The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.71

Chapter 71 – A Bloody Case Caused by an Egg

The cold wind howled, bean-sized rain beads crackled and fell on the floor-to-ceiling windows, and from time to time, there was the sound of thunder.

This scene was very creepy, like a scene in a horror movie.

The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier.

The weather was very extreme now, either extremely hot or extremely cold, and now there were many mutant animals. It was undoubtedly difficult for human beings to face these countless zombies, mutated animals, and this terrible weather.

It was hard to imagine that people at the top of the food chain would one day fall into such a situation.

Everyone used alcohol to light wood to keep warm.

The wood was broken off from a chair or a wooden table. As long as it was wooden, it was used for fire. It’s just that although there was wood, alcohol, etc. in this supermarket, there was no water, so only the team’s own could be used, so everyone Yu Ti’s team could only get a small bite of porridge.

“Cough, cough…” Coughing sounds came from the supermarket from time to time.

The humid air made people tremble uncontrollably.

Yu Bo was still considered relatively strong. Although the pain on his face had been torturing him, Yu Bo did not cry out, but gritted his teeth and endured it.

He didn’t want to bother Brother Yu anymore to worry about himself.

And the moment Yu Bo lowered his head, he saw a child squatting in front of him and looking at him curiously.

Yu Bo was taken aback.

“Are you hurt?” 0329 asked curiously.


0329 nodded, it ran back quickly, and after looking in the bag for a long time, it ran over again with something. It said to Yu Bo: “These are trauma medicines, both oral and external, there are also bandages and painkillers.”

Yu Bo looked at the child in front of him at a loss.

“Don’t worry, my brother agreed. My brother is a good person.” While saying, 0329 stuffed these medicines into him. After thinking about it for a while, 0329 ran back and filled half a bowl of the remaining hot porridge in the pot, handed it to him, and said, “Drink some hot porridge so you can get well faster, oh.”

“Thank you, thank you…” Yu Bo said in a low voice.

“You’re welcome, my brother gave it,” 0329 repeated the point of his words again.

“Thank your brother for me.”

0329 was happy, it looked around again. Finally, it ran in front of Li Qingqing, raised its head and looked at her, and said, “Can you do me a favor? I can give you food as a reward.”

“Okay! What do you want your sister to do for you?” Li Qingqing said.

If it was free food, Li Qingqing would have hesitated, but since it was for helping, then Li Qingqing had no worries. In fact, what she doubted for the first moment was whether the child deliberately made excuses just to give herself something to eat. But the other party was so young, no matter how considerate and sensible, he couldn’t think of this, right?

But there was no doubt about the other party’s kindness.

She was very hungry now. She hadn’t eaten a full meal in the last two months, and sometimes she could only eat a little bit every other day. Now that a ready-made pie had fallen, she naturally couldn’t let it go.

“Well, it’s this piece of cloth, I want to embroider a little yellow duck.”

Handed a pillow towel to Li Qingqing.

Li Qingqing’s smile suddenly solidified on her face. Because she couldn’t embroider little yellow ducks! Don’t talk about little yellow ducks, she couldn’t even make duck eggs! She couldn’t even embroider the cross stitch well.

0329 looked at the other party who seemed to be frozen.

Li Qingqing smiled reluctantly and said, “This…I, I can’t…” She really couldn’t.

0329’s eyes dimmed in disappointment.

But it still planned to give her some food, because this was the original purpose of 0329. After all, it wanted to help the host do good things. Of course, it was not a blind choice. It would rely on intuition to find the right person to be helped.

Just like Yu Bo just now, or Li Qingqing now.

Just when 0329 was about to say, “Then you take these foods first,” a man next to them spoke. It was the man who was tied up outside the car together today, Gan Jing, an artist from Li Qingqing’s company.

“That…I can embroider.” Gan Jing raised his hand embarrassedly.

Li Qingqing looked at Gan Jing blankly.

Gan Jing touched his nose, coughed, and said to 0329: “Well, can I help you embroider it? Little brother?”

0329 looked at the other party, thought for a while, and then said, “Okay.”

After that, Gan Jing began to embroider the little duck, and also embroidered a little duck egg next to the little duck. Originally, he was thinking that the embroidery should not look so empty so he added an egg, how could he think that after the finished product came out, the little brother looked at the duck egg and was fascinated.


0329 ran back and picked up a dozen pieces of cloth, handed it to Gan Jing, and said, “Keep going! I want to embroider such a beautiful picture on each one.” After speaking, 0329 gave ten packs of instant noodles to Gan Jing.

Originally, no one took the interaction between 0329 and Gan Jing seriously, but when the child took out ten packs of instant noodles, the eyes of some people on Yu Ti’s team suddenly changed.

Gan Jing also swallowed his saliva.

“Is it enough? If it’s not enough, I’ll give you five more packs of dehydrated vegetables.” After speaking, 0329 really gave him five packs of dehydrated vegetables.

“Enough, enough, enough!” Gan Jing’s voice trembled.

He first took a pack of instant noodles and tore them open and ate them. While eating, he handed Li Qingqing a bag beside him. Li Qingqing subconsciously wanted to refuse, but Gan Jing put it in her hand.

Li Qingqing’s eyes were slightly hot, and she opened them and ate after a while.

And 0329 took the piece of cloth to admire, it felt that this egg looked so charming.

