The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.70

Chapter 70 – A Few Similarities

“Brother, can I get in your car to get warm? It’s so cold.” The young man opened a pair of glazed eyes and looked at Xi Xun. Because it was already raining lightly now, it was extremely cold.

The boy was only wearing a thin, loose shirt.

“No way!” 0329 hurriedly jumped out and shouted without waiting for the host to answer, and pushed the young man away with its little hand, saying, “Don’t come over, stay away!”

After pushing him away, it took the host’s hand and walked away

In fact, Xi Xun’s mind was not on it from the beginning, but looked at the familiar convoy that also came over in the distance, with cold eyes. It wasn’t until the little system dragged him with all its strength that he returned to the car.

After returning to the car, 0329 immediately hugged the host tightly.


“Hmm?” Xi Xun replied absent-mindedly, at the same time wondering how he could kill Yu Ti unnoticed. This person was just too much of an eyesore, like a ghost that wouldn’t go away.

Even he had a strong intuition that this person would become a problem between him and the small system.

Originally, he didn’t want to do it for the sake of Zhuo. But this person appeared again and again, even at random places and time, this could not be called a coincidence.

Thinking of Zhuo sneaking out in the middle of the night the day before yesterday to deliver medicine to him…

Xi Xun’s eyelashes drooped slightly, covering the dangerous emotions hidden in those eyes.

“Host, you don’t like that person, do you?” 0329 asked anxiously.


“That one just now!” 0329 said solemnly.

“Which one just now?” Xi Xun said lightly.

After thinking for a while, 0329 didn’t know the name of the person itself, so it had to ask for the next best thing, and said, “Host, you must be good, don’t fall in love.”

“Oh? What about liking you? Is it okay?”

0329 was taken aback. It looked at the host who was driving lazily. After thinking for a while, it coughed dryly and said, “Should it be okay to like a system? I don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be an example of this… But does the host like me?”

“Well, I like you.”

The whole ball turned red in an instant, and it hugged Xi Xun solemnly: “I like you too! The host is my most important wife! My little heart! And my big sweetheart!”

Xi Xun’s hand, which was holding the steering wheel, suddenly paused.

He glanced at the excited little guy, but in the end, he didn’t correct it, but said, “Sit down and don’t move around.”



Here, while Xi Xun left, Yu Ti’s convoy also happened to be here.

Li Qingqing and others were still anxious. After all, they’re on the highway right now. Although those villains were dead, few of them could drive, and they didn’t know how to get out of here.

After seeing Yu Ti’s convoy, Li Qingqing ran up.

“This big brother, can you give us a ride? We really don’t know what to do here. Don’t worry, we will do everything, whether it’s moving things or cooking and washing clothes, we can do it, please,” Li Qingqing said anxiously.

Just now, she and Gan Jing was originally discussing how to beg the little brother’s big brother to take them for a ride. However, the other side left before the discussion was finished, but the other side only had one car and couldn’t help them all.

Now that they saw a convoy coming, they naturally couldn’t miss it.

Yu Ti looked at the anxious woman in front of her and asked, “Is your car not able to drive now?”

“It can be driven, but we don’t know how to drive this kind of car…”

“Since this is the case, then you guys can follow us. But we have to go to the town to clean up the zombies first. The base is far away now, and it would be a waste of gasoline to go back, so we won’t go back to the base for the time being. You should think about it clearly,” Yu Ti said .

While talking, he asked Chen Jing to take out a few coats.

Chen Jing responded and went to find it.

“We are willing to follow, just please take us with you when you go back to the base.” If they were alone on this highway, they could imagine what would happen, so no one else would have any objection when they heard this.

No one wanted to stay here and wait to die.

Yu Ti said ‘hmm’ and asked Xu Chuan to find a few people who could drive trucks to drive these cars and take these people with them, because there was not enough space for their cars. After ordering these, Yu Ti looked at the big men who were dying.

Li Qingqing noticed Yu Ti’s eyes, and she explained: “These people are not good things. A kind person just happened to pass by and saved us and killed these people.”

Yu Ti nodded and said nothing.

But just as he turned to leave, a figure came in front of him. He saw a young man who looked like he came out of a comic book trembling and said, “This brother, do you have anything to eat? I’m so hungry, please give me something to eat.”

Yu Ti paused after seeing the young man.

This teenager was very good-looking. His eyes were round, like a little hamster. The skin was very white, the face was not big, and the nose and mouth were a bit small, which matched that face very well.

It was the kind of beautiful boy who would match the aesthetics of both men and women.

Yu Ti withdrew his gaze, and he asked Chen Jing to give him something to eat.

After the arrangement was over, the light rain was already getting heavier and heavier. Yu Ti asked everyone to get in the car, intending to find a place to avoid the rain first. He himself went back to the car and glanced at Yu Bo’s injuries.

This time, Yu Bo came out with him.

