more blue and black bruises, both new and old, mottled and hideous scattered on Chen Li’s skin, white, green, and black mixed together, it was really horrible.

Wei Chen didn’t pull Chen Li’s clothes up again, or take off Chen Li’s pants to check. First, he didn’t want to disturb Chen Li, and second, he didn’t dare to look. Just a part of the waist was so shocking, what about other places? Wei Chen felt a tightening in his heart when he thought about it, and he was in pain.

‘The patient has lived in a lonely and violent space for a long time.’

—The doctor’s words resounded in Wei Chen’s head again. He originally thought that Chen Li had suffered only from the cold violence of the Chen family, but now it seemed that it was more than cold violence. The old and new bruises were indicative of the pain that the Chen family had brought to Chen Li!

No wonder Chen Li was more afraid of contacting people than other autistic people, it turned out that while he was immersed in his own world, he was also suffering from the endless malice from the outside world!

It took Wei Chen a lot of control to suppress the anger that rose in his heart. He gently pulled Chen Li’s clothes back, tucked the quilt corners, and went out to instruct the nurse on duty to pay more attention to the movement in the ward. Only then did he suppress his monstrous anger and left the hospital and went to Chen’s house again.


Chen Qing didn’t know the reason. He originally planned to go back to school, but now he took a week off and stayed in Shanghai. Chen Qing’s father, Chen Yunsheng, who had been on a business trip for more than half a month, also returned home today. Chen Qing’s younger sister, Chen Yu, came back from school specially. The family sent Chen Li away, otherwise, it would be called a family reunion.

However, perhaps it was precisely because of the absence of Chen Li this time that the family felt that this reunion was particularly rare.

As night fell, the dining table of the Chen family was also happy and harmonious, until the housekeeper came in and reported that Wei Chen was here.

The atmosphere at the dining table froze for this reason. Du Lixun’s eyes darkened, putting down the chopsticks she had just raised. Chen Qing frowned directly, with a little anger in his eyes.

When Wei Chen carried the unconscious Chen Li away yesterday, they still felt a little terrified when they recalled his aggressive appearance. Obviously, he didn’t get angry at them, but it was like his cold aura solidified and could pierce people.

And Chen Qing was more angry with Wei Chen, in addition to the shock at that time. He and Wei Chen had known each other for more than ten years, and Wei Chen had never said a harsh word to him, and this time, he got angry with him for a fool!

Chen Yunsheng and Chen Yu were clueless and didn’t know what happened yesterday. When they heard that Wei Chen was here, they just wondered why Wei Chen came here at this hour.

Chen Yunsheng put down the chopsticks in his hand and said to the housekeeper, “Let Young Master Wei in.”

The housekeeper glanced at Du Lixun secretly, and after seeing that there was no resisting expression on Du Lixun’s face, he went out and invited Wei Chen in.

“Young Master Wei, please come in,” the housekeeper led Wei Chen to the door and made a gesture of invitation.

“Thank you.” Wei Chen nodded politely toward the housekeeper, his eyes were cold, showing no emotion at all.


“Wei Chen is here, are you here to see Chen Qing?” During the time when the housekeeper went to invite Wei Chen in, Chen Yunsheng had already sat on the sofa in the living room and looked at Wei Chen with a smile.

“I came here this time to discuss Chen Li’s condition with my uncle,” Wei Chen didn’t beat around the bush, and said straightforwardly.

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