The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.66.2

Chapter 66.2 – Xi Xun’s Recovered Memory

The first place Xi Xun took the small system to was the gas station. Now that a batch of car fuel had been found in the safe zone, they could add some at the gas stations in the safe zone, but the price was very high, and it was only sold to fleets or single people with more than 200 points.

This was the safe zone’ way of restricting car oil, after all, there was not much oil.

Xi Xun filled up the oil and spent 100 points.

It might not be expensive for Xi Xun, but it was very expensive for others. After all, 100 points were equal to 50 zombies. Although after the baptism of the end times, people were no longer afraid of zombies like before, killing zombies was not an easy task.

After adding the oil, Xi Xun went to the supermarket with 0329 in his arms.

There were many people coming and going to the supermarket.

Compared with before, it was now more than three times more. However, these people were all in groups of three or two, and obviously, they all belonged to a team, while Xi Xun was completely alone.

“Host, I want to eat cola chicken wings!” 0329 said to Xi Xun.

“Take it.”

0329 was very happy, it took a bag of wings from the freezer. Now the food had risen in price, and there were a full 80 points for this bag of wings, which made the people around them smack their tongues.

So extravagant? Do they belong to a big team?

“Host! There are mangoes here! Do you want to eat mangoes?!” 0329 looked at the row of mangoes on the shelf in surprise, and wondered where the safe zone got it from, there were actually fresh mangoes.

It used to watch its senior brother eat a lot, so it should be delicious, right?

“Take some.”

“Host, how many should I take?” 0329 asked with some uncertainty.

“Up to you.”

After thinking about it, 0329 finally took six. After it was finished, it went to another place for a turn, and the trolley was full after a while. The food was enough now, and 0329 took Xi Xun to the ready-to-wear area.

Clothes were cheap now, and basically, all clothes were put together. Of course, there would still be a simple division of the male and female areas, as well as the age areas, to facilitate the search for suitable ones.

“Host, let’s buy a few clothes,” 0329 said.


“It’s getting colder now, and it’s very cold in the early hours of the morning and at night. Buy some long trousers and outerwear so that it won’t be easy for the host to freeze and catch a cold after we go out,” 0329 said carefully.

“Go out?”

“That’s right.” 0329 took a quick scan, and after comparing the host’s body, it finally determined a few pieces and hugged them. These clothes were all 2 points each, which was relatively cheap.

“Where to go?” Xi Xun said.

“Go save the world.” 0329 was puzzled, it seemed to be puzzled how the host asked itself this.

“Not going,” Xi Xun said coldly.

0329 was taken aback, it blinked at the host, and said, “The host should not be capricious, listen to this system’s words, be obedient.”

Now 0329 had probably understood something.

Since the host was the senior, then this life was definitely the last life of the senior! Although it didn’t know what the test for the host was, it had heard that there seemed to be various tests before, such as the most famous love tribulation. But this kind of tribulation was rarely triggered, and the conditions were relatively harsh. Most of them test the mind and strength.

0329 recalled what happened after meeting the host.

It found that there were no men and women who had been around the host for a long time. In other words, it was not a love tribulation, it might be a test of merit and kindness! This was very simple but also difficult, because one had to be kind to save people in every life.

But it was not difficult for the host!

The host was a good person, and he was an upright law enforcement officer before he was reincarnated!

0329 guessed that as long as the host saved everyone and the world returned to normal operation, then the host’s experience should be considered passed, right?

So it couldn’t drag the host’s hind legs.

“No.” Xi Xun put one hand in his trouser pocket, while the other hand pushed the cart ready to pay.

“Host?” 0329 quickly followed the host.

It jumped up and seemed to want to hold the host’s hand, and Xi Xun grabbed it up and hugged it when he saw it.

0329 hugged the host and said, “Host, what’s wrong?”

Obviously, he was fine a few days ago.

Could it be because of what happened yesterday? So the host was unwilling to do good? After all, the host really didn’t seem to like the big brother who had black luck, although that person was relatively nice.

“Host, what happened yesterday was a misunderstanding,” 0329 explained.

“I don’t want to hear you talk about it.” As soon as Xi Xun heard 0329 say this, a chilling coldness flashed in his eyes.

0329 was a little lost, it limply lay on the host’s shoulder.

“Let’s go out tomorrow,” Xi Xun said lightly.

0329’s eyes lit up suddenly, and it immediately hugged Xi Xun’s face and kissed him.

This scene didn’t seem like much to others, after all, 0329’s current form was a five-year-old child in the eyes of others, and it was normal for a five-year-old child to kiss people they were close to.

But it looked different in Yu Ti’s eyes, Yu Ti’s expression darkened slightly.

Although reason was telling him that this was indeed normal, after all, he had seen many pictures of children kissing their mothers or brothers and sisters, Yu Ti still walked over.

He looked at Xi Xun and said, “He is still young and ignorant, so are you ignorant too, Mr. Xi?”

Xi Xun’s originally leisurely and lazy eyes instantly froze into ice.

Only two words were revealed in his eyes——

“Courting death.”

The fact that Xi Xun could not kill Yu Ti for the time being was already considered Yu Ti’s good luck, but Yu Ti wandered in front of him again and again looking for death. In that case, then he should fulfill him.

Xi Xun actually liked it when people come to seek death in front of him.

So he could send them to hell.

“Host!” 0329 suddenly hugged Xi Xun’s neck, and then whispered, “Host, what’s wrong with you? Don’t fight, let’s go back and make cola chicken wings first!”

Hearing the voice of the small system, Xi Xun temporarily regained his composure.

At this time, Yu Ti also recovered a little bit.

He knew that he was indeed a little wrong just now, and he was deliberately nosy. But he didn’t know what happened to him just now, so he inexplicably felt that this scene was not right and needed to be stopped.

“Next time I see you, I will kill you.”

This was what Xi Xun said to Yu Ti before leaving, and then he pushed the cart away completely.

“Brother Yu,” Xu Chuan and the others came over and said worriedly.

Yu Ti shook his head to indicate that he was okay.

He was indeed looking for fault in this matter, and it was no wonder that the other party was angry.

It was just…

Yu Ti looked at Xi Xun’s back as he left with his brother, his brows still frowning.

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