Chapter 21 – A slap on the face

“Arrest her!” After receiving Du Lixun’s order, Officer Zheng asked his subordinates to detain the servant, but he felt very distressed arresting someone from the Chen family. Although she was just an insignificant maid, he still disgraced the Chen family’s face, and it could be regarded as offending the Chen family.

The servant was detained, and just when everyone thought that the matter was over, Wei Chen took back the file bag from Officer Zheng.

Officer Zheng was puzzled, “Young Master Wei, this is evidence against the suspect, why do you want to take it back?”

Wei Chen raised the document bag in his hand and said, “There is no injury report. It’s just a means for me to lure the suspect into submission. It’s just a few blank sheets of paper.”

Du Lixun’s eyebrows frowned slightly, but it soon relaxed, but the gaze that fell on Wei Chen became a little cold.

Officer Zheng knew that the affairs of the Chen and Wei families were not something he could watch himself. After catching the servant, he immediately left. He was a small man who couldn’t move the two behemoths, the Chen and Wei families.

When Officer Zheng reached the door, he heard Wei Chen’s cold voice ringing out, “This time, thanks to Mrs. Chen placing righteousness before family, we were able to catch the culprit who abused Chen Li.” The sarcasm in the words was so clear that Officer Zheng could hear it clearly even through a door.

Yeah, how could it not be ironic? The young master of the Chen family was actually abused and hospitalized by the servant, but the Chen family was unaware of it. If this were to get out, there is no telling how others would laugh and think about it.

Placing righteousness before family? Punishing someone serving the family, yes, but why was there righteousness? It was really ironic to the extreme.

“Tsk tsk, even if it’s not your own, you can’t just stand by and watch people being abused by your servants, right? Maybe it wasn’t the maid who mistreated him, but she ordered her to do so. They all said that Mrs. Chen was compassionate, but I think she was a snake and a scorpion, a poisonous woman!” A trainee policeman experienced all this just now, and whispered to his senior in a low voice.

The senior kicked the trainee policeman lightly, and scolded softly, “Shut up and just mind your own business!”

Officer Zheng listened to the words of the two subordinates in his ears, he didn’t say anything, but he looked at Wei Chen a little differently in his heart. This young master of the Wei family not only played tricks on the Chen family with a few blank sheets of paper, but also broke the image of a compassionate woman that the Chen family’s wife, Du Lixun, had been trying to maintain for several years.

If this matter was to spread out, everyone would probably think the same as the trainee policeman, thinking that Du Lixun deliberately let her servant abuse Chen Li. Wei Chen did this so well that he only caught an insignificant subordinate of the Chen family. It seemed that there was no substantial harm to the Chen family, but an invisible slap fell on the Chen family, especially Mrs. Chen’s face, but also let people catch a little fault to stand on the high ground of emotion and reason.

Tsk Tsk, really bloody ah!

What Officer Zheng could think of, Du Lixun could naturally think of, but she could only swallow her anger into her stomach, even if she was furious, her face still looked haughty.

“Wei Chen ah, this matter ends here. Don’t blame your aunt. There are also times when your aunt can’t control the servants’ affairs, Chen Li will be fine.” Chen Yunsheng, still smiling, spoke out to ease the atmosphere in the living room, giving a step back for each other by the way.

Wei Chen, however, did not want step back, he glanced at Chen Yunsheng and said coldly: “Chen Li, who your Chen family can’t tolerate, I, Wei Chen, will treasure on the tip of my heart. In the future, if Chen Li suffers any harm because of you, I, Wei Chen, will drag you all down to hell even if I have to risk my life!” He, Wei Chen, is already a person who has died once, so how can he be afraid of death?

The heavy rain outside the window was getting heavier and heavier, and the sky was like a sieve leaking. Raindrops the size of marbles fell one after another, and occasionally, there was a roar of thunder, the light and shadow disappeared, the rushing rain and the roaring thunder disturbed the sleep of the whole world.

Wei Chen’s words resounded with the sound of thunder outside the window, resounding, but crazily decisive.

“Wei Chen!” Chen Qing finally couldn’t restrain the anger in his heart, and shouted, “What are you doing here today? If you really don’t want to marry Chen Li, you can make it clear, there is no need to beat around the bush and use these tricks. It’s ugly, you know?” Chen Qing frowned tightly, and his words were serious.

“Since you’ve mentioned this, let me announce by the way, Chen Li and I are planning to get a marriage license tomorrow. There’s no need for you to come or to witness, just bring me Chen Li’s account book.” Wei Chen looked back at Chen Qing’s angry face with a smile, but his eyes were cold.

“With that said, I’ll take my leave first. I hope that when I come over tomorrow, you will already have Chen Li’s account book ready.” After the words fell, Wei Chen turned and left without looking back, without a trace of regret, just like tearing his face with the Chen family this time.

When Wei Chen left, the atmosphere in the living room of the Chen family froze for a while, and Chen Yu couldn’t help but say, “In that case, we won’t let Wei Chen marry that fool, Chen Li. Let’s see how long Wei Chen can still be proud of himself!”

“No.” Du Lixun said coldly: “The more he shows that he cares about Chen Li, the more we should let him marry Chen Li.”

“Why?” Chen Yu was puzzled. Wei Chen was so concerned about Chen Li, and still let Chen Li marry Wei Chen, isn’t it fulfilling Wei Chen’s wish?

Du Lixun didn’t explain, she just glanced at Chen Yunsheng coldly, turned, and went back upstairs.

Chen Yunsheng touched his nose, but did not dare to say a word.

Chen Yu couldn’t figure it out, so he turned his puzzled gaze to Chen Qing. Chen Qing still had the anger he had just shown. He smiled and touched Chen Yu’s head without explaining, only said, “Wei Chen is not stupid.”

Yes, Wei Chen was not stupid. If he married Chen Li, he’d have no descendants of the Wei family, and he’d lose the qualification to inherit the Wei family in a certain sense. Everything Wei Chen did today was just to refuse to marry Chen Li. He thought that their Chen family did not want Chen Li to have a good home, so he showed that he cared about Chen Li, and even angered their Chen family, in order to make their Chen family break his marriage contract with Chen Li.

This was a clever move, but Wei Chen treated them all as fools, thinking that they couldn’t see through his little trick.

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