The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.73

Chapter 73 – Broken Leg

Xi Xun fell asleep, and 0329 lay beside Xi Xun and was distracted for a while. After finding that the host hadn’t woken up, it was a little worried. The host had been asleep for several days. Fortunately, they lived far away from Yu Ti, otherwise, it would definitely make others suspicious.

Gan Jing still embroidered eggs diligently every day, and the more 0329 looked at those eggs, the more it liked them.

It was all cherished and carefully collected.


A sound came suddenly, if there was no accident, Ying Xuan should have wandered in front of Lu Ke again. Since Ying Xuan got the benefits from Lu Ke, he had completely relied on Lu Ke. 0329 calculated that Ying Xuan fell in front of Lu Ke a total of 39 times, an average of about 13 times a day.

Today, Ying Xuan still came back with his loot.

Because Ying Xuan had now changed his target, 0329’s attitude towards him was no longer so vigilant. It looked at Ying Xuan, who was sitting on the steps eating biscuits, and said, “Does it work so well?”

“For now, it does, you can try it,” Ying Xuan said.

0329 pondered for a while.

It originally intended to go to the host to try, but the host is now asleep, so there is no way to try. So it thought for a while and then came to Yu Ti.

At this time, Yu Ti was holding a book of Buddhism and reading it.

0329 looked at him for more than ten seconds, and Yu Ti was a little amused. When he wanted to ask him what he was doing, 0329 suddenly fell to the ground and said, “Ouch, I fell.”

After Yu Ti paused, he subconsciously picked up the little guy and asked worriedly, “Where does it hurt?”

0329 tilted its head, it didn’t expect it to work.

It shook its head at Yu Ti and said, “It’s okay! I’m fine!” After speaking, it broke free from Yu Ti and went to someone else.

Everywhere it went, it would fall down.

Basically, most people would look at 0329, and Chen Jing and others also helped up the little guy, thinking that the child was really injured. However, there were also impatient people who didn’t even look at 0329, but in general, there were more people who cared about it.

0329 was happy, it felt like it had learned a new skill!

So 0329 started to fall every day, even when it was holding Wangzai milk nestling in the host’s arms, it would practice saying ‘ouch’ while kicking his leg.

And when Xi Xun woke up, what he saw was the scene in front of him.

0329 was lying next to him, holding Wangzai milk and drinking, it said ‘ouch’ while drinking and then kicked its feet. Xi Xun frowned and asked in confusion: “Cramp?”

0329 tilted its head and said, “No.”

Xi Xun then let go of the little white ball and said in a low voice, “No cramps, what’s the matter?”

“I’m exercising my skills.”

Xi Xun frowned, puzzled, until the little guy fell into his arms in front of him, Xi Xun seemed to have guessed something. He squinted and picked up the little white ball, and said calmly: “Don’t learn that nonsense.”

0329 didn’t speak, but blinked at Xi Xun.

After about a minute or so, the little white ball suddenly hugged Xi Xun and said in Xi Xun’s ear, “Brother.”

Xi Xun’s eyelids jumped.


Xi Xun’s throat moved slightly, and he said, “What?”

“That person said that if I call others brother and sister, the other person will love it more, but I still think it sounds better to call you host. Which one does the host prefer? Or add them all together, just call the host ‘brother wife’! How about that?”

Xi Xun glanced at the little guy and didn’t speak.

“Host?” 0329 blinked and looked at Xi Xun.

Xi Xun lay down lazily, closed his eyes, and said softly: “Don’t learn those messy things.”

0329 nodded obediently.

But the next second, Xi Xun suddenly opened his eyes slowly again. He glanced at 0329 and said, “Call again.”

“What?” 0329 puzzled.

“Just now.”

What just now? 0329 was a little dazed, but in an instant, it thought of something, blinked and said, “Brother wife?”

“Don’t add wife.”



0329 blinked, it suddenly realized that it turned out that senior liked it! It continued: “Brother, brother, brother, brother, brother~” In the end, 0329 suddenly thought of something and laughed loudly, and continued: “Giggle, giggle, giggle~~”



The other side.

The convoy had been trapped here for two or three days. Even if they brought supplies, with so many people in the convoy eating food together, it quickly went down. Because they didn’t know how long they would be trapped here, they distributed less food.

Ying Xuan came again, and Lu Ke’s face turned ugly when she saw him.

Lu Ke didn’t plan to bear it this time, but this time, Ying Xuan didn’t walk in front of Lu Ke, but walked to Yu Bo and said, “Brother, can you give me something to eat? I am so hungry, I will repay you in the future.”

A sneer flashed across Lu Ke’s eyes, with Yu Bo’s character, he would definitely not care about him.

Especially after experiencing the previous things.

Unexpectedly, after Yu Bo looked at the boy in front of him for a while, he was silent for a long time, and still gave him half a cookie. This stunned the people who were about to watch the show. Just two days ago, a man was injured. At that time, a mutant rat came in from nowhere and almost bit the man.

Although he wasn’t bitten, he was scratched by the blade during the fight, and the wound was not small and needed to be stitched.

Among the people present, Yu Bo was the only one who had medical skill in suturing.

He was also the only doctor in the team.

Xu Chuan ordered Yu Bo as usual. Unexpectedly, Yu Bo didn’t even look at it, and continued to eat his biscuits, as if Xu Chuan and that man were nothing but air.

