The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.69

Chapter 69 – 0329 is Jealous!

The night was silent, and the cold wind blew outside. The weather was dropping sharply these days. It was okay during the day, but it was generally chilly at night. Many people in the base had already caught a cold.

0329 lay on the bed reading a comic book, sucking a bottle of Wangzai milk in its mouth.

This is what Xi Xun saw after he came out of the shower.

Xi Xun walked towards 0329. After perceiving the arrival of the host, 0329 turned around and blinked at Xi Xun, and said, “Host, have you finished washing up?”


0329 moved to the side to let the host lie down, and then it also handed the host a bottle of Wangzai milk.

Xi Xun glanced at him, and then he really picked it up.

“Is it delicious?” 0329 said expectantly.


Xi Xun drank the milk lazily, then lay down and closed his eyes to refresh his mind. As usual, Xi Xun’s sleeping position had always been lazy and comfortable, like a seemingly harmless lion taking a nap.

“I just took a look at the space. There are still 30 boxes of milk in it, which should be enough for us to drink for two months!”


“Is the host sleepy? If the host is sleepy, take a good rest first,” 0329 said with a distressed expression on its face.


0329 sighed, then it leaned over and kissed the host’s forehead lovingly, then picked up the comic book, and said, “Then I will tell the host a story so that the host can sleep faster.”


This was something 0329 must do every night. As long as it was idle at night, then it would find a story for the host.

“Today I will tell the host about the little system mermaid.”

“You told it yesterday, for the 180th first time,” Xi Xun said lightly with his eyes closed.

“That many?” 0329 puzzled.

“Look at your chip yourself, play it back,” Xi Xun said calmly.

0329 was very annoyed, it said sadly: “My chip has not been fully restored, and there is no way to record it. It’s okay, then the host will listen to it again today! Deepen your impression!”

“That’s what you said yesterday,” Xi Xun opened his eyes and said lightly.

0329 tilted its head, then coughed lightly and continued to speak on his own, completely ignoring the host’s protest.

Xi Xun knew that he couldn’t stop the small system, so he closed his eyes.

“In the end, the little system mermaid was all turned into data fragments and completely dissipated between heaven and earth,” 0329 said in a heavy tone.

Xi Xun closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

“Host, do you have any feelings about this?” 0329 glanced at the host, then poked him.

“I don’t.”

“Does the host think that everything the little mermaid system has done is worthwhile?” 0329 asked patiently.

Xi Xun remained silent with his eyes closed.

“Host, the little system mermaid is all turned into data fragments for the little human prince, and there is nothing left. When people die, anyway, there is still ash, but the little mermaid system has nothing at all,” 0329 sighed.


0329 took a peek at the host, and then continued: “Host, do you think love is important?”

“It’s alright.”

0329 twisted its brows, it came to the host’s eyes, poked the host, and said, “Host, you can’t fall in love.” 0329 finally couldn’t help but get straight to the subject.

The reason why it told this story to the host every day was to remind the host not to be trapped by love.

0329 didn’t want the host to be turned into a data fragment.

Xi Xun opened his eyes and glanced at the small system that was very worried, then raised his hand and pressed it in his arms, and said, “Sleep,” Xi Xun said and then continued to close his eyes.

After struggling a few times, 0329 didn’t move again.

But it was still very depressed.

It was just that, with it watching, even if the host liked others, he wouldn’t be deceived! Anyway, it would protect the host senior well, and no one could hurt the fragile and poor host senior!


The next day.

Early in the morning, 0329 started to put things in the car, focusing on some blankets, quilts, and the like. The weather had been very cold these days, it was not like autumn, but it was like winter all of a sudden, and autumn had been deleted directly.

0329 couldn’t feel it, but it could detect the temperature.

Combining the temperature that humans could accept, 0329 naturally concluded that the host would be cold at this temperature.

At the same time, 0329 put a lot of Wangzai milk in the back seat. In addition, there were pillows, quilts, and the like, so that the host could have a good rest and sleep well at night!

Xi Xun let the little guy toss in the back seat.

After the tossing was over, Xi Xun stepped on the accelerator and went out. As for the gate of the villa, it would close automatically.

“Host, I want to sleep for a while,” 0329 yawned in Xi Xun’s arms.

“Go to sleep.”

After receiving the host’s answer, 0329 fell into hibernation.

Xi Xun held the little guy with one hand and drove as usual with the other. When 0329 woke up, it captured the sound of human screams.

0329 was very sensitive to this sound because it summarized it as a signal for humans’ call for help.

When this signal was captured, 0329 quickly woke up, and it took the host’s arm to remind: “Host, thirty miles away on the left!” Now, 0329 had repaired 17% of its body, and its strength had greatly increased.