It originally wanted to show it to the host, but now the host was asleep.

So 0329 quietly came to Yu Ti’s side, took a step, and glanced in the direction of the host. It was afraid that the host would wake up suddenly because it knew that the host didn’t seem to like this big brother.

Yu Ti saw the little guy next to him, smiled, and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Shh,” 0329 whispered.

“Hmm?” Yu Ti was puzzled at first, then seemed to understand something, lowered his voice, and said, “What are you doing here, hmm?”

“Look at this egg, does it look good?” 0329 carefully took out the cloth as if it was a treasure.

Yu Ti looked at the egg on this cloth and said with a smile, “It looks good.”

“Do you think it looks good too?” 0329’s eyes were shining, and he seemed to be happy to find a confidant.

“Yes, this curvature is especially round.”

0329’s eyes lit up even brighter, and he thought for a while: “Then give this to you as a gift! Last time you were injured because of me, I have always been very sorry.”

Yu Ti had a smile in his eyes and said, “Okay, I’ll take it.”


At this moment, a cold voice came from behind.

“Eh! Coming!”

0329 quickly got up and ran back. When it got back, it hugged the host and said in his ear, “Host, I’m fine! I was just asking that big brother to help me appreciate a picture.”

“Oh? What picture?” Xi Xun asked in a flat tone.

Having said that, his eyes were full of coldness when he looked at Yu Ti. Yu Ti was not afraid either, and continued to burn the fire, his eyes calm.

When 0329 heard this, it jumped down and went to Gan Jing to ask for an embroidery.

Gan Jing said he hadn’t finished the embroidery yet. It was too dark now, it was a bit dark, so he asked if he could take a break for a while. He was really a little exhausted.

After eating that little food, his drowsiness came up.

He was too hungry to sleep before.

0329 was a little lost. It just wanted to say ‘Okay’, but a roast chicken that hadn’t been opened in vacuum packaging slipped under its feet. Xi Xun on the opposite side said calmly: “Embroider it for him.”

Gan Jing’s motivation came again in an instant after seeing the vacuum-packed chicken.

He shook his head in an effort to stay awake, then took the needle and embroidered it carefully.

It was already around two or three o’clock in the morning.

Seeing Gan Jing’s appearance, Li Qingqing couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you lean on me? So your shoulders and arms won’t be too tired when you do it…”

Gan Jing was taken aback.

Before the end of the world, he pursued Li Qingqing for a long time but she didn’t agree. Li Qingqing made it clear that she didn’t want to fall in love with her junior, so the two of them had always gotten along as friends.

“Okay,” Gan Jing replied in a low voice after a long time.

Finally, after more than two hours, more than 20 finished products appeared. There were all kinds of round eggs, but they were all very playful and cute, and the scenes were different, which was worthy of this reward.

0329 lovingly looked at those cute patterns. The top piece of cloth embroidered a round egg lying in a nest, with some small grasses lining the side.

It must all be collected in its own space!

“Host, do you think it looks good?” 0329 showed the host the best-looking piece of cloth.

“Hmm.” Xi Xun took a casual look.

After seeing that the host liked it too, it put it away happily: “These patterns are so beautiful. If I go back to the headquarters and sell them to other systems in the future, maybe a piece of cloth can sell for 50 points!”

“Like it?” Xi Xun asked casually.


Gan Jing on the opposite side couldn’t hear Xi Xun’s conversation with the child, and only said, “These are finished products. Thank you for saving me and Qingqing today, and thank you for your food.”

“My brother likes it, so you can continue to embroider for him, and I will give you a bag of flour for every 20 patterns you embroider,” Xi Xun said lazily while lying on the carpet with his eyes closed.

Gan Jing was stunned at the same time.

He was a little dazed, as if he didn’t expect that one day he would rely on embroidered eggs for a living in the end times! He was a little grateful for his original hobby, but he didn’t expect it to become a livelihood skill one day.

Gan Jing hurriedly said, “Okay, I promise!” Gan Jing was really happy. He turned his head and said excitedly to Li Qingqing beside him: “We shouldn’t be short of food in a short time.”

Li Qingqing slightly clenched Gan Jing’s hand.

It was already around five o’clock in the morning, and the rain outside hadn’t stopped yet. 0329 held these patterns and lay on the carpet contentedly, Xi Xun told it to sleep.

After thinking about it, 0329 really had nothing to do, so it followed the host’s suggestion.

After waiting for 0329 to sleep, Xi Xun suddenly opened his eyes.

He looked in the direction of Yu Ti.

Yu Ti had already sensed Xi Xun’s intent to kill him. He had been able to perceive the chill since just now, even if he didn’t look at himself, Yu Ti could feel it.

He knew that the other party wanted to kill himself.

And just as Xi Xun got up and walked towards Yu Ti, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Xi Xun. Ying Xuan looked at Xi Xun with a pair of round eyes open, and said in a hoarse voice: “You…do you remember me? I have always admired you, you know who I—”

Before the word ‘am’ came out, he was knocked into the air.

After clearing this obstacle, Xi Xun continued to raise his feet and walked towards Yu Ti.

No one could stop him from killing this person today.

Xi Xun’s eyes gradually turned dark.

Yu Ti knew that he couldn’t hide today, so he slowly stood up and said to Xi Xun, “Outside?”

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Pillow Towel – it’s the towel they put on top of the pillow to protect the pillowcase

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