Chapter 22 – Pure Love

When Wei Chen returned to the hospital, Chen Li hadn’t woken up yet. He went to the bathroom to take a bath. When he came out, he had already suppressed the rising anger in his heart. Then he sat down on the edge of Chen Li’s hospital bed, holding his chin and watching Chen Li tenderly.

“If you gain a little bit more weight, you will definitely be a handsome guy, but you are also very good-looking now, if only you could gain a little bit more weight.” He looked at Chen Li’s facial features and murmured in a low voice: “In the future, I will definitely feed you until you’re fat and take you all over the world.”

The weak facial nerves could not make Wei Chen make a smiling expression, but his eyes were full of smiles, gentle like a deep pool, which could drown people in it at any time.

The summer rain came suddenly and went quickly. In the second half of the night, the rain stopped. Wei Chen lay down on the sofa in the ward and said good night softly to Chen Li’s hospital bed.

The next day, the sunlight slipped in through the gap in the curtains and projected on the sofa, falling on Wei Chen’s eyes. Wei Chen raised his hand to block the sunlight and slowly opened his eyes. After a while, he sat up from the sofa, walked to the window, and opened the curtains with a swipe, letting the golden sunlight fill the room.

At this moment, Chen Li was already awake, looking at the ceiling blankly, and felt Wei Chen approaching. As soon as his eyes turned, his gaze fell on Wei Chen.

“Awake? Is there anything uncomfortable?” Wei Chen said.

Chen Li didn’t speak or shake his head, and just looked straight at Wei Chen.

This was to ask Wei Chen to take him out to paint. Chen Li remembered what Wei Chen said yesterday clearly.

Wei Chen knew what Chen Li meant, “Well, I remember. You get up first, wash your face and brush your teeth, and after you finish washing, I will take you out. Remember what I taught you yesterday?”

After hearing this, Chen Li stopped lying down, his eyes lit up, he got up from the bed, went into the bathroom by himself without Wei Chen following him, washed his face, and brushed his teeth just like Wei Chen taught him before.

Soon, Wei Chen discovered that Chen Li’s learning ability was very strong. He taught Chen Li to wash once yesterday, and today, Chen Li did it himself.

Yes, before yesterday, Chen Li couldn’t even do the simplest washing up. However, judging from today’s performance, it was not that Chen Li was too stupid to learn, but that no one taught him at all.

Wei Chen couldn’t imagine what kind of life he had lived in the Chen family for 20 years. They didn’t even want to spend time teaching Chen Li the simplest way to brush his teeth and wash his face. What about the others? Did they sometimes even bother to give Chen Li food? It was no wonder that Chen Li would look so malnourished.

When Wei Chen was thinking, Chen Li had already finished washing up. When Chen Li walked to Wei Chen’s side and looked at Wei Chen with wide eyes, Wei Chen returned to his senses. His gaze could not help but be tinged with distress, “Good boy.”

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen without speaking.

“I’ll take you out to paint now.”

Chen Li’s eyes lit up.

Wei Chen shook his head helplessly, his own charm in Chen Li was not as great as painting.


The two were about to go out when an unexpected visitor came to the ward, just as the two opened the door of the ward.

“Are you going out?” Chen Qing took off the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and asked with a smile.

When Chen Qing appeared, Chen Li shrank behind Wei Chen, his dull eyes were a little scared, and he didn’t dare to look at Chen Qing.

“Yes, I’ll take him out for a walk,” Wei Chen said expressionlessly. He could feel that when Chen Li saw Chen Qing, the hand he held in the palm of his hand shrank. Wei Chen gently squeezed it, soothing Chen Li with the gentle force of his palm.

This little move did not escape Chen Qing’s eyes. Chen Qing’s eyes darkened and he said, “Didn’t you say that you want to register with Chen Li today? I brought his household registration book here.”

“Sorry to bother you,” Wei Chen’s eyes were indifferent.

“Well, I will go to the capital in a few days. Since I am here today, I, as a brother, should witness your marriage, since I won’t be seeing you when I go back to the capital,” Chen Qing said with a smile, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, as if there was a hint of bad intentions.

Just when Chen Qing thought Wei Chen would feel embarrassed, Wei Chen slammed the door of the ward in front of him.

Chen Qing looked at the closed door, pulled the corner of his mouth, and smiled silently.

In the ward, Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, and Wei Chen also looked at Chen Li, and no one spoke for a while. Chen Li couldn’t speak, and Wei Chen didn’t know how to speak to Chen Li.

“That… Li Li.” Wei Chen spoke with some difficulty, but his eyes looked at Chen Li very firmly and tenderly, “Li Li, will you marry me?”

Chen Li still looked at Wei Chen with dull eyes, as if he didn’t understand what the word ‘marry’ was.

Wei Chen stretched out his hand and rubbed Chen Li’s hair, and said with a little coaxing: “To marry means that we will become a family. In the future, I will be by your side and protect you, and no one can bully you anymore. So, Li Li, shall we get married?”

A family?

Chen Li tilted his head, and the word “family” was like a warm current injected into Chen Li’s heart, making Chen Li’s whole body warm up.

Under Wei Chen’s hopeful gaze, Chen Li nodded slightly. Although the arc of this nod was small, Wei Chen saw it really. For a while, Wei Chen was a little overwhelmed with excitement, and kept saying thank you to Chen Li.

Thank you for your willingness to give me the opportunity to compensate you, and thank you for your willingness to give me the opportunity to spoil you.

Chen Li, thank you. I will fall in love with you as soon as possible and give you the most sincere and purest love.

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