The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.72

Chapter 72 – Touching Porcelain Lu Ke

There was thunder and lightning outside, and not many people were awake at five o’clock in the morning. Even if they woke up, they would only take a look and continue to sleep, because everyone was too tired.

Xi Xun was just about to lift his foot when he suddenly frowned and lowered his head.

Seeing that the little white ball had been holding Xi Xun’s leg, 0329 raised his little head and yawned in confusion: “Host? Don’t you sleep?”


Yu Ti was still waiting for Xi Xun on the opposite side.

But after a few seconds, he saw Xi Xun carrying his brother and turned around and went straight back, which made Yu Ti a little stunned. Somehow, in Yu Ti’s intuition, Xi Xun shouldn’t be such a person.

His decision shouldn’t be influenced by anyone.

Especially when he was about to do it.

Although Yu Ti didn’t know where his intuition came from, his first reaction when he saw Xi Xun was this feeling of danger. But now he was holding the child and going back to sleep…

This was really a bit unexpected and bizarre.

But since the other party didn’t want to fight, Yu Ti didn’t mean to go up to find a fight, so he withdrew his gaze and sat down in place.

In the dark, some people were not honest.

For example, among the artists who were rescued with Li Qingqing and Gan Jing, some wanted to steal Gan Jing’s food. That person happened to be Gan Jing’s nemesis and former teammate. They were a combination before the end of the world. Later, he mixed better after flying solo. On the other hand, Gan Jing had been suppressed by him, and there were other teammates who had fallen to the ground together.

This caused Gan Jing to remain tepid.

Gan Jing coldly hugged the instant noodles and the vacuum-packed chicken in his arms, without saying anything, he didn’t even let the other party take a look. He even took Li Qingqing to another corner to rest.

The other party’s eyes trembled, and then sadly returned to his place.

Yu Ti noticed the movement here. He looked at the man who was about twenty-six or seven, and finally handed him a ham sausage and half a bowl of hot water.

“Thank you, thank you,” the man said gratefully.

“It’s okay.”

After giving the man food, Yu Ti came to Ying Xuan again. Ying Xuan had already woken up at this time. Although he was kicked away by Xi Xun, he didn’t seem to be too hurt.

Yu Ti looked at him, and finally gave him half a bowl of water and went back.

Ying Xuan looked at the half bowl of water in front of him in silence. He didn’t drink it, but kept thinking about something.

Three hours later.

It was already around eight o’clock in the morning, and the rain outside had gradually turned into light rain. The drizzle fell outside the window, and the sound was extremely comfortable to listen to, making people feel extremely relaxed.

Originally, Xi Xun planned to leave early in the morning, but after going out, he found that a wave of zombies broke out outside.

Not only zombies, but also swarms of mutant animals.

Some mutant animals seemed to be very hungry and began to attack humans frantically. But they did not see that these zombies were not humans. Although the meat was a bit rotten and stinky, the animals still ate rotten meat when they were extremely hungry.

So the scene outside at this time was extremely bloody.

Many people were afraid that they would break into the supermarket, so they blocked all parts of the supermarket with things. But in this way, everyone was also trapped here, and they didn’t know how long they would be trapped.

Li Qingqing’s face paled slightly, and this scene reminded her of the previous two months of life. Human nature was the most vulnerable to tests, and Li Qingqing understood the meaning of these two words better than anyone else.

Especially in the case of an enclosed space.

“Quick, quick, block this side too, don’t let mutated rats and cockroaches come in!” Xu Chuan ordered the team members.

The people in the convoy were a little dissatisfied with Xu Chuan, but they were also afraid that mutant insects, mice, snakes, etc. would come in, so they sealed it very carefully.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and looked at the scene outside quietly.

He could actually leave, after all, Xi Xun could use his strength to scare off those zombies. But Xi Xun didn’t want to use his own power, because that would have a little side effect.

For example, restart or leave the world by himself.

Yes, Xi Xun didn’t want to leave this world anymore, he even wanted to continue living like this. He suddenly found that this kind of life was also good, only Zhuo and himself.

Although Xi Xun had long been tired of this world that circulates like a cage, now it was different from the past, even if he stayed for decades, Xi Xun felt it was nothing.

He could even be said to be also looking forward to such a day.

Therefore, Xi Xun had no desire to do anything and just waited for a few days. After waiting for the zombie tide and mutant animal tide to recede, the only ones left wouldn’t be able to stop Xi Xun.

It would be safe to leave with the small system at that time.


At this moment, there was a small fall sound from Yu Ti’s side. 0329, who had woken up a long time ago, looked up and saw that the boy from yesterday fell in front of Lu Ke, Lu Ke’s expression was ugly.

“Lu Ke, you have gone too far!” Xu Chuan frowned.

While talking, he helped Ying Xuan who fell to the ground. Ying Xuan coughed, and then reluctantly said, “It’s okay brother, it wasn’t sister who pushed me.”

Chen Jing and the other girls twitched the corners of their mouths.

Xu Chuan didn’t like men, but Ying Xuan was so different. He was like a beautiful boy who came out of the comics. His build was not big, his face was very small, and his eyes were very round. It was like a little dog looking at you with puppy dog eyes, there was probably no one who could refuse him.

Even Chen Jing just sighed when he saw him coming to her for a biscuit. Instead of being embarrassed, she gave him a piece, let alone Xu Chuan, who was already extremely protective.

“Xu Chuan, what do you mean?!” Lu Ke asked with an ugly expression.

“Nothing, it’s just that I’m upset to see you bullying people. It was obvious to all that you bullied Yu Bo before, but now you are bullying a boy younger than you. Lu Ke, I find that you are too inconsiderate of people, right? Brother Yu didn’t say anything, this is not your team,” Xu Chuan said unhappily.