Originally, Yu Ti didn’t want to take Yu Bo with him, after all, Yu Bo’s face was injured. But he was worried that something would happen to Yu Bo after he left, so he took him with him.

And Yu Bo had no objection, he agreed.

“How is your injury?” After Yu Ti got into the car, he asked Yu Bo, who was still a little pale on the co-pilot.

“It’s okay, Brother Yu.” Yu Bo shook his head.

It was just a little pain on his face. He had already stitched up the wound and didn’t let it get worse. Except for a little pain, it did not affect his other actions.

“Be careful and don’t let it touch the water,” Yu Ti exhorted.

“Thank you, Brother Yu.”


There was an idiom called the ‘the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed’, and this idiom was perfect for Yu Ti.

Xi Xun found a temporary small shopping mall to rest, but he didn’t expect that he had just rested here for an hour, and when the small system was cooking porridge to eat, the sound of cars suddenly came from outside.

This team was none other than Yu Ti’s.

Yu Ti’s team met zombies on the road, it was okay to have zombies but the terrible thing was that many different animals had come out, such as mutant cats and dogs, as well as mice and insects.

In the end, Yu Ti chose the supermarket in the center of the town to rest.

Although there might be many zombies here and it was very dangerous, those mutant animals couldn’t come. He found that those mutant animals were afraid of zombies, so it was safest to come here.


As soon as he got out of the car, he saw a bit of candlelight inside, and the car was also very familiar. After Yu Ti took someone in, sure enough, he saw the familiar little guy at a glance.

A little smile flashed in Yu Ti’s eyes after seeing 0329.

0329 also waved at him.

Xi Xun faintly pulled 0329 over, pressed it in his arms, and didn’t let it continue to look.

“Huh?” 0329 was puzzled and wanted to struggle.

But the more it struggled, the heavier the host pressed it, and in the end, 0329 gave up the struggle. It was not that it couldn’t break free, but that it found that the host’s body was so comfortable.

It studied the abdominal muscles of the host and pinched them.

Xi Xun’s face changed slightly, and he hit 0329’s little head lightly as if to say not to touch it.

But this scene made Yu Ti frown again.

He didn’t know if the child was hit occasionally or often, in short, it made him slightly uncomfortable. Although reason told him it was normal, and no one else felt anything was wrong. Was he just thinking too much? Yu Ti rubbed his temples.

The hot porridge was gurgling and boiling, and with this cold weather and the heavy rain outside, the pot of porridge looked particularly appealing. Some people started looking for pots in the supermarket to cook something too.

Fortunately, this was a supermarket, and some appliances were available, but there was no power.

“This brother,” a voice suddenly came.

When 0329 heard this familiar voice, the alarm bell rang immediately. At this time, the young man had already come over, he gazed at XI Xun tremblingly, and said: “Brother, thank you for saving me today.”

“He didn’t save you, it was that brother who saved you!” 0329 pointed to Yu Ti and said.

Yu Ti, who was sitting not far away, said: “?”

A trace of disgust flashed in the eyes of the young man, that is, Ying Xuan, who seemed to hate the child for interrupting him over and over again. Just when he was about to say something, 0329 had already pushed Ying Xuan away, and he even brought a spray paint from nowhere and drew a line from the middle, saying, “Don’t come over! Come here again and I’ll hit you!”

While talking, 0329 also raised its small fists.

Others, especially Li Qingqing, who was rescued today, couldn’t help laughing, thinking this little doll was so cute.

Ying Xuan’s face turned ugly.

He could have pretended to be pushed to the ground, but the other party was too young and looked only five years old. It was a bit funny to be pushed down by a five-year-old child. Not only could he not attract sympathy, he would also be ridiculed, so he could only be pushed back embarrassedly.

After solving the person, 0329 ran back, and hugged Xi Xun tightly, as if a knight was guarding the holy princess and would not allow anyone to hurt her.

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows and hugged the little white ball tighter.

After seeing the scene of that young man’s actions, Lu Ke sneered and said in disgust, “Green tea man, how disgusting.”

Chen Jing who happened to hear Lu Ke’s words: “…”

Yu Ti naturally saw the movement over there, but what he paid attention to was nothing but the boy’s face. He always felt it was a little familiar, but he was sure he had never seen this person before…

Yu Ti didn’t know at this time, in fact, this young man looked 30% like 0329 in its human form.

It was just that he had to look carefully to see it.

Because the temperament was different, and the eyes were different. Eyes could affect a person’s appearance very much, and this teenager’s eyes were completely different from 0329, because 0329 had no eyeballs, only blue light.

So these few points of similarity would not matter.

Xi Xun didn’t even notice.

Of course, the main reason is that he didn’t pay attention, even if he took a look, he didn’t care. Because what he liked now was the system body of 0329. The system body was so good, he could perfectly hold it in his hand.

Unable to go anywhere.

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed when he thought of this.

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the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed – the influence still lingers on

green tea man / green tea b*tch – more like Lu Ke, pretending to be good but is actually evil

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