Chapter 23 – Taking Wedding Photos

Seeing Wei Chen pulling Chen Li and closing the door of the ward, Chen Qing didn’t rush forward to knock on the door. He found a place in the corridor of the ward and sat down. He had a maroon household registration book in his hand, and the corners of his mouth were lightly picked. The hot and dry weather could not affect his good mood.

When Wei Chen and Chen Li finally walked out of the ward, Chen Qing greeted them and said, “What’s the matter, Brother Wei? Chen Li doesn’t want to marry you?” At this point, Wei Chen had actually pushed himself to a desperate situation. If he really didn’t want to marry Chen Li, he couldn’t find a reason from himself, so Chen Li was the only excuse, saying that Chen Li didn’t want to get married. Chen Qing also knew this, so he asked the question knowingly now.

“I originally planned to take Li Li to your house to get the account book later. Since you are here now, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau,” Wei Chen said with an expressionless face.

“Then let’s go.” Chen Qing slightly narrowed his eyes, he wanted to see how long Wei Chen could stay calm!


Today was probably an auspicious date. There were many couples who chose to come to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for marriage today. When Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived, there was already a long line at the registration window.

Each new couple’s faces were filled with happy smiles, talking and laughing with each other, and their eyes were full of affection for each other.

The gay marriage law had only been passed for two years, which was not very long, and it was limited by traditional concepts. Only same-sex couples who loved each other and could not live without each other would come to register for marriage. In the civil affairs hall, there were heterosexual couple-to-be at first glance, so Chen Li and Wei Chen, the same-sex couple-to-be, were still very eye-catching.

Chen Li didn’t like to be in places with many people. Now that so many people’s eyes were focused on him, Chen Li clasped Wei Chen’s hand almost subconsciously, with a little fear and dodging in his big eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Wei Chen put Chen Li’s hand on his generous and warm big hand, and comforted him softly.

Perhaps it was Wei Chen’s comfort that really played a role. Chen Li’s tense emotions were slowly relaxed. Standing by Wei Chen’s side, although not completely relaxed, he no longer shrank and hid.

The interaction between the two was not ignored by Chen Qing. A feeling of something wrong came from his heart. When his gaze fell on Wei Chen, he was full of scrutiny.

Wei Chen didn’t seem so unwilling to marry Chen Li.

Although he deeply felt that something was wrong, Chen Qing didn’t show much on his face, but when his gaze fell on Wei Chen and Chen Li’s clasped fingers, his brows still frowned, and an inexplicable feeling surged in his heart, as if seeing that the toy that should have been exclusive to him was taken away by others, it was very uncomfortable.

Chen Li and Wei Chen took advantage of the gap in the queue to go to the video room to take wedding photos. The staff in charge of taking the photos saw a pair of gay soon-to-be husbands and raised his eyebrows in surprise, but the professionalism was still there. After taking a look at the two of them, he went to adjust the camera.

“Stand in front of it.” After the staff adjusted the camera, he pointed to the red background board in front of them and said to Chen Li and Wei Chen.

Wei Chen heard the words and took Chen Li to the red background board.

“Good, a little closer,” the staff looked at the camera and directed.

Wei Chen narrowed the distance between himself and Chen Li according to his words. Wei Chen was relatively tall, nearly 1.85 meters tall, with wide shoulders, narrow hips, and long legs. He belonged to the type of lean with clothes on and muscular with clothes off. And Chen Li, due to long-term malnutrition, was about one meter seven, thin and weak. Being pulled by Wei Chen at this moment, it was as if he was leaning on Wei Chen’s arms, one tall and one short, one strong and one thin, plus the facial features of both of them were good-looking and attractive, and the picture in the same frame was still very beautiful. Except…

“Smile! This is a wedding photo ah, not an ID photo. You don’t have to be so serious. It’s hard to look good with a straight face,” the staff member poked his head out of the camera and said to the two of them.

Wei Chen’s face was still paralyzed, and Chen Li’s face was still blank. Chen Li even shrank into Wei Chen’s arms because of the sudden fierce appearance of the staff, and Wei Chen stretched out his hand and patted Chen Li on the back to comfort him.

The staff member suddenly froze, did he look so fierce?

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