The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.67

Chapter 67 – Is he good to you?

After returning to the villa, 0329 counted the supplies bought today. Among them, 0329’s favorite thing was the few sets of clothes they bought today. It randomly selected a set and gave it to the host and said, “Host, try it on!”

Xi Xun, who was lying on the bed, glanced at it, and then said, “No.”


“There is no reason,” Xi Xun said lazily with his arms resting on his back.

“Host, host, put it on.” 0329 grabbed Xi Xun’s arm and looked at him expectantly with wide eyes.

And 0329 didn’t know that it was a bit like acting like a baby in doing so.

After being shaken by the small system for a while, Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Zhuo in front of him and said, “Change the color.”


“Change to another one.” The shirt that the small system picked happened to be pink.

But 0329 was color-blind, it couldn’t tell the difference.

But the host already said it, so it had to choose another one. This sweater was light gray, but it had the pattern of a yellow duckling printed on it.

0329 couldn’t tell the color, but it liked this duck.

“Host, wear this one!” 0329 said expectantly.

Xi Xun squinted. Originally, he was going to refuse again, but when he saw the small system holding the sweater, it seemed to really like the look of this dress, and in the end, he responded ‘hmm’.

He’d just wear a coat outside and cover the left and right side, so no one would see the sweater inside.

0329 was very excited to see that the host agreed.

It carefully folded the clothes and put them aside for tomorrow’s departure. Then they started to work on other things, focusing on planning their future lives.

“Host, there are still 69 bags of flour, 70 bags of rice, and 286 boxes of water in the space now. There are more than 10,000 packs of preserved vegetables, more than 10,000 packs of compressed biscuits, 2,000 vacuum-packed chicken legs and other snacks, countless drinks, and the rest are simple spices,” 0329 counted the remaining supplies in the space.


“These rice and noodles can be taken out about forty bags each for the host to help others.” At the beginning, 0329 left so many bags to avoid the host running out of supplies when he wanted to save people.

Xi Xun continued to close his eyes and take a nap and did not speak.

“We can clean up the zombies in the town first, and see if there are any survivors who can be rescued along the way.” Although the host had given so much food to the safe zone before, it was reasonable to say that there would be merit.

But 0329 felt that people’s beliefs were also very important.

Xi Xun didn’t know these thoughts of 0329, if he knew, he would have sneered.

Because these humans would never be grateful.

Otherwise, Xi Xun would not have reincarnated for dozens of lives. He really hated the humans in this world. But now Xi Xun was not as annoyed as before, because if it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t be able to meet this little white ball.

He… liked this little white ball very much, unexpectedly.

Xi Xun even thought it would be good to be like this all the time.

“Host.” At this moment, 0329 suddenly came over solemnly and hugged Xi Xun.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xun opened his eyes and looked at the little guy.

“I will protect the host and will not let the host be beaten to death by others,” 0329 said solemnly.


0329 didn’t continue to say anything, just hugged the host senior tightly. As we all know, after the system had accumulated a certain amount of merit, it would be reincarnated as a person, but after reincarnation, it would be very weak, and the fate would be very bumpy.

For example, the bad system 0178 that almost killed 0329 before.

It only learned after listening to the chats of other systems that 0178’s reincarnation did not even survive one life, and was beaten to death. It is said that the injury was relatively serious, causing 0178 to directly give up this opportunity and return to the law department.

In addition, there were many examples of system deaths.

The system was too fragile after being reincarnated as a person. Now the senior should be left with this last life, whether it was the last life or not, it would protect the fragile senior at this moment no matter what!

Won’t let any bad guys hurt the host senior!

0329 hugged him very tightly, Xi Xun looked amused, raised his palm slightly and squeezed it.


On the other side, Yu Ti returned to the villa.

He was distracted all the way thinking about other things, and when he went back, he didn’t even eat dinner, but looked out the window and continued to think about something. He didn’t finally recover from this state until more than two hours later.

“Knock knock knock.” The door was knocked.

“Come in.”

Chen Jing pushed the door and walked in. She looked at Yu Ti and hesitated: “Brother Yu.”

“What’s the matter? Can I help you?” Yu Ti asked.

Chen Jing paused for a moment, then said, “Brother Yu, there is something I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“Come on, what’s the matter?” Yu Ti asked patiently.

“Yu Bo hasn’t come back since he went out in the afternoon… I’m worried that something happened to him,” Chen Jing sighed.

She didn’t like Yu Bo, but Yu Bo was too miserable, so she couldn’t help but pay a little more attention to him. In addition, for some reason, there had been a lot of rumors about Yu Bo recently, and many nasty men from nowhere heard about Yu Bo and would block him, trying to m*lest him, and what’s more, Yu Bo was almost forced several times.

Xu Chuan didn’t let these things reach Brother Yu’s ears.

Xu Chuan said that Brother Yu was already very tired every day, and he had been injured in the past two days, so there was no need to disturb him with such trivial matters. In addition, Yu Bo didn’t say anything himself, it was naturally not easy for others to meddle in someone else’s business.

Yu Ti’s face sank when he heard the words, and he raised his feet and walked outside.

“Where did he go this afternoon?”

“I don’t know, it seems to be the training ground,” Chen Jing said.

Yu Ti frowned.

