Chapter 24 – Don’t Understand

“Smile, do you know what a smile is?” The staff member poked his head out of the camera again, forgetting how many times he emphasized it.

The couple in front of them was obviously here to take wedding photos, but one looked more serious than the other, there was no smile at all. The corners of their mouths were stretched like straight lines, and they were dull and rigid. How can such a wedding photo look good ah!

“Smile, take a breath—smile, understand? You don’t need to laugh, as long as the corners of your mouth are slightly raised up, show a shallow smile.” The staff member gestured to the two people as he said, holding the corners of his mouth, “Like me, bend the corners of your mouth slightly.”

Chen Li’s eyes were still dull, confirming that Wei Chen would be by his side to protect him, he had retracted into his own world again and was thinking about something unknown. Not to mention Wei Chen, his facial nerves were weak, let alone a smile, even the action of pulling the corner of his mouth would take a lot of effort for him to do.

These two people, one didn’t know how to smile and the other couldn’t. The staff talked about how to smile, and neither of them could appreciate the goodness of it, the staff naturally did useless work.

In the end, the staff took into account that there were still many people in line behind, so he didn’t force it. If they didn’t laugh, they wouldn’t laugh. The client didn’t think there was anything wrong, and he didn’t have to worry about it.

“Look at the camera.” The staff returned to the back of the camera, and after fixing the focus, there was a click at the two people, and the photos of the two were fixed in the camera.

Under the big red background board, the thin young man leaned slightly on the tall man, his face was dull and his eyes were blank, while the tall man’s facial features were tense, without the slightest smile, his eyes looked directly at the camera, and his eyes were cold.

If it weren’t for the big red background board behind them, no matter who put this photo in front of him, no one would think it was a wedding photo. The staff member who took this photo also shook his head, and he didn’t dare to say that it was a photo taken by himself.

The staff member who took the photo looked at this photo and shook his head dissatisfied. When he was about to turn around and say something to his colleagues, he saw the couple he had just taken.

The tall man went to get the form, and the young man stood behind the man. But at such a distance of one step, the staff who took the photo obviously felt that the young man’s emotions were completely tense. He looked around vigilantly, with his hands around his chest, as if he was going to circle himself in a world without others, the relaxed state when they just took the photo was gone.

The man quickly brought the form back. He stretched out his hand and held the young man’s hand in his own hand. He didn’t know what he was saying in the young man’s ear. The young man’s emotions slowly calmed down and he stood obediently by the man’s side, no longer alert, and no longer afraid.

The staff looked at the man specifically, and he still had the same facial paralysis as before, but this time, the staff felt that the man was very gentle. It was those black eyes, which contained tenderness that was about to overflow.

“Hey, what are you looking at? You’re so engrossed.” The colleague bumped into the staff member who took the photo, said curiously, and then glanced at the photo in his camera, and couldn’t help but complain: “This is the good-looking same-sex couple, right? I thought they were in love with each other. This wedding photo was taken like a funeral photo, such solemn faces.”

The staff member who took the photo did not answer. He looked at the two people who had already walked towards the registration window over there, and then at the photos in his camera.

Is this same-sex couple really not in love with each other? Maybe.

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