Chapter 25 – Marriage Certificate

The long queue was finally over, and it was finally Chen Li and Wei Chen’s turn. The staff in charge of registration saw that they were a couple of the same sex. She was stunned for a moment, and the next second, she showed a professional smile and guided them through the process of registering for marriage.

When it came to the most important part, which was signing, Chen Qing’s eyes fell on Wei Chen’s body, and he was more impatient than Wei Chen. As long as Wei Chen signed his name on this certificate, then from today on, the fate of him and Chen Li would be truly tied together. With an autistic fool as his partner, even if Wei Chen was a dragon, he would be tied up and unable to take off freely.

It was not that Wei Chen couldn’t feel Chen Qing’s hot gaze, but he didn’t have time to pay attention. When he signed his signature, his pen swam like a dragon without hesitation.

When the powerful words ‘Wei Chen’ fell on the certificate, Wei Chen’s eyes were firm. This time, he and Chen Li’s marriage would be guarded by him. He would turn this piece of paper into the most solid harbor, sheltering Chen Li for life.

When Wei Chen finished signing his name, he handed the certificate to Chen Li. Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, obviously not knowing what to do. Wei Chen’s bony finger pointed to the place where he wanted him to sign, and said, “Sign your name here. Remember the characters of your name? It’s the same two characters I just showed you, Chen Li.”

Chen Li understood, holding the pen tightly in his hand, his eyes focused, and seriously writing one stroke at a time where Wei Chen’s finger was pointing.

It took Chen Li more than two minutes to finish the simple two characters. Wei Chen poked his head to look, and his eyes were filled with a smile. Rather than saying that Chen Li wrote down his name, it was better to say that Chen Li drew his name, stroke by stroke, in the most standard block characters, the same as the font on the household registration book Wei Chen just showed him. There was no difference in size.

Wei Chen couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rubbed Chen Li’s hair, Wei Chen didn’t hesitate to praise: “Li Li is so amazing.”

As if encouraged, Chen Li signed his name for the second time much faster than the first time.

The staff couldn’t understand the couple’s way of getting along, and with extreme curiosity, she went through all the procedures. Finally, with a stamp, the staff handed out two small red books with both hands and blessed them: “Congratulations to the two of you for officially becoming husband and husband. I wish you two a harmonious and beautiful life ahead, and forever be in love.”

Wei Chen solemnly took the little red book and thanked her: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Chen Li stared at the little red book on Wei Chen’s hand. Wei Chen opened one of them, spread it out in front of Chen Li, and said seriously: “Li Li, we are a family now.”

After the words fell, Wei Chen looked at Chen Li, obviously feeling that Chen Li’s eyes lit up and soon returned to dullness. However, Chen Li still couldn’t help but reach out and touch the little red book, cherishing and gently stroking it.

In the little red book, the young man leaned on the tall man’s chest in a soft manner. There was no expression on the faces of the two of them, and one couldn’t even see any feelings, but Wei Chen liked this picture. The young man in the photo was defenseless when facing himself.

Seeing the picture of the two getting along in harmony, Chen Qing inexplicably felt that his chest was blocked and panicked, especially when Wei Chen looked at Chen Li with doting eyes, the sourness in his chest kept surging, and it was mixed with an indescribable emotion, which caused Chen Qing to leave with only a sneer in the end, and then turned and left.

Outside, the sun was in full swing, and the hot sun was pouring on Chen Qing. Chen Qing felt irritable for no reason. Even if he got into the car and soaked his whole body in the air-conditioning, this irritability did not decrease at all.

Chen Qing couldn’t help swearing, and punched the steering wheel hard before starting the car and leaving.

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