He knew this. Yu Bo would train with the troops at the base every day, learn fighting skills, etc. The base allowed it or even encouraged it.

Because the safe zone didn’t want people to die anymore, this would cause more and more zombies, and fewer and fewer people of their own.

Only when everyone was strong could the safe zone be safe.

And Yu Bo was the most hardworking one here, basically getting up in the early hours of the morning to go for a run, and then going to the training ground. When he came back, he would also take the baseball to train over and over again.

In his spare time, he would read medical books and so on, he was very busy.

Yu Ti looked around and finally saw Yu Bo covered in blood in a corner.

Chen Jing was so frightened by the scene in front of her that she covered her mouth.

Yu Ti’s face changed slightly, and he walked over and took a look at Yu Bo’s breathing first. Finding that he was still breathing, he quickly picked him up and got into the car, and then returned to the villa as quickly as possible.

Yu Bo’s injuries were not as serious as it seemed.

Although there was blood on his body, there were no knife wounds on his body, only some bruises from being beaten. The most serious injury to him was the scratch on his face, which was terrifying, and the face was almost impossible to recognize.

Yu Ti’s face sank horribly, and he asked someone to find a doctor.

“Yes, Brother Yu,” Chen Jing hurriedly responded.

Xu Chuan, who rushed to Brother Yu’s room, was also taken aback when he saw this scene. He naturally knew how much Brother Yu cared about this kid. Seeing how this kid looked now, Xu Chuan was a little worried that Brother Yu would be angry with him as a result.

He actually knew that someone would always trouble Yu Bo these days.

But because Xu Chuan hated homosexuals and always felt that such people were sick, he never took Yu Bo seriously. He was sick when he saw him, so he didn’t let anyone tell Brother Yu.

Xu Chuan was a little uneasy now, he was afraid that Brother Yu would be angry.

“You go out first,” Yu Ti said.

Xu Chuan opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he chose to shut up and go out.

Yu Ti quietly looked at Yu Bo, who was lying on the bed.

His eyes were a little silent, as if through Yu Bo, he could see something. These pictures gradually made Yu Ti frown, and even his head started to hurt uncontrollably.

“…Brother Yu,” a weak voice sounded.

Yu Ti recovered in an instant, he quickly got up and walked over to look at Yu Bo, who barely opened his eyes, and said, “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Bo coughed a few times, then barely calmed down, pretending to be okay and asked, “Do you think of your brother again?”

Yu Ti’s fingers froze when he heard the words, but said nothing.

“Sorry, Brother Yu,” Yu Bo whispered with all his strength.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, stop talking, save your strength, the doctor will be here in a while,” Yu Ti said to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo shook his head, and said, “Brother Yu, I caused the injury myself, just help me get some medicine.”

“You made it yourself?” Yu Ti frowned.


The injury was indeed caused by Yu Bo himself. He didn’t do it on impulse, nor did he want to commit s**cide, but made a decision after thinking about it for many days. During this period of time, many men blocked him every day, and today was no exception. In fact, he had vaguely guessed where these people heard that he liked men.

He simply slashed his face with a knife today.

He didn’t care about his good appearance at all, it was the same whether he had it or not, and even better without it.

As for those people…Yu Bo killed a person.

He even stabbed more than a dozen times.

The other men were almost scared to death when they saw this scene, and then all ran away in a hurry.

“Who did it?” Yu Ti stood up and asked.

He even wanted to go out, but Yu Bo held his arm. Yu Bo shook his head palely and said, “Brother Yu, you can’t control this kind of thing. And I can’t always let you protect me. I’m fine. Just get me some medicine.”

Then Yu Bo told him all the medicine and medical tools he needed.

These were already available in Yu Bo’s room.

He only wanted to be disfigured but not to die, so Yu Bo was fully prepared before he scratched his own face. These medicines were also exchanged for him following the convoy during this period of time.

Yu Ti helped Yu Bo get what he needed.

Yu Bo took a deep breath, and he reluctantly got up and said to Yu Ti: “Brother Yu, go out, I will take care of the wound myself.”

“The doctor will be here in a while.”

“There are too many people in the safe area and too few doctors. I’m afraid they won’t be able to come. I’ll just take care of it myself.”

Seeing Yu Bo’s persistence, Yu Ti finally chose to respect him and went out.

After waiting for him to go out, Yu Ti closed his eyes.

Yu Ti asked Chen Jing and others to guard at the door, and he went out for a walk by himself, because he couldn’t control his mood and was a little depressed.

And as soon as he went out, he suddenly saw a familiar little figure in front of him.

Yu Ti walked towards the other party.

“Huh?” 0329 also ran over quickly after seeing Yu Ti.

It raised its head to Yu Ti and said, “Are you okay?”

Yu Ti bent down and looked at the little guy, shook his head, and said, “I’m fine, what’s wrong?”

“Last time my brother hurt you, I came to bring you some medicine!” While talking, 0329 gave Yu Ti a large bag of medicine it was holding, and said carefully: “Don’t be angry. My brother is actually kind in heart, and did not mean to lose his temper, he probably thought you were a burglar and trying to harm me.”

Yu Ti laughed when he heard this, he touched the head of the child in front of him, and said, “It’s okay, I know your brother didn’t mean it.” Speaking of which, Yu Ti suddenly asked: “Is he…good to you?”

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