“Hmm,” Xi Xun responded casually.

Then he turned the steering wheel and turned a corner and headed in the direction where Zhuo’s finger was pointing.

In fact, Xi Xun didn’t have much desire to save people.

But since this was what Zhuo wanted to see, it was okay to follow it, just to make the little guy happy.

Twenty minutes later, Xi Xun’s car arrived at its destination smoothly.

This was… a convoy parked on the road. It didn’t count as a fleet, because there were only three trucks in total. At this time, two people were tied to the white van at the end.

One was a woman in her thirties, with a beautiful face and a good figure. At this time, her hands were tied to the rear of the car, and her bare shoulders had various scars.

The other was a handsome man, and it was the same for him.

Both of them were on the verge of death, their eyes closed and they looked very numb and messy.


There were painful screams from the car in front, both men and women, but they couldn’t hear much. It was also mixed with insidious laughter, which made people who heard it feel uncomfortable.

Seeing this, 0329 got out of the car and untied the chains for these two people.

The woman on the right opened her eyelids with difficulty after hearing the movement, and hurriedly said after seeing that it was a child: “Go, go, go.” Although she also wanted to be rescued, she instinctively told the child to run first when she saw a child here.

If those beasts saw him, they would definitely eat him.

0329 blinked in confusion.

Those villains probably didn’t expect anyone to pass by here. After all, this was on the highway. Now people were either at the base or in a small safe area. No one dared to go out indiscriminately, so no one guarded these two people.

They just tied these two people and left them there.

It wasn’t until one of the men among the villains heard the sound of a car parked here outside that he frowned and said, “Lao Er, go see who’s outside?”

“Got it.” The man who was called was naked at this time. In fact, he hadn’t played enough, but when the boss had spoken, he had to get up reluctantly.

And as soon as he went out and before he could speak, the man opened his eyes wide and covered his throat that was pierced by the arrow. Blood gushed out, and the man trembled his lips twice and then fell down dead.

The sound of falling to the ground was loud, alarming the people inside.

The seven or eight men picked up their guns and shot towards the outside, followed by a few people coming down cautiously. They thought there was a big group, but what they didn’t expect was just one person standing outside.

Here, 0329 was still squatting and comforting the two people.

“Hey, here’s milk.” 0329 handed the milk to the elder sister who was munching on biscuits.

“Thank you…” The choked woman quickly took a sip.

The man next to him was also gobbling. In the past, he paid great attention to his image, but now, he couldn’t care about it anymore. In the face of hunger and pain, no one could resist as long as they were human.

The sound of fighting came from their ears, and 0329 looked sideways at the host. After discovering that the host didn’t need help, it withdrew its gaze with peace of mind and continued to look at the two of them.

“It was my big brother who saved you.”

“Thanks to your big brother,” the two of them barely squeezed out a smile.

“You’re welcome!” 0329 bent its eyes with a smile.

Then it got up and walked quickly back to the car and took out a blanket. This was taken from the space. There were many in the space. It was given to the woman so that she could put it on her body and not get sick.

“Thank you, little brother,” Li Qingqing said with a wry smile.

“You’re welcome.”

“That, cough, that… I’m a little cold too,” the man next to them said embarrassedly.

Hearing this, 0329 hurriedly got up and took another blanket.

Its data showed that this woman’s body was worse, so it habitually gave it to her. Forgetting that even if he wasn’t sick, this man would probably freeze and needed a blanket.

These two were actually celebrities, so they both looked good.

When the end of the world came, everyone panicked, and they were running away too. But it was too chaotic at the time, and in the end, they were trapped in the city center. There were many people trapped there at that time, not only celebrities but also others.

It was okay at first, but then as time went on, the minds of the people inside began to change.

Especially after the food was gradually depleted.

They didn’t want to think about this memory anymore. Every time they thought about it, the pain would just deepen.

In addition to them, there were others who were all artists of the company.

Both men and women.

The man next to Li Qingqing was also a star, a junior in her company. Before the end of the world, he was regarded as a small star, a handsome little milk dog. But how much benefit this face brought him before the end of the world, then how much torture it brought him after the end of the world?

After giving them food, 0329 got up and went to the host.

At this time, Xi Xun also finished killing those people.

0329 was just about to go over and hug the host, but at this time, another figure ran faster. It was a delicate-looking teenager. It wasn’t sure if it was really a young man, anyway, he looked very young and his face was very delicate.

“This brother, thank you for saving me.”

0329 was a little upset, it hugged the host and thought coldly: What brother? This is my brother!

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