“You—” Lu Ke’s face changed slightly.

“It’s okay, brother, don’t quarrel with sister for me,” Ying Xuan said sadly.

“…” Everyone.

Someone subconsciously wanted to step forward, but was stopped by his companion. The companion watched with great interest and said, “Don’t stop them, it’s so boring here, we don’t have a mobile phone or a computer, why stop us from watching a free show? Think of it as watching a TV show.”

Hearing the words of his companion, the friend twitched the corners of his mouth.

But thinking about it, it was really boring here, so he sat down and watched this scene leisurely.

In the end, Lu Ke was defeated, and Ying Xuan won.

Xu Chuan also gave Ying Xuan a piece of luncheon meat that he had allocated to him today. Ying Xuan said ‘thank you, brother’, and then took it to eat. As for Lu Ke’s face, Ying Xuan didn’t even look at it.

This was nothing. Ying Xuan seemed to have found the password to get rich, and he stopped looking for Xi Xun. Because Xi Xun’s attitude was obvious to all, he couldn’t get the slightest benefit there and was even beaten up once.

He couldn’t target Yu Ti either.

Although Yu Ti would give him something to eat, he was very principled and only gave him his own food, not the supplies of the team. So Ying Xuan started to stare at Lu Ke, fell in front of her, and was full all day.

Lu Ke clenched his fists tightly.

She was very angry, and at the same time, there was an indescribable uncomfortable grievance. Because no one helped her out, even Xu Chuan didn’t, but kept staring at Ying Xuan.

Sure enough, men no longer cherish them after they get their hands on them!

Thinking of this, Lu Ke subconsciously looked at Yu Bo.

Yu Bo had improved a lot now, but compared to his gentle appearance in the past, he was much colder now. He was eating expressionlessly, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him.

Lu Ke subconsciously raised her steps and walked towards Yu Bo, the way she did when they were still in school. As long as she was wronged, she’d go to Yu Bo. Yu Bo’s personality was particularly soft, he never lost his temper willfully, and he had always been very tolerant of her.

Yu Bo frowned when he saw Lu Ke coming over.

He thought Lu Ke was looking for trouble again, so he faintly narrowed the look in his eyes, stood up, and left, distancing himself from her.

Now Yu Bo had no feelings for Lu Ke anymore.

But he couldn’t tear each other apart after breaking up. All the previous things were the consequences of his own making, and he couldn’t blame others. But in the days to come, he would no longer have any intersection with Lu Ke.

Lu Ke’s face changed after seeing Yu Bo’s attitude, and a nameless fire poured into her chest. She sneered: “Sleeping with several men, I think your parents in heaven will also feel disgusted.”

Yu Bo’s figure stagnated, and then he continued to walk away.

Lu Jian sneered after seeing Yu Bo’s reaction. In fact, she didn’t know what was wrong with her, or perhaps deep down, Lu Ke liked Yu Bo, after all, she had chased after him for a long time.

But she really couldn’t accept that Yu Bo was so dirty.

She felt sick when she thought of that scene. No girl should be able to accept that her boyfriend was f*cked by some men. Lu Ke really couldn’t accept the scene of the broken and collapsed image.

But deep down in her heart, she still had Yu Bo.

This was also the reason why she always targeted Yu Bo. She really didn’t want Yu Bo, this ex-boyfriend, anymore, but she didn’t want Yu Bo to be with others one day in the future, and the secret between herself and him couldn’t be exposed, so she deliberately targeted and even wanted to force Yu Bo to kill himself.

In this way, she didn’t have to worry so much anymore.

Yu Bo walked to the other side and planned to sit down and rest for a while, but before he reached his destination, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The next second Ying Xuan suddenly fell to the ground.

Yu Bo: “……”

Ying Xuan’s legs were bruised, he coughed weakly, and said, “If you hit me, you have to pay for a biscuit, right?”

Yu Bo was silent, he didn’t touch him at all.

But he was not used to talking about this, so he gave the other party the remaining biscuit in his pocket, and then raised his foot and left. After he left, Ying Xuan patted the dirt and stood up. He took a bite of the biscuit and then sat down.

After sitting down, he began to look around, looking for his next target.

0329 had been holding its chin and looking at Ying Xuan puzzledly.

After a while, it came to Ying Xuan and asked, “Why do you keep falling? Won’t it hurt?” Don’t humans feel pain? Won’t it hurt to fall so many times?

Ying Xuan, who was sitting on the ground, raised his head and found that it was 0329. 0329 and Ying Xuan looked at each other for a while, then Ying Xuan said, “Find the right angle to fall, it does not hurt.”

“Why do you want to fall?” 0329 didn’t understand this.

“I don’t know, it’s useful anyway.”

“Do you have to fall?” 0329 looked at the other party in doubt.


“What do you mean by what you said this morning? Do you know my… brother?” 0329 asked.

“Early in the morning?” Ying Xuan was puzzled.


“I don’t know, I’m very hungry now, I tend to forget things when I’m hungry, I don’t remember.”

0329 was bewildered, why is this symptom a bit like a wild system. It thought for a while in confusion, then ran back and handed him a pack of biscuits, saying, “You can eat it, and answer me after eating.”

But Ying Xuan shook his head.

Ying Xuan said: “I won’t eat the food given by you, I only eat the food I got from falling.”

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Touching porcelain – bumping into someone deliberately, pretending to be injured, and then asking to be compensated / I think this originated from an ancient porcelain seller or scam artist who deliberately bumped into people, causing the porcelain to be shattered, and then asking to be compensated.

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