Everyone immediately understood that this was Yu Bo’s revenge.

Because this man had ridiculed Yu Bo more than once, he also scolded Yu Bo for being disgusting and gay, and even tried to forcefully touch him and deliberately make him show his vomiting face. But now retribution had come, because Yu Bo was the only surgeon in the team.

The man’s companion was about to beat Yu Bo when he saw this, and wanted to force him to submit by force.

But the current Yu Bo was no longer the previous Yu Bo.

He exercised with the army every day, learned some simple fighting techniques, etc. Even when he went back at night, he used sandbags to practice strength and position all night, plus Yu Ti’s guidance, so that man naturally failed to overpower Yu Bo.

At that time, Lu Ke was also stunned in place.

She didn’t expect that in just over a month, Yu Bo would become different from before.

Later, the man begged Yu Ti.

He thought that Brother Yu, who was kind-hearted, would order Yu Bo to check, but he didn’t speak after hearing it. He just went to the man in the convoy to see the injury in person, and then relying on his previous injury experience, he used some trauma medicine. As for the rest, it was all up to the man’s fate.

At that time, the man and his companion were dumbfounded.

They didn’t understand why Brother Yu, who was kind-hearted and would be desperate to save even a cat in distress, didn’t order Yu Bo to save people.

Yu Ti seemed to know what they were thinking.

He only said lightly at that time, “What I do is what I ask of myself, not of others. I will do my best to save you, but whether or not Yu Bo saves you is up to him, and I will not interfere with other people’s wishes by force.”

The man was completely stunned.

He no longer treated Yu Bo with a high and mighty look. He cried and apologized to Yu Bo, even knelt down and so on, just to beg him to save his life.

But Yu Bo remained indifferent.

The man died of pain in the end, and Yu Bo didn’t have any expression when he heard it, as if it had nothing to do with him. At this point, the atmosphere of the team changed instantly, and some people who originally looked down on Yu Bo were also taught a lesson, and no one dared to make jokes in front of him again.

They now finally knew the importance of doctors.

“Thank you, brother,” Ying Xuan said.

Yu Bo didn’t answer, he just felt that this person was pitiful, and he had no other emotions.

But he didn’t think that Ying Xuan would come again in the evening.

“Do you have no shame?!” Before Yu Bo spoke, Lu Ke completely lost it.

Chen Jing looked sideways, she was a little surprised.

When Ying Xuan asked Yu Ti for food before, she didn’t see her react so much. Although there was disgust on her face at the time, it was not like it is now.

Could it be that…

…Lu Ke still like Yu Bo?

Impossible, who would treat someone you like like this? Trying your best to trample the person you like under your feet? Attacking with all kinds of hurtful words? Even if she really liked him, that kind of like was so terrible!

Not to mention that Lu Ke still wanted to kill Yu Bo.

Yes, Chen Jing knew about it. Because Xu Chuan wanted to do something the night before the departure, Chen Jing happened to find out, so Xu Chuan hurried away. There was no need to think about what Xu Chuan wanted to do, she was still wondering what kind of grudge this is.

Now… Chen Jing really couldn’t understand it anymore.

“Brother, I’m sorry, I’m just too hungry,” Ying Xuan lowered his head and cried.

Yu Bo was silent.

In the end, he broke another piece of the cookie in his hand and gave it to Ying Xuan. Although it was only one-third, for Ying Xuan, no matter how small, it was still food. He contentedly took the loot back to his original place and sat down.

“B*tch, are you cheap?!” Lu Ke snapped, she took three steps forward and gave Ying Xuan a slap.

Ying Xuan was knocked down instantly.

Of course… it’s not surprising that he was knocked down. What was shocking was that he was hit and flew to the cabinet, and then fell from the cabinet to the shelf next to him, and then the shelf fell and broke Ying Xuan’s leg.

Ying Xuan suddenly cried out in pain, his face turned pale.

Lu Ke stared blankly at her hand, she didn’t know how she hit Ying Xuan so far. Even if Ying Xuan was thin, he was still a man!

But the fact presented to others was this.

Others didn’t understand what this principle was. Chen Jing guessed that the boy probably did it on purpose, but this is too hard, right? This is touching porcelain to death!

Everyone stepped forward and moved the shelf away.

Yu Bo checked Ying Xuan’s condition, then made a conclusion, and said, “His leg is fractured.”

Ying Xuan whimpered and sobbed.

At this time, Yu Ti also came over. He liked to be quiet, so he didn’t sleep on the floor here. After hearing the sound, he walked over and asked, “What happened?”

Chen Jing couldn’t explain it in a single sentence, but she still explained what happened roughly.

“I didn’t hit him, he fell that far on his own!” Lu Ke forcefully restrained her anger to explain herself.

Yu Ti had a headache, he lowered his head and asked, “How are you?”

“My leg hurts, it hurts so much…” Ying Xuan paused suddenly after speaking, and said, “My leg is broken like this, I’m afraid I can’t go with everyone. I know the end of the world is very dangerous, I don’t want to drag everyone down.”

This made people feel a little better about him.

Originally, everyone was a little tired of him, but now it seemed that the other party was still sensible and not so unreasonable.

“Can you give me a meal of meat before abandoning me?”


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